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I can't imagine a better case scenario than this. Dark was a truly one of a kind show. Mind-blowing, truly unique, and a masterpiece for what it was. Now 1he creators of Dark have made a new show called 1899, and it is so engaging and amazing and even fixes a few of Dark's issues. Don't get me wrong, Dark was a masterpiece, but unlike Dark, 1899 grips you right away in the first episode and wastes no time to get into interesting plot. I remember Dark bored me while giving me super bad vibes in the beginning before it got real special and amazing.

Even after it picked it up, it was still sort of boring and slow in some parts in later seasons. 1899 has not had a boring moment yet, and is not nearly as slow as Dark. It's still a bit creepy and dark yes, but without being too unsettling and almost giving me nightmares like Dark did (season 1 specifically, that shit was terrifying as hell. Dark Season 1 is the scariest thing I've ever watched. Partly due to the sound design with that bad vibe sound repeated over and over in the background but also because what was going on was so horrifying and brutal and unknown).

1899 also has an awesome international element to it. There's many different languages spoken on the ship and the characters have to work around language barriers.

To top it all off, the show has so many unexpected callbacks to Dark, whether it be Andreas Pietschman (whose performance is blowing me away) maneuvering tight spaces while holding a lantern, the sound design which is eerily similar and nostalgic in some parts, a "Stranger" type character, futuristic handheld device, and a seemingly supernatural element.

So far I'm on episode 4, and it's all so skillfully done, and the mystery is giving me Dark vibes without actually being that similar to Dark if that makes sense. Also a big improvement over Dark is that characters actually have some personality this time. Dark was super interesting and engaging and great and all, but basically joyless and a non-stop misery fest.

1899 show is so good.



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BlackSocks88 t1_ix9e853 wrote

ITT: OP gets destroyed with his followup opinions.


NinjaInTraining109 t1_ix9j519 wrote

Seriously lol talk about digging your own grave


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixbmlut wrote

My opinions about Dark aren’t even controversial, just dark fanboys getting butthurt over my very light criticism of the show which I fucking GUARANTEE is commonly held views IRL. I even admitted that I myself think Dark is a masterpiece overall. It’s so pathetic to be honest.


AdClemson t1_ixbmjhi wrote

I mean the Title itself is where the problem lies 'where Dark failed' seriously, wtf lol. Dark is one of the best Sci Fi shows of all time.


IHoebot t1_ix9x739 wrote

I haven't had a chance to watch 1899 yet and I will soon but if I was on the fence and liked Dark OPs comments would be enough to make me pass on 1899. I dont think people that are critically ignorant grasp how off-putting their endorsement of a thing is at the cost of another thing that's actually good. It's like screaming "I have no taste so my opinion should be viewed through an opposite lense"


MediocreMystery t1_ixdxlaw wrote

Are you seriously saying you wouldn't try a free streaming because a stranger on Reddit liked it? I mean what the fuck dude. This is a bizarre post.


God-Says-No t1_ixb1rv0 wrote

I watched a few episodes but I am going to wait till the drama surrounding this show potentially be entirely stolen before I finish.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixbn055 wrote

How dare you call me critically ignorant for having a differing perspective from the reddit snob mob? I even admitted that Dark is a masterpiece overall. You Dark fanboys are so pathetic, getting butthurt over my light criticism of the show like that.


PortoGuy18 t1_ix8ujor wrote

Dark also captures you right away.

Literally, the first scene and its ramifications and dynamics for the characters related to THAT Person set the tone of the show pretty quick.

Not only that, but the soundtrack and atmosphere of the show (strating from episode one) are really unique among television.

I think people just aren't used to slow burns anymore, specially slow burns that have zero bombastic scenes and action in between, just talking.

But speakig of 1899, what a great show.

The first scene didn't capture my attention as quickly as Dark did, but the episode was so immersive.

Seeing all of the different people and languages aboard the Kerberos ship and the dread of discovering the mysteries of the Prometheus really payed off for me.


rood_sandstorm t1_ix90s9f wrote

I don’t really like the song choice of 1899 because it’s been used many times in other shows/movies


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9fu0k wrote

That doesn't even make any sense. Yes, the theme song of 1899 sounds like crap. But it's a completely new cover of White Rabbit made for the show that sounds nothing like the original song both in vibe and in melody.


Mattyzooks t1_ix99eqm wrote

I'm liking the characters more in 1899 and probably the story more in Dark. Loved Dark and love 1899 so far.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix8vsyg wrote

No I guarantee you that most people who recommended others Dark, me included, had to tell them to stick with it until the end of episode 2 because that's where it really gets interesting. The vibes and subject matter in the first two episodes of Dark is really off-putting and unsettling.

Also, the very first scene of Dark is probably the most unsettling and off-putting scene I have ever seen start a film or show. Younger kids and families that clicked on it randomly through Netflix probably turned it off immediately because of that. Dark is a great example of a show that DOES NOT CAPTURE YOU RIGHT AWAY, but really pulls you in when its main aspect is revealed

Whereas 1899 has, like I said, a far more mainstream welcoming beginning. Nobody is getting turned off immediately by horrible vibes, and instead interested immediately by multiple parts. Not only the vast array of diverse international characters aboard the ship, but also the big mystery introduced already in the first episode.


bri-onicle t1_ix8yrru wrote

I was absolutely captured by the first scene in Dark, I thought the entire first episode was phenomenal.


Delita232 t1_ix94flq wrote

Same here. I was immediately grabbed by Dark.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9aots wrote

Probably because you probably already knew the show was about time travel.


NinjaInTraining109 t1_ix9kqjm wrote

I had no idea the show was about time travel and found it to be very intriguing. Parts of the first episode were a little slow sure, but I was absolutely hooked by the end of it and immediately binged the whole series afterwards. Not everyone is as turned off by unsettling themes/vibes as you may think..


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9l45f wrote

You’re not everyone though. The reddit population is completely unrepresentative of general audiences and real life people


NinjaInTraining109 t1_ix9ohqw wrote

And yet you’re calling it the “most off-putting way to start a show in history”. I would argue a show like GOT opened in a far more unsettling manner and went on to be the most popular show in the world. So again I’ll say not everyone is as turned off by these types of vibes as you think


shewy92 t1_ixczp25 wrote

> You’re not everyone though

Neither are you yet you keep talking like you are speaking for everyone


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix90jlp wrote

Obviously if you know what the main draw of the show is, then you will be captivated from the start.

But keep in mind that 99% of people who go in blind think that Dark is a crime drama


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix8wdyx wrote

It honestly baffles me that you're talking like the first scene of Dark was so amazing and grabbing. To jog your memory, it's literally a scene of a depressed guy hanging himself in his basement, with the most unsettling, terrifying bad vibe music I have ever heard playing the background. You get to see him set it up and everything. Absolutely chilling and unsettling and brutal. It was the most off-putting scene to ever start a show in history


PortoGuy18 t1_ix8xov6 wrote

You are twisting my words. I never said the first scene was "amazing", i said that it captures you right away.

From the start, the show doesn't shy away from its tone and atmosphere.

It's bleak, depressive and unlike most series out there, so it stands out.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix90hrf wrote

Obviously if you know what the main draw of the show is, then you will be captivated from the start.

But keep in mind that 99% of people who go in blind think this show is a crime drama


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix907jd wrote

Yeah well I turned it off after the first scene. Didn't seem like a show I would like. Mind you, I had no idea what the show was about.

And then I gave it another try a few months later.


GenericAustin t1_ix94kic wrote

Both Dark and Chernobyl have a similar opening scene, where a character commits suicide. In fact, in Chernobyl it's the main character who does it

And I thought both times it was a great way to start the show, I really wanted to know why they were doing that

Your reaction to that scene is probably because you weren't in the right mindset for such a scene or maybe you personally can't stand anything like that


eleven_eighteen t1_ix9mutb wrote

> 1899 has not had a boring moment yet, and is not nearly as slow as Dark.

Heavily disagree. I very much enjoyed 1899 and am already anxious for another season but it absolutely has boring moments and drags more than it should. The pacing in a lot of scenes is just too slow, seemingly in an attempt to make things seem more profound and tense. There is nothing wrong with slow scenes but a lot of them in 1899 felt forced to me.


StarshineSolid t1_iy72w67 wrote

Agreed. I got bored so many times due to the lack of depth, substance, flaws in timeline, and bad acting. Sadly incoherent. Regular entertainment. "Dark" is a masterpiece compared to "1899".


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix8yc0e wrote

How did Dark fail? Are people too dumb to watch an amazing show in a foreign language with subtitles?

Dark was amazing.


Snuffl3s7 t1_ixajajk wrote

I thought the 3rd season was pretty underwhelming and really disappointed me.


mieiri t1_ixcfkql wrote

I didn't like the twist on the second season finale. Personal taste, ofc, but the show lost me there and everything I didn't like on the third season came from that plot point.


tekko001 t1_ixu2xjw wrote

Emo dimension was indeed disappointing and unnecessary, Dark was at its strongest when it keept the balance between complexity and simplicity, the concept was mindblowing enough.


mieiri t1_ixu3854 wrote

Emo dimension HAHAHAHAHA. Loved it! Thanks


robreddity t1_ixcp2xw wrote

Amazing how every goddamned scene had somebody say "Ich..." and trail off with a thousand yard stare?

The show started well and ended very far up its own ass.


elgrangordito t1_ixbz8vu wrote

Shoot - I've been studying German on just so I can watch Dark without the subtitles. Oh, and one day I might go to Germany, too.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix8ywzg wrote

no no no Dark didn't fail. it was a masterpiece. But it had its failings, mainly the complete lack of joy throughout and complete lack of any personality in almost every character. It also took 2 episodes to get truly engaging. These are things which 1899 fixed.

Also, I guarantee a lot of people quit Dark before getting to the end of the 2nd episode, because the main special aspect of the show wasn't revealed yet, and the show had very bad vibes and was slow in the beginning. It was off-putting in the beginning but it became truly sensational after a couple episodes


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix8z68w wrote

Lack of character and personality? Maybe if you watched dubbed.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix8zqcd wrote

I would never watch dubbed. It took time for me to realize this, but there is extremely few scenes of humor or joy in Dark, especially season 1. And everyone speaks always in a super serious tone = no personality.


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix90bfm wrote

The show is literally called "Dark" it isn't suppose to be humorous.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix90tv9 wrote

So? My point is that a joyless show with bad vibes is off-putting for many.

And it's a flaw too imo, there needs to be balance.


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix917h3 wrote

Balance to whom? Did you actually watch it? Maybe How I Meet Your Mother is more your style.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix92ckn wrote


Dark would be better and more enjoyable if characters actually had some personality and there were some more moments of joy in it. I'm gonna leave it at that.


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix92yuf wrote

The show was to complex for you. Move on.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix936fu wrote

Are you a troll? I said the show was a masterpiece. I watched it all and appreciated the complex story. You seem to think the show is beyond criticism and anyone who criticizes it is dumb. When in reality it is you who is narrow-minded.


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix93s4r wrote

So how is 1899 better? In your opinion? There is no humor or character development yet either. It takes time yet you eqiviat it already. Where is the joke? Find a mirror and point at yourself because then will you find it.


Joe30174 t1_ixbj3kh wrote

Lol ur getting downvoted because u have a legitimate opinion. All while the other guy is getting upvoted for acting like a child in an argument because he's taking offense and got butt hurt over criticism of a show.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixbntjg wrote

Thanks these coondescending, snobby Dark fanboys are excruciating! I even admitted the show is a masterpiece and they still can’t handle me even slightly criticizing the show. They’re so pathetic


SoundofGlaciers t1_ixd3utk wrote

Off-putting for many. Many being a small percentage of viewers compared to those that didn't think it was off-putting and actually felt pulled-in due to the tone and content.

So maybe it was off-putting to many, but it was the opposite of off-putting to most people, like a significant factor more people than those that disliked it.

You and your RL social circle are not 'many people', you're just anecdotal evidence, bias, not proof of any fact or statistic at all


Mattyzooks t1_ix9aap3 wrote

I would seriously consider holding off on contrasting the shows until you finish the season.


Mydden t1_ix9ljqv wrote

Seriously... a lot of what OP is saying is pretty funny knowing what's about to happen.


BigMetalGuy t1_ixa336x wrote

Lack of joy and personality in characters? Have you watched 1899? There are about two (bad) jokes in it, and the characters are all wafer thin.


Uro06 t1_ixa9kwx wrote

What? The exact opposite is the case. The characters in Dark are, well actual characters and feel like real people. They have normal lives and behave like normal people until shit hits the fan.

In 1899 everyone is miserable from the start before any mysterious things even happen. The characters don't feel real because everybody is acting so anxious and everyone is so damn serious from the beginning as if they know they are starring in a mystery show.


tinoynk t1_ix92268 wrote

I really disagree with 1899 being fast paced/"grabbing" the view earlier. With Dark, right off the bat you know it's time travel and the fun/twists just come naturally from that.

With 1899, there's so much focus on what the "twist" is, and to me the explanation isn't really interesting enough to make it feel worth it.

That said, the final shot did intrigue me, and if the show evolves into something besides re-doing season 1 over and over, I could get more into it.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix92klf wrote

That's completely wrong. You don't find out Dark is about time travel until the end of the 2nd episode. That's my whole point, I just didn't want to spoil that specifically in my post.

Whereas in 1899, you get the feeling almost from the start that there's supernatural elements at play here.

99% of people who go in blind to Dark think it's a crime drama because that's what's it set up to be like.


Mattyzooks t1_ix9bc7e wrote


And then we have Tanhaus narrating:
>We trust that time is linear. That it proceeds eternally, uniformly. Into infinity. But the distinction between past, present and future is nothing but an illusion. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle. Everything is connected.

It certainly heavily telegraphed where it was going from the get go while it didn't literally get there until episode 2's ending. Whether you knew it was coming is on each individual audience member interpreting that as the show laying down its thesis or if it was more symbolic.

As for (the also excellent) 1899, I'd finish the season and come back since there are a lot of things in the back-half you might get spoiled for yourself here.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9ccij wrote

That intro can be interpreted in so many different ways. There was nothing in the original Netflix trailer or first 2 episodes that exposed the fact there's time travel. It's easy for you to say in hindsight that it's so blatant, but part of the reason it's so well made and impressive is because they set it up well as a creepy, dark and twistedcrime drama first. That's part of why the time travel twist is so well done.

I guarantee that you went into the show already knowing it was about time travel. That's why you're so unsympathetic to my perspective on this.

I'm lucky enough to be one of the few who watched the show thinking it was a crime drama and then was organically met with the mind-blowing revelation that there was time travel.


Mydden t1_ix9k4xy wrote

I've watched 2 episodes of Dark today because I enjoyed 1899 but thought it lacking substance and was told Dark is better. I had no knowledge of Dark beforehand other than it was some of the creators of 1899. I was expecting a crime drama going in.

I knew that we were going to be dealing with time travel in the first minutes of Dark. By the end of the first episode it's clear we're in a loop. It... really wasn't that big of a revelation.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9kbcm wrote

Good for you. but you say all this already knowing that Dark is an international phenomenon. It’s easy to jump to that conclusion then. Also how did you deduce from 1st episode alone that its a loop?


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9ku2v wrote

You say all this already knowing that Dark is an international phenomenon. It’s easy to jump to that conclusion then. Also how did you deduce from 1st episode alone that its a loop


Mydden t1_ix9o94j wrote

I literally didn't know Dark was popular. I saw it recommended on Netflix occasionally over the past few years and didn't think I would like it because I'm usually not into gore, and it looked like it could be gorey, so never looked into it at all. I only started watching it because the creators of 1899 were involved and 1899 left me wanting more in a not fulfilling way so I was hoping Dark would give me some substance and so far I've been happier with it.

As to how I deduced the existence of a loop, the opening scene of Dark is literally a quote about the illusion of time as a straight forward arrow.

"The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

And then the narrator is talking about how everything is connected. So I immediately knew we were going to be getting timey wimey stuff - I basically began expecting something inspired by Vunnegut's Slaughterhouse Five.

I don't know what the loop is yet, but there were several characters talking about how "it's happening again", and the dude who hanged himself knew "the future" and knew that other people knowing what was in the envelope he left behind before a certain time would/could prevent something he wanted to happen from happening (or the other way around). I'm pretty sure the word loop itself has been used in reference to something else in the show too.

I'm expecting some pretty weird things because of the setting including grandfather paradoxes and potentially some Oedipus style killing/relationships.

EDIT: Just went back over the intro. The loop is literally in the opening monologue:

"they are connected in a never-ending circle"


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9syap wrote

Yeah but if you don’t know the show us about time travel then you might not interpret it literally


Mydden t1_ix9v274 wrote

... Why wouldn't you? What other interpretation of "The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." and then that opening monologue featuring visuals of past, present, and future versions of all the characters is there?


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9vk5c wrote

That’s enough. You sound so unsympathetic to other viewpoints, everything is so clear cut and dry for you huh? At that point nobody knows who all those characters are and how they’re related. And the quote just pops up for a few seconds and then disappears. At that point, who knows what the creators’ intention is with that quote. Most people aren’t truly digesting what that means at that point


SoundofGlaciers t1_ixd3g11 wrote

There's nobody in this thread more unsympathetic to other viewpoints than you OP as evidenced by you constantly moving the goalposts in every conversation, never agreeing with anyone or understanding their viewpoint.

Always saying it must be because they already knew what is was about, or how most people in your 'real life' circle said [x] about it, implying your experiences are more true than those of people commenting here.

There's a reason this thread kinda turned against you and it's completely because of your own reactions


Mydden t1_ix9wkc8 wrote

The quote pops up, but we're treated to a two minute monologue narration that goes over time as an illusion again right after while we're looking at an evidence board filled with past present and future versions of a number of people - yarn stringing them all together in a web of unknown connections.

"We trust that time is linear. That it proceeds eternally, uniformly. Into infinity. But the distinction between past, present and future is nothing but an illusion. Yesterday, today and tomorrow are not consecutive, they are connected in a never-ending circle. Everything is connected."

The fact that we don't know who those people are at that point doesn't matter. The narrator told us that we're going to be seeing time travel connected in a never-ending circle (aka a loop).


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix9rq7x wrote

Yet you literally said you watched it. Who is the troll?

Mirror meet thine my face.


Mydden t1_ix9us12 wrote

Did you mean to respond to someone else? Me watching Dark's first two episodes are literally the point... I haven't watched anything else for Dark yet, I just finished 1899 yesterday.


tinoynk t1_ix92w8n wrote

Okay geez it takes a whole 2 episodes, but 1899 still takes basically the entire season before you're filled in on what's happening.

I totally understand people might like that, but to me it gets distracting when you're trying to piece things together, as opposed to seeing an organically developing storyline based on a single, easy-to-grasp central conceit.


I_am_so_lost_hello t1_ix9edf2 wrote

I liked 1899 but I disagree, I think it being much faster than Dark was actually to it's detriment.

Dark season 1 isn't about time travel; it's about the disappearance of Mikkel and the mysteries that surrounds it. It hangs on to that emotional tether throughout the season. Spoilers for 1899

>!1899 on the other hand abandons the initial mystery of the season (what happened to the prometheus) to throw random bullshit at you and develop the greater mystery, and none of the characters are grounded in that initial world anymore by like episode 5!<


dekettde t1_ixahotr wrote

Yes, I thought the same after finishing the season. Dark immediately had the hook "Wo ist Mikkel? / Where is Mikkel?" from the start. From that the character motivations become clear. And despite it involving time travel, the show always felt very grounded.

I was honestly hoping 1899 would be a bit more like The Triangle miniseries, but the eventual twist didn't really do anything for me as of the end of the first season.


Mydden t1_ix9l682 wrote

Agreed. Having now watched the first two episodes of Dark after binging 1899; 1899 lacks all the substance that Dark has in its first two episodes. There are actually characters now instead of >!literally mindless robots.!<

>!The mystery of the show seems like it's supposed to be about the reality that the few "real" characters are dealing with, but it's pretty clearly implied very early on that it's all a simulation - and it feels like they focused on chaos and events instead of intrigue and characters, and because of that the "reveal" of the finale isn't all that... special?!<


I_am_so_lost_hello t1_ix9lke9 wrote

Yea, I still really liked the vibe and production of 1899 plus I remember thinking the end of dark s1 was kinda lame before s2 came out so I'm still hopeful.


snicmtl t1_ix9g38k wrote

Loved Dark, enjoyed 1899.

I personally feel the first 3-4 episodes were a bit too slow and they dumped too much of the 'reveals' in the last episodes.

Storywise, I am very interested now that I've completed the season, but wish we had spent more time on the lore/world building rather than the character development in the first few episodes. At least for me, none of the characters really grabbed my attention.


Tidus1117 t1_ixsovh2 wrote

At first I was like : why are we wasting time on all these characters if they are dying and all in her mind. Then the ending... so the characters are all still alive sorta in a matrix world/simultion, meaning they will all come back. this season felt like a set up. Im very curious whats next. Hope it gets renewed.


ryhaltswhiskey t1_ix8yyah wrote

I'm on the 3rd episode of 1899. I'm very concerned that it's going to be another Lost where things don't actually make sense at the end of it.


mountainhighgoat t1_ix9063g wrote

I’m on episode 5 and things are picking up. Also, heard the creators have it planned out for 3 seasons so you don’t have to worry about that.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix91m5h wrote

1899 "picked up" from the start in my opinion. It wastes no time and gets interesting almost immediately.


mountainhighgoat t1_ix92d8i wrote

Didn’t really like the first episode but it does pickup each episode and so far each episode with the 5 episodes I’ve seen is better than the one before because the mystery is slowly unveiling.


tjmora t1_ixa4a3o wrote

I was like you by episode 5. I was critical of it (Ep 5 spoilers).

But after I finished the season, I changed my mind. I actually posted my own theory about it (Ep 8 spoilers) and even if just some parts of it becomes true, then I'm confident to say that the showrunners know what they are doing. That there is a some grand plan behind all of it, much like how they designed Dark's entire plot.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix8zi8u wrote

The creators have said that they have it all planned out already. Unlike Lost, where the creators wrote it as they went along. Lost is phenomenal though, let's not spoil it for anyone.


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix8zvoh wrote

Thankfully Lindelof is not involved nor is it religion pergurtory based.


Mydden t1_ix9u8yc wrote

... Maybe? I have a suspicion that purgatory may actually be the underlying reality. >!It's quite obvious the reveals we got in the final two episodes are still within "the simulation", including the generation ship further "levels" of the simulation may prove to be more similar to that religious idea than you may like.!<

>!Kerberos is the Hound of Hades guarding the underworld, Perseus is the god that is punished after giving men fire, chained and cursed to have his liver eaten and regrown every day (who is later freed by Heracles). The upside down triangle with a line through it is the alchemical sign for Earth. The ocean seems to be the river Styx full of ghosts where payment was not satisfactory. So the journey depicted in Season 1 seems to be about the technological afterlife traveling to the underworld - only transported to the next level of simulation (the underworld/space) after providing payment in the form of gold.!<

>!What is the purpose of the greater "simulation"? It's speculation but I think we'll find out that the people are within the "simulation" for purification and will end up being purgatory with extra steps - the people who are able to prove themselves changed people will be able to leave the underworld and enter "heaven", leaving the simulation for utopia having proven themselves worthy of living there.!<


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix9ux81 wrote

It's Aliens which are not religious. Get over it.


Mydden t1_ix9vg7g wrote

Is the same concept repackaged with Alien skin not still the same thing?


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix9xxwp wrote

Hopefully they are for more progressive than Republicans.


Mydden t1_ix9z7cg wrote

... That sentence is hard to parse.

The comment I was responding to originally was you saying "nor is it religion pergurtory based.". I took issue with that idea because it seems like it's well within the realm of possibility that the show is in fact based on the religious idea of purgatory. Whether its reskinned as:

Alien beings watching humans progress, choosing who to evolve;

overlord AI watching human decisions deciding who to let out of the simulation;

advanced civilization choosing which people are good enough to join their utopian society

They're all based on the same theme of religious purgatory.


happyfestivusgeorgie t1_ixa00eo wrote

This one didnt do anything for me to be honest. I just dont think its that good and the characters aren't interesting enough to keep me watching.

Dark is amazing though. Much better.


GingerMau t1_ixbsvmz wrote

I loved Dark.

I couldn't even get through the first episode of 1899.

The dialogue was just so bad and...wrong. I don't demand historical accuracy, but I like convincingly close historical accuracy. (For example, I loved The Terror.)

This show felt like it was written by a 16 year old trying to imagine the language and culture of 1899. Not actual informed adults who are somewhat familiar with the language and norms of a specific era in history.

The ridiculously inaccurate woman-in-labour scene sealed the deal for me. You don't just stop being in early labour because someone turns the baby.


Zegir t1_ixbxatf wrote

>The ridiculously inaccurate woman-in-labour scene sealed the deal for me. You don't just stop being in early labour because someone turns the baby.

Pretty sure she wasn't in labor. She was just hurting because her insides were twisted.


BigGreenGhost t1_ixc7rv0 wrote

Man i understand people who don't like this series but when someone doesn't even understand a basic scene like that i can't really them seriously


GingerMau t1_ixcvwja wrote

If you don't understand pregnancy well enough to think that happens, don't write it into your show.

Babies change position and move around until the 9th month. The only time a baby needs to be turned is before delivery.

If the baby had been twisted enough to cause her pain (pulling away from the placenta), she actually would be in early labour.


GingerMau t1_ixcvkbs wrote

Ask an obgyn how often a situation like that plays out.

Babies spin around and move up until the 9th month. If the baby was twisted badly enough to hurt the mother (i.e., tearing from the placenta), she would go into early labour.


Intir t1_ixcl21v wrote

Thankfully someone mentioned The Terror. The Terror is similar enough to 1899 for comparisons to be made and it is a far better show on almost every single level. The makers likely took the criticism over Dark being too convoluted a bit too strongly and seemed to have dumbed down 1899 for the casual Netflix user.


NitedJay t1_ixx7loc wrote

I agree. It didn’t capture me either.


ningrim t1_ixag91s wrote

only two episodes in, but my problem with this show is there is no consistency in the supernatural elements, just random weird shit happening

I can never tell if what I'm seeing is really happening or is just a character's hallucination. This is a cheap trick many shows use.


qp0n t1_iydk74f wrote

> only two episodes in, but my problem with this show is there is no consistency in the supernatural elements, just random weird shit happening

1899 has flaws but thats not one. There's a reason for that, keep watching.


EADtomfool t1_ixajnb3 wrote

I dunno I find 1899 pretty boring and I'm fast forwarding a lot of it. Especially the bits with the Italian spanish guy, talk about a boring, obnoxious, pointless character.

Also the music choices. What the hell were they thinking? Both the intro and outtro music is TERRIBLY UNFITTING to the setting.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixap82n wrote

There is no Italian guy. You really can’t tell the Spanish and Italian language apart? They sound so different and the guy speaks in such a spanish way. And yeah the intro music sucks, I made a post about it over on r/1899


EADtomfool t1_ixaq596 wrote

Fuck, spanish, my bad. I had it in my head because of his white suit. But yes, I know it's spanish, and his "brother" is Portuguese.


steinrrr t1_ix9siuh wrote

I disagree, it's intriguing don't get me wrong but also boring. It's reaaally too slow for my tastes (episode 4 rn)


NashtenS t1_ix92cyl wrote

I watched 1899 and I can't get it out of my head.

It was so bizarre and captivating. I went into it blind thinking it would be a period drama of the High Class pansies on the ship causing drama, infidelity, and such...

I was very, very wrong. Like I said, absolutely bizarre.


morkypep50 t1_ixabg64 wrote

Loved this show! Can't wait for second season!


StarshineSolid t1_iy6zy4v wrote

Dear God I disagree. Dark is a MASTERPIECE. 1899 is so disappointing I stopped watching it half way...


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_iy70v85 wrote

Admitting that you gave up watching a show halfway through isn’t the boast you think it is. Especially one as well made and high quality and good as 1899


StarshineSolid t1_iy72i8g wrote

"1899" is a cruel disappointement and a terrible fail. I don't understand what went through Jantje Friese and Baran Bo Odar's minds. "Dark" blew my mind, episode after episode. It's a masterpiece and one of the best show of the past decade. But "1899" was fatally weak and boring and the scenario sucks. It's a low quality entertainment for housewives over 50 years old. It's not nearly as well written as "Dark" and it's adressed to a lazy audience, lacking depth and substance. The actors aren't good, there are plenty of flaws in the timeline, it seriously lack coherence. Now we both seem to enjoy Bo Odar's work, so I guess that's what matter. I believe we have two types of sensitivity, it is interesting to see where it differs and split. I am among the thousand of online viewers who were not sensitive to "1899". While "1899" is addressed to people who don't seem to notice inconsistencies or worst... are satisfied with them. Mass appeal, mass consumption audience. Not niche anymore.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_iy73ea5 wrote

You admitted yourself, you haven’t seen half of the show. So how can you judge if it has flaws in the timeline and lacks coherence? Ridiculous.


StarshineSolid t1_iy77l9q wrote

Read again ? I have seen half the show. 7 episodes and I stopped. It doesn't take 5 seasons to pin point flaws in timeline and lack of credibility. You can't take someone else's opinion because you are sadly immature. I am kindly interacting with you about having two different points of view but you're taking this with anger because you are childish and pressed that someone dares to disagree with you. Grow up little boy.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_iy8zn9t wrote

So you’ve seen 7 episodes, yet you claim to have stopped watching after only seeing half. 🧐 7/8 is not equal to 1/2. Explain to me your math here, because it just doesn’t add up.

Also who said I had any anger whatsoever?


Western_Camp7920 t1_ix96o3v wrote

>1899 Is A Phenomenal...

You're right. It's my favorite show of the year (haven't watched Andor). I love creative people getting all the budget they want to make their crazy dreams real. Can't wait for next seasons ,especially after that ending!

>... Where Dark Failed

Now you're hurting my feelings, Dark was a phenomenal show and I haven't found any major flaws in it after multiple rewatches. It's one of the few shows that you can easily say is masterpiece and almost no one can say you're exaggerating.
Although I enjoyed first season of 1899 more than first season of Dark I still think Dark was better, and 1899 has a long way to surpass it and it's not easy at all.

>Even after it picked it up, it was still sort of boring and slow in some parts in later seasons...

Being bored is a very personal opinion, I for one never got bored with it and was always in awe and just couldn't stop watching it tbh. A great story getting unfold, great visual, a mystery in play... Very hard to be bored imo.

>So far I'm on episode 4, and it's all so skillfully done...

Wait for the 5th and 6th episodes, they're great. Final is also a bang.


Repo_Man84 t1_ix9od40 wrote

Just finished the series. Every bit as fucking bananas as I hoped it would be, which didn't actually become that apparent until ep 5 on. Loved Dark and don't recall any downsides. Potatoes, Tomato's.


JustinScott47 t1_ixafsl7 wrote

Thesis holds true for me. Watched all of season 1 of Dark and never connected with it. (Sorry, fans, I really tried. There's so much love for that show, and I wanted to appreciate it.) But after only 1 episode of 1899, I'm intrigued and am going to binge it as soon as my pizza gets here.


BruisedBabyMeat t1_ixbmeg7 wrote

how long is it gonna take for them to realize the boy dont talk? stop askin him so many darn questions


LeoLaDawg t1_ixbzy8m wrote

It plods along with clunky dialog at times, but it's a neat idea (that's been done ten million times) with great visuals. I enjoyed it more than I disliked it.


DSMStudios t1_ix97r99 wrote

You convinced me to dive in (no pun intended). Loved Dark and have been clutching Dexter rerun pearls cuz finding well written shows is rare lol


Venture_compound t1_ix9goan wrote

I'm disturbed by the accusations that the creators ripped off a comic book artist from Brazil.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9gzr3 wrote

This has been debunked, both by the creators of the show and other people online. You think that comic book artist invented black pyramids?


Venture_compound t1_ix9j84j wrote

Where's it been debunked? Because she lays out some pretty compelling evidence.


Western_Camp7920 t1_ix9nis8 wrote

Read the comic. It's 54 pages. Her claims are absurd.
Also people who've read the comic have great things to say here and also here if anyone's interested.


tjmora t1_ixb6qzi wrote

Right. There were so many similarities between the comicbook and the series. Let me enumerate them:

  1. Multinational >!spaceship!< crew. (Though in the show, it was shown in the end. In the comicbook, it was from the very beginning).

  2. Comicbook has character named Adda I think. The show has a character named Ada. (The show's character was more of an extra though).

  3. Black pyramid.

  4. Image of a pyramid in the eyes of characters.

  5. The comics has panels focusing on the eyes of the characters. The show has shots focusing on the eyes of characters.

  6. The comicbook use codes. Show also use codes. (The codes used are different though).

  7. Shot of face of a characters while they wear something on their head (Astronaut helmet for the comicbook, wired device attached to the head for the show).

  8. The characters are puzzled by something.

  9. The characters investigate what puzzles them.

  10. The characters talk to each other.

  11. The characters walk and run.

  12. The characters are shaped like humans.

  13. >!Spaceship!<

Really. There's too many to enumerate. /s


ChocolateBunny t1_ixasxcd wrote

Does this have the same time travel BS as Dark?

I liked Dark, but every time timetravel is involved there end up being a few moments where you have to shut your brain off. Like if you meet your past self why the fuck would you give vague or no information instead of reasonably clear information. You remember the encounter before so speak fucking clearly this time.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixavd4z wrote

Yeah that was a stupid part of Dark but they do actually explain why in later season


SoundofGlaciers t1_ixd4g80 wrote

This show doesn't work on the same time-travel logic/schtick as Dark. I'd don't want to spoil it but 1899 focusses more on concepts of (soft spoilers, just naming general themes) '>!what is reality', simulation theory, consciousness,!< instead of focus on 'time travel', 'interlinked characters', 'loops'

It has a pretty different theme/mysterylogic. It does execute it (imo) with the same accuracy, intensity and mystery as Dark does but it's a noticably different concept the show is built on.

Imo and to agree with OP, it does seem to allow for viewers to get into the mystery quicker than Dark did and it did grab my attention immediately, while Dark (imo) needed a few episodes to properly unravel or understand what it's trying to do

Then again this is only S1 so it is hard to say if there is any trade-off in overal quality due to the story being a bit more easier to understand. No need for external timeline guides or family trees to keep up with this show. (So far)


mykitchenromance t1_ixbtlhm wrote

You lost me at ‘…where Dark failed..’ - I loved Dark all the way.

Keen to check out 1899 though.


ozgun1414 t1_ixbv9rq wrote

dark has more interesting characters and mini plots than this. better soundtracks too. captivates you from the beginning. 1899 is not bad but it took half season to gain my interest.

the lack of communication between characters due to languagal problems, bored me most of the time. they still talk to eachother telling important things as if they can understand lmao. other person just looks blank to other and lots of moments like that. they all shouldve known a bit english and they shouldve tried to communicate simple english words. wouldve better than talking to someone via unknown language.

i didnt watch last two episodes yet, will see if it changes my mind.


redbullrebel t1_ixcjtmi wrote

so far of everybody i know who finished the first season. said 1899 is good but not as good as dark yet. also dark is finished. with 1899 we have no idea yet how good it is, since it is an open end.


Ulligaq t1_ixn92u2 wrote

This is how I've been feeling. Dark really didn't hit for me until season 2 when all the threads started to come together.


nilsy007 t1_ixcsbbk wrote

Dark instantly got me interested 1899 not so much.

Dark did invest heavily building a large amount of complex characters in season 1, 1899 does not do this at all as well.


lourensloki t1_ixd31vh wrote

I think where this post fails in being negative on Dark, which was truly great. 1899 is really good but it's not the same.


APiousCultist t1_ixdxz65 wrote

Not watched the show, but I feel like Netflix throwing the 'cyberpunk' tag up front and centre before the show even came out really does limit the number of mindblowing twists quite significantly. I don't want it spoiling, but if it turns out they're all in a computer simulation I don't think I'll be terribly surprised.


DjessNL t1_ixj1mnr wrote

On episode 2. Hasn't gripped me like Dark yet. I miss the epic Dark soundtrack and the melancholic feel of it all. But it will probably grow on me.


NitedJay t1_ixx7gkl wrote

I did not enjoy 1899 and I really liked Dark. Felt that it drags on for too long. This one was not as fluid and mind blowing. I felt that 1899 was trying too hard.


_manicimpressive_ t1_ixxpqt8 wrote

1899 doesn’t hold a candle to Dark, for a multitude of reasons. Dark was far more gripping, and the character development was much more complex and intimate. The script was better, the music was better, the cast was better. 1899 tries hard, but its characters aren’t as engaging or interesting and their lives don’t share as much of a common thread. Perhaps if I hadn’t already seen Dark, I would have loved 1899, but having already seen Dark, 1899 pales in comparison.

Dark was thrilling, complex, mind-bending, and subtle. 1899 is overly reliant on kitschy props and plot devices, and some of its elements, like the international aspect and the cheesy 80’s songs at the end of every episode, seem tacked on and not crucial to the story, no doubt indicative of Netflix’s desire to market to a wider, probably more American, audience.


zhxzhx t1_iy5c7w5 wrote

Love both but I had a hard time getting into the characters of Dark.


Cyn1950 t1_iy6znyh wrote

Meh... I like em' scary, 1899 isn't scary it's all over the place & dull.


WowSoFetch t1_ixaz104 wrote

If you take the creators of Dark, hire new and different woke writers then try too hard you get 1899


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixb6za0 wrote

Lol that comment makes no sense. So you take the writers of Dark, and then hire new different writers? The second part of that completely contradicted the first part. And 1899 has the exact same writers


[deleted] t1_ixbcr31 wrote



AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixbfbkw wrote

Where did you get that name from? It says the writers are

Jantje Friese

Dario Madrona López Gallego

Emma Ko

Jerome Bucchan-Nelson

Juliana Lima Dehne

Emil Nygaard Albertsen