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AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ix936fu wrote

Are you a troll? I said the show was a masterpiece. I watched it all and appreciated the complex story. You seem to think the show is beyond criticism and anyone who criticizes it is dumb. When in reality it is you who is narrow-minded.


Fondle_My_Sweaters t1_ix93s4r wrote

So how is 1899 better? In your opinion? There is no humor or character development yet either. It takes time yet you eqiviat it already. Where is the joke? Find a mirror and point at yourself because then will you find it.


Joe30174 t1_ixbj3kh wrote

Lol ur getting downvoted because u have a legitimate opinion. All while the other guy is getting upvoted for acting like a child in an argument because he's taking offense and got butt hurt over criticism of a show.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixbntjg wrote

Thanks these coondescending, snobby Dark fanboys are excruciating! I even admitted the show is a masterpiece and they still can’t handle me even slightly criticizing the show. They’re so pathetic