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So this would be any stretch of episodes 3 episodes or longer - something that just had you at the edge of your seat the entire time, or it's some of your favorite TV episodes all in a row

For me, I would say Person of Interest has the most that I can think of:

Season 3, episodes 8 through 10 - the >!end of the HR saga!<

Season 3, episodes 16 through 23 - the episodes that >!lead to and include Samaritan going live!<

Season 4, episodes 9 through 11 - it's the trilogy of episodes that ends with >!If-Then-Else!<

Season 5, episodes 10 through 13 - it's the end of the series. Episode 10 goes into this even if it is just for this monologue



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Primetime22 t1_ixtd64w wrote

The last three episodes of Breaking Bad Season 4: Crawl Space, End Times, and Face Off. It’s a perfect trilogy full of the best climaxes in the show’s entire run.

Close second I’d say Half Measure, Full Measure, and Box Cutter.


two5five1 t1_ixv4iaw wrote

Rabid Dog, To’hajiilee, and Ozymandias would like a word


Primetime22 t1_ixvjqkr wrote

See I was going to say Ozymandias, Granite State, Felina but that’s a great trio too. Breaking Bad 5B is almost cheating.


two5five1 t1_ixvllvb wrote

Damn it you’re on the money with that one too. 5B is definitely cheating


Iggy_Pops_Lost_Shirt t1_ixw92t0 wrote

You could easily include Salud in there too, Gus destroying Eladio’s cartel is classic


The_Wrong_Band t1_ixtsd1r wrote

Mr Robot





TheIllusiveGuy t1_ixtambe wrote

Agents of SHIELD, S1: Post Winter Soldier (~episode 16 from memory) to the end of the season.

Agents of SHIELD, S4: Framework arc


PM_ME_CAKE t1_ixzdum2 wrote

Everything from Self Control to the finale of S4 is gold, what a brilliantly crazy stretch of episodes. In general the show is good as far as shows go (and then in the upper tiers for superhero shows), but I reckon those episodes can actually make punts against even the non-superhero shows in terms of quality.


Major_Pomegranate t1_ixzjyr7 wrote

That show had such a weird situation with Marvel tying their hands. Sure, you can run half a season and introduce everyone to your characters, just don't actually start the story until our latest movie is out. By all rights it should have crippled the show, and a lot of people did write it off based on those campy first episodes.

But damn did they have a plan and a means to kick things off with a bang as soon as they had the opportunity. As soon as Bill Paxton appears, things go uphill fast. The fact that Ward went from everyone's most hated/boring character to one of the most popular in the series just shows how well they had things planned out


LordXenu45 t1_ixt42vu wrote

Mr. Robot season 4 episodes 5-9 for me for a single atretch. Although that entire series is just magnificent (and I'm including season 2 lol)


LoveVirginiaTech t1_ixt6fvf wrote

405, 406 and 407 were some of the finest hours of TV I've ever seen. "Let's talk"


LordXenu45 t1_ixt9dks wrote

I thought season 3 had a strong run with 5-8, then season 4 aired. Honestly think 407 will stick with me forever.


Kratozio t1_ixt5g43 wrote

Came here to honestly say the entirety of season 4 lmao. I think it’s as close to perfect tv as I’ve seen, it’s just a cut above even the other 3 seasons (although 2 and are just fantastic as well). The way it looks, the pacing, the character work, and the revelations all just come together to make something so special.


LordXenu45 t1_ixt9439 wrote

As far as just straight dramas go if The Wire didn't exist Mr. Robot would be my personal pick for TV GOAT. I agree with the general consensus season 2 is a bit too slow, but the pay off is worth it and I don't have a bad thing to say about 1, 3, or 4.

To think about the way that show starts and then where it ultimately leads... just a remarkable journey. It's batshit, it's thought provoking, and it's wrapped up in such a perfect way that I really do think it deserves to be up there with the best. Crazy it aired on USA Network lol


TheFamilyJulezzz t1_ixtew81 wrote

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel season 2, episodes 4-6. We’re Going to the Catskills! So, so funny, but also moments of poignancy. Susie running around with the toilet plunger might be my favorite part of the entire series.


bros402 OP t1_ixtf3ag wrote

yessssssssssss those episodes were so good


ooouroboros t1_ixxru5g wrote

Oh my gosh those Catskills episodes just slayed.


notmyrealfarkhandle t1_ixt9kth wrote

Buffy, Season 3 - Homecoming (ep 5) to the season finale.


BohoPhoenix t1_ixv35ko wrote

Buffy, S2 for me. Basically the whole season, minus Some Assembly Required. Loved me some Reptile Boy, Bad Eggs, and Go Fish. If I have to choose, Surprise until the finale.


notmyrealfarkhandle t1_ixv4awd wrote

I almost said something similar but Killed by Death and Go Fish really break things up for me. I think Season 2 may have higher highs but 3 has less lows, IMO. If you like those though, fair enough.


billythepub t1_ixw0n0n wrote

Buffy 1 to 3 is just a nonstop pile of brilliance imho. I wasn't as pushed on the final 4 seasons though.


uNoNothingJonSnowden t1_ixtdb0e wrote

Game of Thrones season 6 episodes 8-10.

Battle of the Bastards and Cersei blowing up the sept.


bleachtemple t1_ixt7dl8 wrote

the final 3 episodes of sopranos season 5 are unreal. the test dream > long term parking > all due respect

possibly my least favourite season overall but it ends on a run of fucking amazing episodes

recently the final season of Atlanta too. the goof who sat by the door is insanely creative TV. alfreds world was such a fitting ending for my favourite character and the finale was incredible. 10/10


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_ixtoc8c wrote

I'm watching The Sopranos rn and just finding it a slog. I'm on season 4 (ewrly, like ep 2 or 3 so far) so I feel like atp I may as well finish it, but according to most people it was supposed to be my favorite show by season 3, so idk if I will. Does it get significantly better or is it mostly the same thing? I just hate how it's so episodic and feels like not much significant happens episode by episode. I haven't really cared too much about the characters that died so far apart from >!Pussy, but he's also a serial cheater and rat so it wasn't that sad a death for me!<


bleachtemple t1_ixu5ytz wrote

sopranos doesn't have much of a plot. tbh the plot doesn't kick in in terms of action / final arcs until like the last 10 episodes. if you're looking for plot development you're not gonna enjoy it. it's purely a character study. everything that happens that doesn't seem 'significant' is usually massively important for character development/exploration. I think it's the best TV show of all time personally but if you're going in expecting breaking bad type plot twists/tension you're going to be very dissapointed. I like to see it as sitting down and watching a group of people's daily lives, and taking away from it whatever you feel. it's also incredibly funny, nearly every episode has laugh out loud moments for me. I think a lot of people take it too seriously when the majority of it is farce/absolute nonsense

it's amazing, but yeah if you're expecting action and a typical plot you're going to find it a slog


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_ixu74kz wrote

well it's precisely the fact that the vast majority of people consider it the greatest show of all time, that made me wanna watch it. But atp I have no clue how it can match shows like The Wire, for instance. With BB I can at least understand how people say The Sopranos is better bc Walter White is inspired by Tony Soprano in a lot of ways.


bleachtemple t1_ixu778l wrote

the sopranos is definitely as good as the wire, it's just got more experimental storytelling that you don't seem to enjoy. and that's fine


bobosuda t1_ixtzb7h wrote

You can just stop watching it. Like all shows it's not for everyone. I personally love it and so do a lot of people obviously, but if you're on s4 and you still haven't found anything you like about the show it's easier to just drop it.


Lil_Mcgee t1_ixv5gdy wrote

I'd stretch it as far back as episode 8 of season 5, absolutely stellar stretch of episodes.

The 9 episodes that make up the second part of season 6 is also an incredible sequence.


bleachtemple t1_ixvdjdi wrote

yeah the last half (9 eps) of season 6 are the best TV ever made imo. absolutely unreal. every episode is like a movie


ShaneSpear t1_ixtj1uy wrote

Lost Season 4 from the Ben Linus episode to the end of the season.


Mattyzooks t1_ixufsp1 wrote

Similarly,Lost season 3 from The Brig episode until the finale.


bros402 OP t1_ixun0p4 wrote

yesssssss such a good run of episodes

season 3 finale is probably the best episode of lost


phrenicbeat86 t1_ixuyvte wrote

That season gets some flack especially for "Stranger in a Strange Land" - this is where producers negotiated an end date because they knew that type of storytelling wouldn't last.

But I would say the entire second half of that season is so strong. And obviously that finale cliffhanger is one of the greatest.


Mattyzooks t1_ixvbk7q wrote

If it wasn't for Stranger (and Expose, which i like but is pretty divisive), I'd say Not In Portland through the finale is one of the most impressive run of episodes of any show ever.


phrenicbeat86 t1_ixvgpjw wrote

I actually loved Expose. I was indifferent to Nikki/Paulo - I think casual fans were confused by them. Sure the episode wasn't a mythology episode but I thought it was written and executed well and was a lot of fun.

Completey agree about NIP to the end. Even though you will hear mixed responses about what the best season was - that run was so good.


Mattyzooks t1_ixxp5bd wrote

Season 3 gets shit for that 6 episode pod that dropped in the fall before it came for am uninterrupted run in the winter. On a week to week basis, the locked in cages storyline didn't go well. But once that season started going, they just started resolving a lot of the backstop mysteries and basically gave the audience a ton of payoffs and set up new interesting plots. 3 is my favorite season, imo.


SlaterSev t1_ixtdt8p wrote

Siege of Mandalore Finale of the Clone Wars.

Four perfect episodes back to back.

The Umbara arc of the same show also gits this


DanglyPants t1_ixvegtz wrote

The Siege of Mandalore is my favorite Star Wars. It’s pretty much a movie and it is so well crafted


rhllor t1_ixtxvcp wrote

Fringe season 3 episodes 1 to 9, from "Olivia" to "Marionette". While the Bolivia story arc actually wrapped up in "Entrada", the following episode was soooo good that it deserves to be included.

If allowed across seasons then I'll lump in "Over There" (Parts 1 and 2) from season 2.


bros402 OP t1_ixumlz0 wrote

yesssss, that was such a great stretch and holy SHIT was Marionette creepy


so thanks :D


Xiooo t1_ixui4r1 wrote

This would be my answer as well, the entire arc is so well executed no show I've watched since has come close


kinda_guilty t1_ixv72a3 wrote

I loved the entire two universes arc. Particularly loved the dynamic between Asterisk and her autistic counterpart.


Quiddity131 t1_iy0px24 wrote

(quoting Walter) Excuse me, her name was Asteroid.


Deadhouse_Gates t1_ixt8ozp wrote

I’d probably go with S2E16 up until S2E22 of The West Wing (“Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail” up to “Two Cathedrals”).


drMorkson t1_ixu8a2j wrote

It's such an amazing stretch of episodes, often just rewatch that part


Foxy-Knoxy t1_ixw6lcm wrote

Was rewatching this yesterday on HLN and immediately thought how that set of episodes might be my favorite stretch in all the tv shows I have watched.


Deadhouse_Gates t1_ixw99fe wrote

Yeah, I feel the same way. In fact, season 2 of The West Wing is my favourite season of television ever. It’s just so well done.


VitaminTea t1_ixttb68 wrote

Mad Men, Season 5: "Signal 30" into "Far Away Places" into "At the Codfish Ball" into "Lady Lazarus".

That's as good as television gets, right there.


ScabbitAllPro t1_ixvxhxh wrote

I actually think from "Mystery Date" to "Commissions and Fees" there are really no episodes that are less than "great".


VitaminTea t1_ixw68jh wrote

It's one of my favourite seasons of television ever, so you won't get any real argument from me on that... But I think Dark Shadows and Christmas Waltz aren't quite on the same level as the preceding episodes.

The Other Woman and Commissions and Fees are brilliant, of course.


BitchAssWaferCookie t1_ixxk3x0 wrote

Mad Men for sure. For me, it was a stretch of episodes in season 6 that just kept landing these big swings and I was blown away. Somewhere in the 1st half of that season.


TinyDickEnergia t1_ixt9pzr wrote

Community S1 through S2, right up until the claymation episode.


rocker2014 t1_ixtbspg wrote

Claymation episode is incredible, not sure why that's the stopping point.


ozmega t1_ixv4fp7 wrote

the last 3 episodes of community.


ElderCunningham t1_ixw1mbt wrote

Now there's a man who knows how to choose great stretches of episodes!


DoneDidThisGirl t1_ixy7rh0 wrote

It’s interesting you say that. I like season one of Community but IMO it’s a little generic while they’re still figuring the characters, its niche, and trying to court a mainstream audience. I’d say the strongest stretch starts a few episodes into season two and runs through the Glee parody episode. I never thought they were able to maintain the momentum they had before their first hiatus after that episode.


HowYouMineFish t1_ixtskck wrote

"Day of Days" through to "Breaking Point" is a magnificent run in Band of Brothers.


Tomsty t1_ixuq7s2 wrote

All of Twin Peaks: The Return, but especially the stretch of episodes 6-18.


UltraDangerLord t1_ixvbt1t wrote

Game of Thrones: Season 4, Episodes 8, 9, and 10

*The Mountain and the Viper

*The Watchers on the Wall

*The Children


SirZapdos t1_ixuvg1d wrote

Community S2, from Epidemiology to Mixology Certification

Fargo S2 episode 5 (shootout in the woods) to episode 9 (Motor Motel)

Star Trek DS9 season 5 episode 25 (Willie Mays baseball card) to season 6 episode 6 (Sacrifice of Angels)


whris_cilson t1_ixt6zhm wrote

The Five, whole miniseries. (10 episodes)

Probably longer, but last season of 12 Monkeys. (11 episodes)

From International Assassin to The Book of Nora, The Leftovers. (11 episodes)


PM_ME_CAKE t1_ixze2lt wrote

For The Leftovers I'd be inclined to put it an episode sooner and say from A Most Powerful Adversary, the end of that episode is truly what set me off. Similarly with 12 Monkeys (really, good taste in shows you've got listed here), S4 is wild but the Athan arc at the end of S3 definitely had me good for a long while too.


lolothescrub t1_ixt2o0h wrote

Andor Eps 3-12


DanglyPants t1_ixvemyd wrote

I felt like the finale wasn’t anything special and episodes 4,5 were good but didn’t have me on the edge of my seat. 6-10 were my favorites


LoveVirginiaTech t1_ixt5tn7 wrote

Babylon 5, the campaign to retake Earth from President Clark


Deadhouse_Gates t1_ixt8fkr wrote

Aye, that three-episode arc is so good. “Severed Dreams” is my favourite Babylon 5 episode.


ehsteve23 t1_ixus8em wrote

Battlestar Galactica: Lay Down Your Burdens to Exodus (the New Caprica Arc)


Dynetor t1_ixz4gw1 wrote

hell yeah. came here to post this.

though I’d say that this: is the single best sequence in the entire show. McCreary’s music absolutely makes this scene, along with the spinning camera’s around Adama and Cain.


Crankycavtrooper t1_ixt6e21 wrote

Babylon 5, season 3 Episodes 8-11 (Start of the EA civil war) Season 4, Episodes 19-21 (basically the conclusion of main story lines)

Breaking Bad, Every. Damn. Episode.


bros402 OP t1_ixt7chl wrote

What about Breaking Bad's Fly?


ExcelsiOrWhat t1_ixuro9n wrote

While I don't agree with OP that Breaking Bad's every episode is amazing - Fly I think is a really good episode and a needed change of pace in the season.


king94x t1_ixuiw20 wrote

Season 3 Part 2 of Attack on Titan is the best television content I have ever watched. Absolute perfection from beginning to end.


All_Lightning879 t1_ixtn6i2 wrote

The last six episodes of The Shield, when Shane got caught.


Sonyeyin t1_ixvj7fo wrote

The ba sing se episodes in avatar


garrymad-gm t1_ixwb4zt wrote

Breaking Bad - Season 4 - Salud, Crawl Space, End Times, Face Off

Breaking Bad - Season 5 - To’hajiilee, Ozymandias, Granite State, Felina

Better Call Saul (kind of) - Season 4 - Coushatta, Wiedersehen, Winner

Better Call Saul - Season 5 - Bagman, Bad Choice Road, Something Unforgivable

Better Call Saul - Season 6 - Plan and Execution, Point and Shoot, Fun and Games

Better Call Saul - Season 6 - Breaking Bad, Waterworks, Saul Gone


Sufficient_Creme6961 t1_ixtsch8 wrote

24 16-24 of season 3 is pretty crazy.


King_of_Knowhere t1_ixxip7m wrote

Was it season 5 that had the nerve gas, that stretch of episodes was so real and intense when I watched in when it first aired, half the building is killed and everyone alive is trapped in singled out rooms and one room has to open the door to save everyone else.


barcedude t1_iy2q5y9 wrote

i've wanted to re-watch 24 for the longest time, but i just can't deal with the extra stress that the show brings me.


dragonator001 t1_ixuc00k wrote

Glad someone else mentioned Agents of Shield. Especially season 4. Will mention few anime shows here.

How about entirity of Arcane? That show was phenomenal from beginning to end, and each 'arcs' elevated the previous episodes. Haven't experienced a show that resonated with me for a while.

Hunter X Hunter Chimera Ant: The Previous arcs like Yorknew Arc was amazing, but going through this arc felt like reading an ancient epic. Some of the elements are either make-or-break for people like the heavy reliance of narrator, the amount of chaos happening though

Gintama Shogun Assassination Arc: The entire show is slapstick comedy but has some really serious story arcs throughout the show. This being one of that I personally liked the most.


L0b0t0my t1_ixupjxh wrote

Definitely Attack on Titan,

"Perfect Game", "Hero", and "Midnight Sun", is some of, if not THE, best television out there, period. From drama, to action, to music, to emotional and dramatic weight; the stakes just feel so fucking real, and being able to sell those stakes is I think it's biggest strength.

And this part was only recent surpassed 2 seasons later by "Two Brothers", "Memories of the Future", and "From you, 2000 years ago". Some have claimed this to be the absolute pinnacle of what fiction is capable of when it first released in the book. Two brothers did what the previous sequence did dialed up to 100, memories of the future is the ultimate mic drop and flex as a writer that recontextualizes the entire series, and the last brings the entire series full circle; an absolute masterpiece..... and it only happens half way through the season.


cthaehtouched t1_ixvwmv6 wrote

Lost: Season 3, eps 17(Catch-22) through 23 (Through the Looking Glass). From the very underwhelming beginning, the season snowballed into some of the series best.


bros402 OP t1_ixvzn3h wrote

Yeah, once they knew they were allowed to have a set ending, they did some great episodes


Bikinigirlout t1_ixtc0gf wrote

Too many episode lengths to choose from but


El Contador, The Limited, Drift Problem, lo Scandlo

All in a row. The funniest episodes they had.


shroudedpenii t1_ixzywyf wrote

Lo Scandalo is my favorite Archer episode. Every line is gold.


PloppyTheSpaceship t1_ixubo5b wrote

The final few episodes of season 2 of Farscape, right through to the end of season 3. If you can ignore one or two of the more mediocre season 3 episodes, this is remarkably strong.

You go from the Shadow Depository heist and the diagnosan planet, to getting stuck inside a wormhole, the amazing Different Destinations, seeing Crichton get twinned, the stuff between Moya and Talyn, some decent (and not so decent) filler, until what's left of both crews reunite for the attempt to sabotage Scorpius' project and the heart-wrenching Dog With Two Bones.


andykwinnipeg t1_ixv18mi wrote

The Simpsons season 5 episodes 1-4. Homer's Babrershop Quartet, Cape Feare, Homer Goes to College and then Rosebud. Pure gold and I still laugh at that run of episodes even if I've seen it 100+ times


HowdieIsWatching t1_ixv7hjc wrote

All of Dexter Season 4. What a way to end a show. Such a shame they ended it there on a cliffhanger.


Heisan t1_ixv7t7j wrote

The entire last season of the The Shield is just peak TV.


austenjg t1_ixuyvtj wrote

Last 3 episodes of Breaking Bad Season 4

Last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad Season 5

Last 3 episodes of The Shield Season 7

I know a few of my other fav shows had some good episodes stretches but I can’t specifically recall which episodes right now.


Latter_Feeling2656 t1_ixtdh42 wrote

Big Bang Theory, S3E22-S4E4 (six episodes): how everyone met, Amy introduced, every one a gem.


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_ixto2em wrote

Breaking Bad: S5E8 - S5E16;

I've had a weird journey with this show, I initiallt watched the first season when it originally came iut on Netflix like 10+ years ago, and then didn't watch any of the rest. I only went bsck and watched the entire thing fron scratch within the past couple years, which I think heavily hampered my enjoyment. The novelty of the plot premise was lost on me this time, since I had already seen the first season years ago and have seen this show memed to death in the years since. I liked every season better than the last, and felt each season was capped off incredibly well, but never felt as though it was the greatest show I'd ever seen or anything - until I actually finished it.

I loved the final few eps of S4, particularly the finale, but the early parts of S5 just felt really slow to me. That was another thing that I always found tough, despite the plot moving at a relatively brisk pace, the actual episodes themselves can be incredibly slow and methodical, like Better Call Saul (except Better Call Saul doesn't really have a plot until the later seasons, the early ones meticulously build up and provide more background for characters until things start to pick up later on). But after the halfway point, I blew through the rest of S5, and it was just amazing. Looking back, it probably is the greatest season of TV ever made, and probably cements the rest of the show as the greatest, since others in contenrion like The Wire don't close out nearly as perfectly, >!BB ends exactly where it was meant to from the first ep, but the journey there was insane !<

Dark: S1E1 - S3E8;

I know a lot of people hate the 3rd season, but I didn't see anything wrong with it personally, loved the ending. This is my favorite show ever by far, and while it has a cult following for sure, it still needs more viewers. I'n more a fan of plot driven than character driven shows tbf, but this show does its massive cast of characters super well too. The cinematography and tone are great, and the plot is just absurd. This show has by far the most WTF moments of any show I've seen. It is convoluted for sure, but if you strain your brain a bit, you can figure it out. Watch Dark if you haven't.

The Leftovers: S2E8 - S2E10;

This show has the most annoying cult fanbase I've ever seen anywhere for anything that flies remotely under the radar. I had previously ttied watching Mr. Robot after seeing tons of praise for it by the same kinds of people that love The Leftovers, and found it insanely cringe from early on. So I went into The Leftovers thinking it'd just be another cringy, pretentious Reddit show that I'd understand why nobody I'll ever meet irl in my entire life will have ever even heard of.

However, I was surprised to find, that it actually deserves its praise. Its fans are annoying af for sure, but I get them, to an extent. They're screaming at the sky desperately trying to tell the whole world to notice something it never will, but needs to. And it certainly does need to. It seriously annoys me how the show never answers most of your questions, but then again the real world does the same thing. We will never have the answers to the vast, vast majority of questions we have, especially the biggest ones, and the beauty in life is how we cope with that knowledge. That's the actual point of The Leftovers, as any diehard fan of the show will tell you.

I had heard people say that the first season sucks and it only picks up during seasons 2 and 3, but as a former hatewatcher of the show, I will say that's some certified grade A prime Wagyu bullshit. Season 1, particularly the final few eps, is just beautifully written and executed, and the show as a whole is like a flawless tapestry. The final 3 eps of S2, particularly E8 and E10, have to be some of the best TV ever created, and the show's ending is great too.


anasui1 t1_ixv901g wrote

final six episodes of 24's season 8 were basically a nonstop action movie with barely a moment to breath. One of my favourite stretches


tc88 t1_ixvj1ja wrote

Scrubs has a lot of good episodes that kind of flow together:

Season 1: My Occurrence/My Hero

Season 3: My Catalyst/My Porcelain God, My Screw Up/My Tormented Mentor

Season 5: My Cabbage/My Five Stages, My Lunch/My Fallen Idol

Season 6: My No Good Reason/My Long Goodbye/My Words of Wisdom

That scene at the end of My Lunch was one of the best.


TheTrotters t1_ixw4nuz wrote

Huge recency bias but Avenue 5 S02E03 to S02E05 are great, with the stowaway cannibal being the common theme. I loved all the cannibalism-related puns.

The one during the elections when Nathan (the cannibal) is speaking in front of his supporters and one woman shouts, “Eat me!” may be my favorite.

In general Avenue 5 is a great under-the-radar show.


Darmok47 t1_ixwgg2c wrote

Star Trek Deep Space 9's Final Chapter. The last 9 episodes from 7x17 to 7x26 were even marketed in commercials as "The Final Chapter" and formed one, long, nine episode storyarc that wrapped up almost all the show's plot threads.

It was pretty revolutionary at the time, though some things didn't quite work.


HalJordan2424 t1_ixzuftd wrote

I came here to say Deep Space 9, but I picked the Dominion War arc as the best consecutive episodes.


valandsend t1_ixui24p wrote

Reaching way back here, but the last three episodes of season 5 of Knots Landing were really intense. Those three episodes were added late in the season after the show’s ratings shot up and the network asked for more. The season cliffhanger had already been planned, so the writers amped up the action even more, with that cliffhanger followed by a bigger one three episodes later.


Perfect_Ad_505 t1_ixvd1wt wrote

Breaking Bad season 4. 7-12 I think.

The last half of S5 as well is banger after banger.


nmixxtzy t1_ixw3g0q wrote

i remember watching game of thrones s1e6-s1e8 for the first time high on acid and i was absolutely enthralled by the world i was being shown. maybe i was just high but ive never been sucked into a tv show more intensely than i was for those three episodes.


pain168 t1_ixtkezf wrote

Re:Zero episode 15-18


ozmega t1_ixv4lw7 wrote

the courtesan arc in gintama.

or the shogun assasination arc.


Dallywack3r t1_ixwggao wrote

End of season 2 of The West Wing. Everyone in crisis mode culminating in the universally lauded GOAT season finale.


leolegendario t1_ixwslot wrote

Supernatural: Season 4 "Death Takes a Holiday", "On the Head of a Pin", "It's a Terrible Life", "The Monster at the End of This Book", "Jump the Shark", "The Rapture", "When the Levee Breaks" and "Lucifer Rising".
Mr Robot: All Season 3.
Black Sails: All Season 4.


FlyorDieJM t1_ixxmbwg wrote

Game of Thrones Season 4 and Dragon Ball Z: Cell Games Saga


ooouroboros t1_ixxsekb wrote

I could name a lot but will say one I bet nobody else will say or will agree with:

I really loved the "This is Us" episodes dealing with the Vietnam war with Jack's brother Nickie being drafted, Jack goes to look for him and what happened that traumatized Nickie.

There is a moment when Jack finds Nickie, and Nickie turns around and the actor his this amazing haunted look on his face.

They also showed something I remember as a kid and never saw dramatized since then which was how the draft lottery numbers were televised to the nation. The show got that just right.


Shower_caps t1_iy161zh wrote

Shetland Season 4, Episodes 1-6


-kOdAbAr- t1_ixu6vlh wrote

Always sunny, leftovers