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ChocolateBunny t1_ixasxcd wrote

Does this have the same time travel BS as Dark?

I liked Dark, but every time timetravel is involved there end up being a few moments where you have to shut your brain off. Like if you meet your past self why the fuck would you give vague or no information instead of reasonably clear information. You remember the encounter before so speak fucking clearly this time.


AnakinRagnarsson66 OP t1_ixavd4z wrote

Yeah that was a stupid part of Dark but they do actually explain why in later season


SoundofGlaciers t1_ixd4g80 wrote

This show doesn't work on the same time-travel logic/schtick as Dark. I'd don't want to spoil it but 1899 focusses more on concepts of (soft spoilers, just naming general themes) '>!what is reality', simulation theory, consciousness,!< instead of focus on 'time travel', 'interlinked characters', 'loops'

It has a pretty different theme/mysterylogic. It does execute it (imo) with the same accuracy, intensity and mystery as Dark does but it's a noticably different concept the show is built on.

Imo and to agree with OP, it does seem to allow for viewers to get into the mystery quicker than Dark did and it did grab my attention immediately, while Dark (imo) needed a few episodes to properly unravel or understand what it's trying to do

Then again this is only S1 so it is hard to say if there is any trade-off in overal quality due to the story being a bit more easier to understand. No need for external timeline guides or family trees to keep up with this show. (So far)