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IHoebot t1_ix9x739 wrote

I haven't had a chance to watch 1899 yet and I will soon but if I was on the fence and liked Dark OPs comments would be enough to make me pass on 1899. I dont think people that are critically ignorant grasp how off-putting their endorsement of a thing is at the cost of another thing that's actually good. It's like screaming "I have no taste so my opinion should be viewed through an opposite lense"


MediocreMystery t1_ixdxlaw wrote

Are you seriously saying you wouldn't try a free streaming because a stranger on Reddit liked it? I mean what the fuck dude. This is a bizarre post.


God-Says-No t1_ixb1rv0 wrote

I watched a few episodes but I am going to wait till the drama surrounding this show potentially be entirely stolen before I finish.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixbn055 wrote

How dare you call me critically ignorant for having a differing perspective from the reddit snob mob? I even admitted that Dark is a masterpiece overall. You Dark fanboys are so pathetic, getting butthurt over my light criticism of the show like that.