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Western_Camp7920 t1_ix96o3v wrote

>1899 Is A Phenomenal...

You're right. It's my favorite show of the year (haven't watched Andor). I love creative people getting all the budget they want to make their crazy dreams real. Can't wait for next seasons ,especially after that ending!

>... Where Dark Failed

Now you're hurting my feelings, Dark was a phenomenal show and I haven't found any major flaws in it after multiple rewatches. It's one of the few shows that you can easily say is masterpiece and almost no one can say you're exaggerating.
Although I enjoyed first season of 1899 more than first season of Dark I still think Dark was better, and 1899 has a long way to surpass it and it's not easy at all.

>Even after it picked it up, it was still sort of boring and slow in some parts in later seasons...

Being bored is a very personal opinion, I for one never got bored with it and was always in awe and just couldn't stop watching it tbh. A great story getting unfold, great visual, a mystery in play... Very hard to be bored imo.

>So far I'm on episode 4, and it's all so skillfully done...

Wait for the 5th and 6th episodes, they're great. Final is also a bang.