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AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix8vsyg wrote

No I guarantee you that most people who recommended others Dark, me included, had to tell them to stick with it until the end of episode 2 because that's where it really gets interesting. The vibes and subject matter in the first two episodes of Dark is really off-putting and unsettling.

Also, the very first scene of Dark is probably the most unsettling and off-putting scene I have ever seen start a film or show. Younger kids and families that clicked on it randomly through Netflix probably turned it off immediately because of that. Dark is a great example of a show that DOES NOT CAPTURE YOU RIGHT AWAY, but really pulls you in when its main aspect is revealed

Whereas 1899 has, like I said, a far more mainstream welcoming beginning. Nobody is getting turned off immediately by horrible vibes, and instead interested immediately by multiple parts. Not only the vast array of diverse international characters aboard the ship, but also the big mystery introduced already in the first episode.


bri-onicle t1_ix8yrru wrote

I was absolutely captured by the first scene in Dark, I thought the entire first episode was phenomenal.


Delita232 t1_ix94flq wrote

Same here. I was immediately grabbed by Dark.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9aots wrote

Probably because you probably already knew the show was about time travel.


NinjaInTraining109 t1_ix9kqjm wrote

I had no idea the show was about time travel and found it to be very intriguing. Parts of the first episode were a little slow sure, but I was absolutely hooked by the end of it and immediately binged the whole series afterwards. Not everyone is as turned off by unsettling themes/vibes as you may think..


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix9l45f wrote

You’re not everyone though. The reddit population is completely unrepresentative of general audiences and real life people


NinjaInTraining109 t1_ix9ohqw wrote

And yet you’re calling it the “most off-putting way to start a show in history”. I would argue a show like GOT opened in a far more unsettling manner and went on to be the most popular show in the world. So again I’ll say not everyone is as turned off by these types of vibes as you think


shewy92 t1_ixczp25 wrote

> You’re not everyone though

Neither are you yet you keep talking like you are speaking for everyone