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Zegir t1_ixbxatf wrote

>The ridiculously inaccurate woman-in-labour scene sealed the deal for me. You don't just stop being in early labour because someone turns the baby.

Pretty sure she wasn't in labor. She was just hurting because her insides were twisted.


BigGreenGhost t1_ixc7rv0 wrote

Man i understand people who don't like this series but when someone doesn't even understand a basic scene like that i can't really them seriously


GingerMau t1_ixcvwja wrote

If you don't understand pregnancy well enough to think that happens, don't write it into your show.

Babies change position and move around until the 9th month. The only time a baby needs to be turned is before delivery.

If the baby had been twisted enough to cause her pain (pulling away from the placenta), she actually would be in early labour.


GingerMau t1_ixcvkbs wrote

Ask an obgyn how often a situation like that plays out.

Babies spin around and move up until the 9th month. If the baby was twisted badly enough to hurt the mother (i.e., tearing from the placenta), she would go into early labour.