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blazelet t1_iy964f7 wrote

As someone on one of the dune technical teams (visual effects) I agree completely. The tech teams work their tails off for 9-18 months.


Naugrin27 t1_iy9cucu wrote

Thank you so much for your part in it, I've enjoyed it immensely.


eekamuse t1_iyakhwq wrote

And we want to see you have your moment. You deserve it. It's fun to see people who aren't stars, but who are vital to making films, stand there in the spotlight, knowing millions of people are watching them.

And for DUNE?! Where would that film be without visual effects. It was glorious. Thank you.


DinosaurHotline t1_iycey4g wrote

Dune is easily one of the most visually impressive films I’ve ever seen, thank you for your work!