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Gary_Vigoda t1_ixopyvl wrote

It's part of my cable bundle. Why would I want to pay for FX if there's no good shows on it?

Then Disney expects me to sign up for their shitty subscription service that I don't want because half the content is not anything i'd ever watch.


Love-That-Danhausen t1_ixorns9 wrote

These shows all still air on FX at least in the US - but they also air on Hulu here.


AMA_requester t1_ixphp0e wrote

They still air new episodes on their respective channels first before hitting a streaming service, unless they air on said service or have some deal to do i simultaneous. It will have been a month after the show is ending, I don't see them adding it making your FX sub pointless unless you only used it for Atlanta.