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Lambchops_Legion t1_ixn8amz wrote

Season 3 definitely worked for me but Season 4 coming so soon after I felt helped the people who didn’t like 3


AustinRiversDaGod t1_ixp6xf5 wrote

I loved 3, especially the finale, but it had that Season 2 of the Wire "Where's the black people?" feel. It was an interesting choice to move away from Atlanta, but I think at the end of the day the show was called Atlanta for a reason and season 4 going back was a big difference.

Either way, a great way to end a fantastic show. The episode where they go camping is one of the most beautiful episodes of any TV show I've seen


f-ingsteveglansberg t1_ixpvmsw wrote

Show titles rarely make sense after the first season or two. How is Jess still the New Girl when she has lived with them for half a decade. Are they still Friends or a hook up circle. Twin Peaks? But James Hurley is out of town in that rich ladies house. He Broke Bad in season one. He's done Breaking. Even The Wire wasn't about a wiretap after season one.


frezz t1_iy1ldfk wrote

Season 4 just made me feel sad. It was so refreshing being with those characters permanently again then it ended for good. The magic still felt like it was there

if he had made those anthology episodes into a spin off series, it probably would've won raked in all the emmys