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snicmtl t1_ix9g38k wrote

Loved Dark, enjoyed 1899.

I personally feel the first 3-4 episodes were a bit too slow and they dumped too much of the 'reveals' in the last episodes.

Storywise, I am very interested now that I've completed the season, but wish we had spent more time on the lore/world building rather than the character development in the first few episodes. At least for me, none of the characters really grabbed my attention.


Tidus1117 t1_ixsovh2 wrote

At first I was like : why are we wasting time on all these characters if they are dying and all in her mind. Then the ending... so the characters are all still alive sorta in a matrix world/simultion, meaning they will all come back. this season felt like a set up. Im very curious whats next. Hope it gets renewed.