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EADtomfool t1_ixajnb3 wrote

I dunno I find 1899 pretty boring and I'm fast forwarding a lot of it. Especially the bits with the Italian spanish guy, talk about a boring, obnoxious, pointless character.

Also the music choices. What the hell were they thinking? Both the intro and outtro music is TERRIBLY UNFITTING to the setting.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixap82n wrote

There is no Italian guy. You really can’t tell the Spanish and Italian language apart? They sound so different and the guy speaks in such a spanish way. And yeah the intro music sucks, I made a post about it over on r/1899


EADtomfool t1_ixaq596 wrote

Fuck, spanish, my bad. I had it in my head because of his white suit. But yes, I know it's spanish, and his "brother" is Portuguese.