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Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix8zvoh wrote

Thankfully Lindelof is not involved nor is it religion pergurtory based.


Mydden t1_ix9u8yc wrote

... Maybe? I have a suspicion that purgatory may actually be the underlying reality. >!It's quite obvious the reveals we got in the final two episodes are still within "the simulation", including the generation ship further "levels" of the simulation may prove to be more similar to that religious idea than you may like.!<

>!Kerberos is the Hound of Hades guarding the underworld, Perseus is the god that is punished after giving men fire, chained and cursed to have his liver eaten and regrown every day (who is later freed by Heracles). The upside down triangle with a line through it is the alchemical sign for Earth. The ocean seems to be the river Styx full of ghosts where payment was not satisfactory. So the journey depicted in Season 1 seems to be about the technological afterlife traveling to the underworld - only transported to the next level of simulation (the underworld/space) after providing payment in the form of gold.!<

>!What is the purpose of the greater "simulation"? It's speculation but I think we'll find out that the people are within the "simulation" for purification and will end up being purgatory with extra steps - the people who are able to prove themselves changed people will be able to leave the underworld and enter "heaven", leaving the simulation for utopia having proven themselves worthy of living there.!<


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix9ux81 wrote

It's Aliens which are not religious. Get over it.


Mydden t1_ix9vg7g wrote

Is the same concept repackaged with Alien skin not still the same thing?


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix9xxwp wrote

Hopefully they are for more progressive than Republicans.


Mydden t1_ix9z7cg wrote

... That sentence is hard to parse.

The comment I was responding to originally was you saying "nor is it religion pergurtory based.". I took issue with that idea because it seems like it's well within the realm of possibility that the show is in fact based on the religious idea of purgatory. Whether its reskinned as:

Alien beings watching humans progress, choosing who to evolve;

overlord AI watching human decisions deciding who to let out of the simulation;

advanced civilization choosing which people are good enough to join their utopian society

They're all based on the same theme of religious purgatory.