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I_am_so_lost_hello t1_ix9edf2 wrote

I liked 1899 but I disagree, I think it being much faster than Dark was actually to it's detriment.

Dark season 1 isn't about time travel; it's about the disappearance of Mikkel and the mysteries that surrounds it. It hangs on to that emotional tether throughout the season. Spoilers for 1899

>!1899 on the other hand abandons the initial mystery of the season (what happened to the prometheus) to throw random bullshit at you and develop the greater mystery, and none of the characters are grounded in that initial world anymore by like episode 5!<


dekettde t1_ixahotr wrote

Yes, I thought the same after finishing the season. Dark immediately had the hook "Wo ist Mikkel? / Where is Mikkel?" from the start. From that the character motivations become clear. And despite it involving time travel, the show always felt very grounded.

I was honestly hoping 1899 would be a bit more like The Triangle miniseries, but the eventual twist didn't really do anything for me as of the end of the first season.


Mydden t1_ix9l682 wrote

Agreed. Having now watched the first two episodes of Dark after binging 1899; 1899 lacks all the substance that Dark has in its first two episodes. There are actually characters now instead of >!literally mindless robots.!<

>!The mystery of the show seems like it's supposed to be about the reality that the few "real" characters are dealing with, but it's pretty clearly implied very early on that it's all a simulation - and it feels like they focused on chaos and events instead of intrigue and characters, and because of that the "reveal" of the finale isn't all that... special?!<


I_am_so_lost_hello t1_ix9lke9 wrote

Yea, I still really liked the vibe and production of 1899 plus I remember thinking the end of dark s1 was kinda lame before s2 came out so I'm still hopeful.