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Surca_Cirvive t1_ixhqymi wrote

Man. If there's one major takeaway I have from this show, it's that they know how to write a good ass monologue. Maarva's was great, but Nemik's was legendary. Good dialog is such a subtle but important thing.

The suspense that was built with the marching band was also great. This show makes great use of relying on in-universe tools of suspense rather than just overlaying intense music on top of tense scenes.

Shoutout to Luthen being like, "Fuck yeah, this is a good speech" tho lmao


Calfzilla2000 t1_ixhs3hp wrote

This episode surpassed any expectations I had for the finale. Extremely emotional, unpredictable and thrilling.

They better not overlook this show when Emmy season comes around. This show is every bit as good as Better Call Saul or House of the Dragon (using those two as examples because I have seen them and I know they will garner plenty of nominations), if not better.

"I love him more than anything he could ever do wrong." killed me. Only time I cried the whole series. The writing for this episode was incredible.


Surca_Cirvive t1_ixhtaxu wrote

"I love him more than anything he could ever do wrong" was super poignant. I really love the show's writing.


Anneisabitch t1_ixkhfok wrote

That quote is up there with “what is love by grief persevering?”

As soon as I got it, I said damn out loud


Golf_is_Life t1_ixlnf1y wrote

"What is 'grief', but love persevering?"

I agree, that quote broke me, and is incredibly profound.


HumanOrAlien t1_ixgsvsl wrote

For those who missed it: There's a really cool post credits scene at the end.


PetyrDayne t1_ixgxler wrote

After seeing that, in retrospect it was totally obvious.


elister t1_ixhrnn8 wrote

Glad they did that, I was curious what the prisoners were making. Assumed it was parts for AT-AT or some other Imperial transport.


Calfzilla2000 t1_ixht5ns wrote

I was wondering how they were going to reveal that and I am glad they did it that way. It makes no sense for the characters to find out.


feint_of_heart t1_ixgv0ub wrote

Thanks for that, I missed it. I was guessing they were for TIE fighters, where the "wings" join the body.


Scoob79 t1_ixjntw6 wrote

The one thing I hate about streaming is how the credits are interrupted with trying to get me to watch something else.

The one thing I like about streaming is when there are post credit scenes, you know they're coming, because they let the credits roll.


SirAdrian0000 t1_ixk2ym0 wrote

I can’t remember where I watched Modern Family streaming, but that piece of shit streaming service would cut the last 10-30 seconds every fucking time. You’d have to go back, then fast forward through to the end and hope you can avoid the skip a second time.


HumanOrAlien t1_ixl03l8 wrote

I watched Community for the first time on Sony LIV and they always used to ruin the Abed and Troy gags at the end of the episode. Most of the time it would just skip to the next episode before the gag finished. It was so annoying.


MaxHardwood t1_ixgsn0q wrote

Star Wars has a bright future if Disney keeps handing projects to the likes of Tony Gilroy.

I say this as someone who really disliked all the previous live action shows and has never watched the animated productions. I am a Casual fan I suppose.


thegaver t1_ixgtt82 wrote

We need more Tony Gilroys. He's a gem.


cravenj1 t1_ixi8wf2 wrote

Good news. The whole Gilroy family has been involved.


Calfzilla2000 t1_ixhvuq1 wrote

He def needs a 2nd show with a more open-ended fate for the characters (though besides Andor and Mon, all the characters here have unknown fates).

I hope they do a "spinoff"/sequel show where they re-visit surviving characters after the destruction of Alderan and the Death Star, as the rebellion grows and the Empire gets ruthless trying to hunt them down.


Worthyness t1_ixib9jp wrote

What I'd give to have him play in the KOTOR era. Like I legitimately want him to handle a jedi-sith show to see what he could do with it


Calfzilla2000 t1_ixidk8n wrote

I think Tony himself wouldn't be interested in that from what we know (but who knows? Maybe he would be.). But... there are many directors, writers and producers who worked on this show besides Tony and they are very much Star Wars people, so I think many of the tones and styles this show has can be duplicated in future Star Wars projects whether Tony Gilroy is involved or not.

The talent involved in this show was incredible.

The CREATOR of House of Cards wrote 3 episodes (8, 9 and 10). They have editors from Game of Thrones/House of the Dragon. Directors/Cinematographers from Dr. Who (not my thing but still a big production). Tony's brother is a highly accomplished screenwriter. Like... holy shit. No wonder this show is so good.


LauRoman t1_ixjkfb6 wrote

If not previously otherwise occupied, someone with sensibilities similar to Denis Villeneuve, would be great for that era


DerJakane t1_ixiexvc wrote

Melshi is also doomed to die on scarrif


Calfzilla2000 t1_ixifgc5 wrote

True yes. I barely consider him a character in this show but he is, lol.


DerJakane t1_ixig4wh wrote

Wouldn't have blamed you even if you didnt realize he was in rogue one haha.


Calfzilla2000 t1_ixihc1c wrote

I didn't till people pointed it out when he first showed up, lol.

I had no memory of his character.


LittleRudiger t1_ixiync2 wrote



DerJakane t1_ixizdw5 wrote

In Andor Melshi is the prisoner who escapes alongside Cassian and then parts ways with him when Cassian goes to return to Ferrix. In Rogue One we see Melshi leading the ground crew on Scariff


Darmok47 t1_ixkzmto wrote

I don't think the takeaway is necessarily that Star Wars should look like Michael Clayton and The Bourne Supremacy from now on.

I think it's that each project should be approached with more consideration, a better appreciation for tone, and maybe more inspiration from other genres. Andor borrowed a lot from The Guns of Navaronne, 1970s political thrillers. Mandalorian borrowed from classic Western TV shows. Star Wars needs to borrow from things that aren't just other Star Wars shows.


LauRoman t1_ixjjwmp wrote

All i will say is that the genndy tartakovski, now non-canon, clone wars, was the best


Prefer_Not_To_Say t1_ixhy9js wrote

Oh, man, I need more. The way this show is able to build tension is so incredible. Maarva's speech was inspirational. I get the feeling Luthen would've got along great with her. Having a big riot against the Empire is exactly what she'd want to mark the day of her funeral.

The way it was filmed was gorgeous, especially that sweeping shot going up Rix Road towards the funeral procession. Ferrix feels like the most "real" planet and culture in Star Wars. It feels very "lived in", the way that all great sci-fi worlds and ships do.


BlueFlavoured t1_ixjv975 wrote

In interviews, they mentioned how they built the whole city of Ferrix on a backlot and it's about three to five city blocks big. I think it really paid off.


True_Statement_lol t1_ixj3e1n wrote

Ferrix is honestly has honestly become one of my favorite planets in SW. The design and feel of the town are really nice.


Anneisabitch t1_ixkh4f2 wrote

The music is what did it for me. I was thinking the entire walk “damn I want a song like that at my funeral”. I didn’t know a funeral dirge could be thrilling.


televisionceo t1_ixjs1a8 wrote

Imo it reaches the emotional heights of the lord of the rings something star wars never accoplished before imo.


[deleted] t1_ixh4fw0 wrote



NoNefariousness2144 t1_ixhd6y4 wrote

I loved how pissed off, scared and relieved Dedra looked when she realised Syril saved him.


Surca_Cirvive t1_ixhrigb wrote

Their relationship is so interesting to me. You can tell Dedra knows it's "proper" to be revolted by Syril, it's the thing she should do, but she's also so desperate for attention and recognition that the idea of having a little puppy that follows her around and lavishes her with praise is the only reason he hasn't been arrested or straight up murdered yet. Can't wait to see how toxic their relationship is in season 2 lol.


NoNefariousness2144 t1_ixhrq2s wrote

Yeah she hates him but wants him, he knows she hates him but he needs her. What a mess.


SmoothIdiot t1_ixijkkl wrote

I'm just picturing Robot Chicken!Darth Sidious watching this and going, "Wow, and I thought MY relationships were toxic. Geez."


ColonelBy t1_ixjgaff wrote

> he knows she hates him but he needs her. What a mess.

After seeing what his mother is like, I have to wonder if there's something more going on with him and how he responds to dominating female authority figures, especially when they treat him with contempt.


ihatecommentingagain t1_ixjt3fd wrote

The Empire loyalists are fascinating to me. It's great that we get a slice of Imperial civil life. You can already get from this season that Syril's devotion to the Imperial cause is at least partially due to desperation to get away from his home life.

I was hoping to get a sense of Dedra's motivation this season but maybe we'll get a glimpse next time. Maybe something like her returning to a small, shabby Coruscant apartment, to eat a refrigerated half-eaten can of beans with an unintelligible expression. Or maybe her home life is just as rigorously ordered as her work. Either way or whatever - it's just interesting how these servants of the Empire live outside of work and what we can read into for their personal motivations aside from generic careerism.


Worthyness t1_ixibeo3 wrote

Mon Mothma with the 5D chess move to manipulate her family into getting the money and power she needs. Fucking legend


ProfGilligan t1_ixgt2yc wrote

Fantastic season finale. They totally pulled it off.


newnemo t1_ixh0xhb wrote

I agree, the whole season was unexpectedly excellent. It has been sometime since we've seen an outstanding sci-fi series. We were expecting a back-slide for the last episode featuring a cheesy cliff hanger that even better series seem to succumb to. It wasn't that thankfully and a refreshing change.

Because the writer treated the audience and actors with respect and the story line is excellent, we cannot wait for the second season. Our interest is high, we want to know what comes next. The producers can be assured their viewership will be sustained and I'd be surprised if it doesn't grow considerably.


berserkuh t1_ixh3jkc wrote

> It has been sometime since we've seen an outstanding sci-fi series.

It has been 11 months since the last outstanding sci-fi series.

> Because the writer treated the audience and actors with respect and the story line is excellent, we cannot wait for the second season. Our interest is high, we want to know what comes next. The producers can be assured their viewership will be sustained and I'd be surprised if it doesn't grow considerably.

It has been 4 months since the last sci-fi series that matches this.


newnemo t1_ixh40h7 wrote

Perhaps I should have qualified my statement that this opinion was from our household. Perhaps we have seen the series you are referring to or not.


names1 t1_ixjj14s wrote

If you're looking for an outstanding sci-fi series, try The Expanse. It may be the show they are referring too.

While I wouldn't put it anywhere near as good as Andor, Peripheral has been interesting as well.


newnemo t1_ixliwh7 wrote

I loved the Expanse and working on The Peripheral which we like so far. We are planning a rewatch of the Expanse soon. What set Andor apart for me was the writing and depths of characters exceptionally well delivered and believable by the actors along with a compelling plot not filled with unimportant parts to fill time or descending into personal relationship soap opera veering off the central plot.

I don't normally gush over movies or series but this time I am. The Expanse and Andor are both excellent but of different styles. I got a bit upset towards the end of The Expanse as there were plot holes toward the end that didn't get filled but overall it was very good and a departure from previous sci-fi series to date.

I love science fiction movies and series. I remember a time when series were sparse. One movie or series I was love to see made is Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama. I've read the 4 book series and its fantastic. Sometime ago Morgan Freeman tried to get it made into a movie but it stalled, damnit.


Lisse24 t1_ixkhtqv wrote

4 months ago could be referring to For All Mankind, but that show jumped the shark a couple seasons back.


inksmudgedhands t1_ixha77l wrote

For one second, hold off on the storyline. Whether you like it or not, I think we can all agree that Andor is one beautiful looking series. People have been throwing words like "cinematic" around describing this series. But I don't think that's right. It's not cinematic in the way modern movies look. It's very classic cinematic. The lighting, the composition, the sets, the costumes, it all harkens to older films. Films of John Ford, early George Lucas, Hitchcock and Kubrick. I know it's a cliche to say, "They don't make it like they used to," but here it fits. I find myself rewatching scenes just for the lighting. Wondering how did they do that. How could I do the same if I were to make a video. I love how costume is used to tell not just the culture but the class as well. How something as simple as hair will tell you what class someone is in. The higher up you are, the more slicked down and overly polished your hair is. The lower class you are, the more you hair is untouched by gel and things like braids or buns or even pins. I mean, hair. Something as simple as hair tells a story in this universe. That's how much thought is placed in this series.


Evening_Presence_927 t1_ixj8saj wrote

Yeah, it’s very sweeping in the same way something like Lawrence of Arabia is. Especially with all those vista shots and the shot of the funeral procession marching towards the imperial blockade. It really makes turns it into this epic about people coming together to form the rebellion.


NoNefariousness2144 t1_ixhd4md wrote

I’ve never seen a show where the main character is in the show so little, but it works so well. Andor is the glue that brought all those characters together.

I do wish the Mon storyline connected more to everything else but I guess that is for season 2 and the start of the Rebel Alliance.


Surca_Cirvive t1_ixht5bh wrote

One thing I like about Andor (the character) is that... yes, he is competent, but he's not much more competent than the thousands of other rebel heroes out there with their own untold stories.

Andor represents every reluctant rebel and the ripple effect that they all had in taking down the Empire, either directly or indirectly. I think it's smart that the focus isn't always on him.


DingDongDaddy45 t1_ixvjm4s wrote

It's star wars for the common man, something everyone should appreciate


kazh t1_ixhqirk wrote

Andor is like the Mad Max of Star Wars.


inksmudgedhands t1_ixirkys wrote

I am starting to think the title "Andor" isn't about Cass at all but about his mother and how she was the spark that lit the rebellion powder keg. Her name is also "Andor" as well.


The-Pepperoni-Cobra t1_ixkkxej wrote

Well I mean, it's definitely *somewhat* about Cass. But it could also be a massive nod to his mother as well. I like the thought.


nurdboy42 t1_ixiz5nh wrote

It’s funny how this sub is singing this shows praises when half a year ago everyone here was like “Who asked for this show,” “Why does anyone care about Mon Mothma,” and repeating the same tired RLM references over and over.


sixsamurai t1_ixj9gsv wrote

Between Andor and Peacemaker, it's been a great year for shows nobody asked for being unexpectedly awesome


BretOne t1_ixjr94j wrote

I was like this with both Andor and House of the Dragon, they both shut me up by just being high quality with great writing.

I was also like this with Rings of Power, I got this one right at least.

On the other hand, I was hyped for Boba Fett and Kenobi and it blew up on the launch pad. Terrible writing, shody craftsmanship, the only salvageable parts are the Mando episodes in BoBF and the last Vader/Kenobi duel.


ERSTF t1_ixljkcv wrote

Andor and HOTD are two shows that had no right to be this good. Andor blew me away. The level Gilroy brought to Star Wars is amazing. I feel sorry for Favreau... there is nothing that will come close to Andor


QuebraRegra t1_ixqxxin wrote

^ nailed it.

..and this is going to be a real problem going forward. If I were Favereau, or Filoni, I'd be VERY careful about what I was producing going forward.

At this point, I think Gilroy has to take the SW lead for all productions going forward.


ERSTF t1_ixr0it6 wrote

I never liked The Mandalorian. To me it was too damn simple. No plot, just cameos galore and "quest of the week" storytelling. I watched one episode of Boba Fett and three of Kenobi. I was done with Star Wars Disney. Gilroy made me believe again. There is no way Favreau or Filoni have this level of sophistication or creativity. We have been spoiled by Gilroy.


QuebraRegra t1_ixr31wn wrote

fully agreed... The other productions are hot garbage in descending order.


ERSTF t1_ixr7sgp wrote

Fully agreed. We have seen what Star Wars can be. There's no going back


spyson t1_ixkk9z6 wrote

Rings of Power unfortunately had the biggest hill to climb due to Amazon only having rights to the appendix


QuebraRegra t1_ixqy1ii wrote

I cannot fathom the quality of Andor, versus RoP, which basically does EVERYTHING wrong.


Traece t1_ixklvzo wrote

Local Redditor surprised that people were cynical about a new project in a well-known IP and expecting it to be bad.

Not sure what RLM has to do with any of that, unless RLM somehow invented the idea of milking franchises and often doing so poorly. Especially strange to try and shoehorn them into this as if they're not likely to say positive things about Andor for the same reason they said positive things about Mandalorian.


QuebraRegra t1_ixqxlxg wrote

TBH, the show isn't even about Mon, or even Andor. Naming it Andor was a bit of a misnomer.

So many other pivotal characters. Should have been called "REBELLION" or some such.


Takseen t1_ixu6d7r wrote

Bit unfair to Andor. He's the catalyst for a lot of the events in the show. He leads the corpos to Ferrix, where the failed raid helps radicalize them. attracts Axis' attention and impresses him enough to try to expose himself and hire Andor for the heist, which likely would have failed without his help. The heist leads to an Imperial crackdown and more imperial presence on Ferrix, then the fight there.


QuebraRegra t1_ixulwd8 wrote

look, I luv Diego Luna since Vampires Los Muertos, but lets be honest, he get's overshadowed in this series :)


eusername0 t1_iy2jjbx wrote

Which is a good thing too. The casting was 100% on point. From the always excellent Stellan Skarksgard, Andy Serkis in a rare (but moving nonetheless) non-mocap appearance, Genevieve O'Reilly being given her time in the spotlight as Mon Mothma 20 years after her initial casting, Fiona Shaw, to the supporting cast in every episode. I don't think anyone was miscast here and it made for an excellent show.


QuebraRegra t1_iyag73e wrote

Stellan Skarksgard... I know the guy is a great actor, but he's creepy AF since I saw him in girl with the Dragon tattoo. I think I'd be afraid to be alone in a room with him. Great actor.

yer right, they are all on point.. I was actually shocked they got Forrest Whittaker to reprise his role. Looking back now, they probably called him up and said, "hey how would you like to play Saw again in the greatest SW production ever made.. We're sparing no expense, and going all out on this.."

I don't favor the Mon Mothma side of the story, but there's no denying the quality of the acting and writing. That last scene in the car where she knows she's being monitored.

For the record, I might be the only guy who was disappointed when they killed Andy Serkis in Black Panther.. great character :)


crobbler t1_ixgtwjx wrote

It's the speeches for me


r_lucasite t1_ixhsmkt wrote

The writers on this show are just on that good shit man. Nemik, Luthen and Marva's speeches are so layered, they're great in a vacuum but what makes them so good is the effort they put into the world to make it hit.


Surca_Cirvive t1_ixid8jg wrote

Shoutout to the actors and the direction. It’s super easy to have their speeches come off as corny. Just read them instead of listening to them. It’s the direction that really sells it.


Worthyness t1_ixibmin wrote

the one show where monologuing is always warranted because they're so fucking good


PetyrDayne t1_ixgxerm wrote

Great ending to the season. Can't wait for season 2 and Mon Mothma needs a badass speech. Top 3 new shows of the year for me.


2cimarafa t1_ixgu0up wrote

It shows what’s possible with the franchise under competent direction.


PM_ME_CUTE_SM1LE t1_ixiwv42 wrote

Another example of good writing carrying any IP hard. It was clear execs didn’t put a lot of stake on Andor so showrunner paced the show better without having to cameo Ashoka every other episode

Everything looked great but I do find lack of aliens a bit jarring. It was clear the budget on makeup was stretched thin after those amazing sets. I would have enjoyed 9 ep run but with sets (especially imperials) having more aliens


[deleted] t1_ixjdukb wrote

The Empire is very xenophobic to non-human species so there would never be many in imperial settings.


1987-2074 t1_ixkoh9f wrote

This is one of the weird complaints I have with the gender/racial inclusion of the Empire in recent SW depiction. Complaint isn’t even a good word for it, but observation doesn’t quite work either.

Yeah it’s great for casting great actors, but space Nazis being an “equal opportunity workplace” (for humans) just feels odd.

Compared to the Original Trilogy where the space nazis(Bad) were all carbon copies of one look/uniform/race/gender and the Rebel Alliance(Good) was a melting pot of species and different looking, different outfits, different races, and different genders. All the way from the people who just walked in to join, to the people leading.


BoxSweater t1_ixkxqgz wrote

> Yeah it’s great for casting great actors, but space Nazis being an “equal opportunity workplace” (for humans) just feels odd

I like it. There's no reason to expect that bigotry with space-Nazis would play out the way bigotry with Earth-Nazis did. In a place with huge amounts of species diversity it makes sense to me that you could have much more bigotry targeted towards the more obvious outgroup.


kaoisa t1_iy77kaj wrote

agreed. I feel like if we discovered there were aliens, it would no longer be the difference between humans and cultures and skin color, it would be humans versus aliens.


AlwaysOptimism t1_ixl36m3 wrote

Why would racism necessarily exist in Star Wars? Racism was borne out of racial slavery


1987-2074 t1_ixl6jrv wrote

A little deeper thought than I intended to go with my previous comment. Because Star Wars is a medium intended to be viewed by our world’s eyes. Biologically speaking, race doesn’t exist. We all know and are aware that the idea of race exist though, and has power.

In the Star Wars wars universe it makes sense to not have a system of patriarchy with “white men” being those in power, as their worlds are different than the current world we live in. But that is what we were were presented in the original trilogy, white men in a powerful fascist government that wore similar outfits/gear to nazis. Which is why I mentioned that it was odd personally, to have non-white men being portrayed as space-nazis in recent Star Wars adaptions.

As the article below delves deeper into. The idea of racism derives from what can be gained in creating and supporting it. The Star Wars universe in all adaptions, presents people doing things for money at the detriment to others. Therefore, racism as we understand it in our world surely exist within the Star Wars Universe. It has been simplified though to the fascist Empire is just very xenophobic.

>It is critical in understanding that racism did not begin with...race. The roots of racism stem from differing religions, the mission to Christianize, and the global acceptability of owning those of a different faith. It was acceptable for Christians to have non-Christian slaves, Muslims to have non-Muslim slaves, or African peoples to own others from enemy tribes.

>However, in the late middle ages, slave owners began to pivot toward making a profit when the Portuguese began their exploration and triggered Western exploitation of African goods, services, and bodies. Original justifications were because African peoples were not vastly Christian, but after Christianization, slavers needed a new reason to justify their highly-profitable industry.

source material of passage


AlwaysOptimism t1_ixndb1z wrote

I appreciate the thoughtful response. I don’t know why I’m getting downvoted for a totally reasonable question.

Racism doesn’t necessarily exist in an hypothetical alien civilization of humans. It makes sense to utilize it in Star Wars as a reflection of our human society.


1987-2074 t1_ixo2h7n wrote

Don’t know why you’re getting downvoted either. I gave you an upvote.

If anything I’d think my take was more controversial.

Andor purposefully did a lot to expand upon the daily life of the empire. Having the Imperial officer being a family man with wife and kid in the earlier episodes for example. Portraying the empire as being as being varying degrees of “bad.”


kimchi_paradise t1_ixlguj0 wrote

>Therefore, racism as we understand it in our world surely exist within the Star Wars Universe. It has been simplified though to the fascist Empire is just very xenophobic.

>Because Star Wars is a medium intended to be viewed by our world’s eyes.

Luckily, Star Wars is a fictional universe set in the very distant past.

All fictional medium is intended to be viewed by the eyes of this world, but thankfully doesn't necessarily need to be interpreted as such.

With far more interactive and intelligent species and mechanical objects (ie droids), the concept of race as we know it gets diluted to the point that it no longer matters what our definition of race is, but what each of the characters' definition of race. Ewoks are considered a race, regardless of their skin color. Same with humans. Same with Chewbaccas lol.

So it's not completely out of the ordinary to see someone human with a different color skin in the empire, and then again with the resistance, as race does not exist like that. It would be weird to see an Ewok with the Empire though, since it's been implied that that race does not really have a reason to be there.

Sometimes, it does get a little tiring though whenever there's like 2 black people and people are like "INACCURATE!" in a completely fictional setting, and then go on to explain why it shouldn't be like that and yadda yadda. Like, their race has no bearing on them being there so why does it matter? They could be Indian or Asian and it would still not make a difference. Let me just enjoy the show. Le sigh lol.


Takseen t1_ixu75h2 wrote

"White men everywhere" was just a trend with early US film making. I remember a joke about Lando Calrissian "Look a black man made it to space!" because to the best of my knowledge he was the first black dude in Star Wars.

The Empire has no in universe reason to care about skin color, and is already sufficiently Nazi coded without needing to harm real actor role diversity


yesthatstrueorisit t1_ixnlnj8 wrote

> It was clear execs didn’t put a lot of stake on Andor

I often see sentiments like this about how the execs had no faith in this show and don't care about it, as if Tony Gilroy snuck it in the back door without anyone looking.

They reached out to Gilroy specifically, they put a ton of money into the project, they were willing to do a show that isn't really family-friendly (not in terms of gore/sex, just in terms of style and content), they greenlit a Season 2 before S1 completed and despite lower viewership numbers...

I mean it sounds more like the execs are very happy with the product and are willing to put money into prestige like this.


YouGottaKillMe t1_ixp7mag wrote

picked up for 24 episodes at 50 minutes each, rather than 8 episodes at 30 minutes each. sounds like they had a ton of faith in this show.


rikashiku t1_ixh6mvw wrote

I don't recall a show that had so many fans try to predict what will happen, and still get it all wrong. It really sets up the suspense and unpredictability of the show and keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. Well I certainly was throughout the season, because I could not predict the outcome of anything happening.


ColonelBy t1_ixjgum6 wrote

You're right, but it's incredible that we're in a position now where we can happily say this about a show that was roundly condemned before anyone ever saw it because "we already know what happens, so what's the point?" Turns out that was barely an issue at all, and there only feels like more open ground to explore in the second season in spite of future events being relatively set.


SirAdrian0000 t1_ixk4i2j wrote

I almost gave this show a pass because I was disappointed with some of the other recent Star Wars media. I’m glad I didn’t because this show is the best thing in the Star Wars universe.


falsehood t1_ixksp9t wrote

I love the funeral song so much. Music doesn't have to be perfect to be meaningful. The amateur nature made it so much stronger.

The show was pretty good, though the prison feels like a strange abberation. I wish there had ben more character growth there.


dravenonred t1_ixnwffx wrote

Cassian was the most wanted criminal in the empire at that point, and all he wanted to was keep his head down and they wouldn't even let him do that. He was arrested not because he was a Aldgani raider, but just because someone felt like fucking with him. Zero correlation.

Its what made him realize you don't have a choice. You fight and suffer or you submit and suffer.


mprey_ t1_ixna131 wrote

Not sure what you mean? The prison is the pivotal moment for Cassian. He wouldn't have returned to Ferrix without that experience and would never have joined the rebellion


AegonTheAuntFooker t1_ixgwyw1 wrote

It was great. Can't wait to Rogue One make my girlfriend cry tomorrow.

(Andor S1 was the first SW she was watching)


smokeyjay t1_ixk930m wrote

Rogue one is going to be such a shock for her then. Imagine if Disney came out with Andor first and finished with Rogue one.


Snoo47448 t1_ixieffe wrote

Ooph. Be prepared with some feel-good ice cream for that one man.


Alien-wacko t1_ixky4yd wrote

You will need to follow that with A New Hope or she will just end up really angry.


MDings t1_ixifplf wrote

Reckon Season 1 was a good entry point into the Star Wars Universe?


Scottymahone t1_ixik80u wrote

It's a good entry point, because the show is fantastic and stands on its own very well.

It's a bad entry point, because it's pretty much all downhill after you've watched this.


ColonelBy t1_ixjh4es wrote

I don't know about "downhill" necessarily, at least not for everything, but I can well imagine a certain amount of whiplash involved in pivoting from this to a story about actual space wizards shooting lightning bolts at each other.


AegonTheAuntFooker t1_ixij9fc wrote

She liked it because of the tone and direction of the series.

My country suffered hard during the Soviet occupation and such stories remind people to the not far past. But most importantly, it was well executed and written. An engaging series overall, a Star Wars story made for adults.

Answering your question: yes, it was a great entry point but she is still not interested in Star Wars in general (neither am I thanks to the latest disappointments). We will watch similar project together tho.


LauRoman t1_ixjj4as wrote

Iron curtain ptsd is, indeed, one of the things that came to mind, as my family is from a former communist country


GestureAndAWord t1_ixh12jy wrote

This was a great ending to the season but it doesn’t make the top three episodes for me. There was just so much going on in this show that I loved.


StrangeDoughnut2051 t1_ixivc0u wrote

Actually it was my least liked of the season - I thought very little happened and a lot of it dragged on.


teddycyclops t1_ixi2130 wrote That final shot (chef's kiss)


Noahb26 t1_ixie8uz wrote

That ending credits scene was incredible. They did a perfect job depicting the sheer scale of the death star when those assembling spider robots looked so tiny but when you think about it they must have been larger than a human to be carrying around those parts.


DerJakane t1_ixiet8z wrote

It pretty much is the intro of every episode


phunkydroid t1_ixio9oc wrote

I loved it but it didn't make sense to me. You're telling me it was 5 more years before they finished that dish? We see it being lowered into place in rogue one.


YahYahY t1_ixj1czs wrote

Completely unwatchable. Don’t these show runners know the logistics of creating a moon-sized laser powered planet destroying space station that can travel faster than the speed of light through space???

The fact that it’s almost completed 5 years before it’s ready to use makes NO SENSE AT ALL


phunkydroid t1_ixj537g wrote

>Completely unwatchable

Did you get the impression that my one question about the timeline implied that?


guitarman93 t1_ixjmfbz wrote

I dont believe the movies/shows have really touched on this much (which is a shame), but my understanding is that the biggest difficulty in constructing the Death Star is to get the superlaser working right.

The Catalyst Rogue One prequel novel goes into this a lot, and you hear some brief mentions of it in Rogue One (Krennic tells Galen that the work has stalled in his absence, Galen's contribution to the Death Star is his work with kyber crystals which power the superlaser).


Ezzme t1_ixiqfwc wrote

Could be building it outside in, with the fact it's a moon sized structure that's still an insane amount of work to do.


HTH52 t1_ixmmqop wrote

Yes. Because something keeps holding up the development. At this point it looks like the design is finalized since they are constructing it.

But components like power source and stuff aren’t necessarily ready. Galen Erso stalls it a bit wherever he can. There is also an episode of Rebels with a giant crystal that gets destroyed that obviously was meant to go to the Death Star project. I imagine finding suitable crystals took time as well.


Animeninja2020 t1_ixiw3db wrote

For all we know, there might be issues during the construction in the next 5 years.


Bobbygondo t1_ixjsuvg wrote

tbf they just lost a shit load of slave workers


Poeafoe t1_ixlcn8e wrote

the clip could be five years in the future


TheDorkNite1 t1_ixj10wh wrote

I think you see the dish installed fully in Rogue One? Unless I am misremembering a scene.

But the situation at the prison and others might delay construction.


Worthyness t1_ixjht2x wrote

Next step for Luthen and the rebels- cause supply chain issues.


Count_Critic t1_ixlst6d wrote

No reason that couldn't have been a flash forward a few years.


MrConor212 t1_ixitanx wrote

Amazing season. Here’s hoping future SW series are even half as good as this. What’s the next big series coming out? 😩


True_Statement_lol t1_ixj2wia wrote

The Bad Batch is getting its 2nd season, then probably Mando s3, then Ahsoka and then we get the Acolyte series.


spyson t1_ixkzcoe wrote

Bad Batch is just not on the same level and aimed towards kids, but the other 3 are looking good, especially the Acolyte series.


bahumat42 t1_ixhhgto wrote

That ending- so many emotions. Such a great season of television. Easily my top watch this year.


Magnethius t1_ixhfh6f wrote

Still find Cass to be the worst/boring/wooden part of the show but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The Empire actually seems to be a threat/competent. This was a great satisfying season finale. Needs more Andy Serkis. I'm looking forward to the next season and I find myself saying that less and less with television shows these days.

I really wish I understood and could put into words why I enjoy the writing of this series so much compared to what is out on TV today(and what is similar to this).


hamburgkunsthalle t1_ixpi003 wrote

I actually think Cassian is so underrated. Don’t forget that other actors have to play their characters off him. He basically set a whole prison free. He makes other characters better.


LauRoman t1_ixjhnkr wrote

Might wanna give Station Eleven a chance, if you haven't seen it. The subject is different, and don't get too hung up on the plot of the first episode. Its aftermath is the background for just as great character development and tension build-up as andor. It is not a galactic scale, but it felt just as heavy


hamburgkunsthalle t1_ixvd2wa wrote

I think Cassian’s growth is nuanced. It’s amazing if you’re able to look at closely, you’l see how he’s much he’s grown over 12 episode.. from a lost orphan to a self-absorbed thief who loves his mom, to rebel spy willing to give up his life than let the empire win


Only-Newspaper-8593 t1_ixloul0 wrote

Who would win?

1 marching band vs. 1 empire

The answer may surprise you.


elister t1_ixhqmhc wrote

I was hoping for a little more action in this last episode, but it looks like shits about to go next level for season2.

When Syril saved Dedra from the mob, I couldn't help but think "now kith!!"


Squirrel09 t1_ixhso3r wrote

> I was hoping for a little more action in this last episode...

I'm actually glad it didn't end in a big battle sequence. I've been thinking that for so many shows the season always has to end with some type of fight to set up the next season. When really, there are so many other more interesting ways to do that.

Regardless of the issues of the show, I loved the fact that Rings of Power ended >!with ~10 minutes of no dialog, but fantastic imagery and music of the creation of the 3 elven rings.!< That's my opinion of course. I know it's dangerous speaking positively about rings of power on reddit lol


Lisse24 t1_ixkix2q wrote

I usually find season finales boring because they try to be BIG, leading them to fall into "and then" storytelling instead of just focusing on writing a good episode - which Andor did in spades.

Less is more.


Worthyness t1_ixicndj wrote

Less is more. They showed an appropriate amount of skirmish and chaos for what amounts to the Empire opening fire on a culture performing their funeral rites. I don't think there needed to be any more- they showed that Ferrix will not go down fighting, they showed Bix and friends being saved, they showed Cassian leaving successfully, and Luthen getting exactly what he wanted- a new soldier for his rebellion. I don't think there's much else that needed to be fought


inksmudgedhands t1_ixir1nn wrote

I swear, I thought they were going to kiss as well. And, honestly, I didn't want that. It would have made zero sense. Especially given the setting and who they were. I hate it when movies/shows do that. The world is fall apart, monsters/aliens/bad guys are running amok and what do the two leads do? KISS! No. Stop. Just get out of there. Making smoochies later. Or none at all.


myassholealt t1_ixk9nzb wrote

Yeah I'm glad they didn't would've felt like the typical (tired) trope of a woman who is an authority figure with power gets saved by the man and becomes his lover.


occasionalskiier t1_ixkqi4k wrote

One of my favorite parts of Andor is how non-Tropey it is. Its like The Wire of the Star Wars Universe lol. Shows many different facets and character POVs, amazing dialogue, nuance, tension, subtly. Absolutely love it.


JimTheSaint t1_ixip6gy wrote

This is without a doubt the best television in 2022. I don't even think that it is particularly close. Every singly episode is outstanding


dawn_jelly t1_ixk4u1a wrote

Severance would like to have a word.


myassholealt t1_ixk8u28 wrote

Station Eleven is my favorite of the year. Though technically it started mid December 2021. I loooved Andor and agree every episode was quality and highly recommend it. But Station Eleven for me was just a whole other level of experience. When I see the series as I'm browsing HBO's app, I get a wave of a mix of melancholy and nostalgia that happens when I watch something that affected me in a good but deep way. I know this probably sounds super pretentious and stupid and I'll likely get downvoted. But I don't know. Maybe someone else understands what I'm trying to say cause it happens to them to. The Leftovers was similar, but to a much lesser extent. We The Animals is a movie that had this effect on me too if anyone else has seen it.


QuebraRegra t1_ixqye6z wrote

Station 11 was interesting, but nowhere on the level of ANDOR.


SackofLlamas t1_ixkio68 wrote

Severance, BCS and The Bear were all better. Doesn't make Andor bad. Just makes this a really, really good year of television.


Nayir1 t1_ixl2aiu wrote

The Bear stands out to me because its the rare show that isn't directly aping some previous hit.


eerok79 t1_ixivlbi wrote

lol no it isn't, Better Call Saul was way better.


crazywackyloon t1_ixnzx8b wrote

This is how I always thought grown up star wars would be. Nazi themed evil/some sympathetic followers taking over the galaxies one by one with an actual rebel force resistance building up bit by bit to try and be a thorn in their side. For some reason tho I thought there was going to be a big reveal that luthen assistant was going to be the real head of it all and turn out to be Leia because of some of the interaction in earlier eps standing up to luthen almost ordering him around and her mannerisms and look screams Carrie fisher from certain angles and frosty disposition. Could spend a lot longer in this place instead of just one more season.


RealJohnGillman t1_iy42k0k wrote

I believe Leia would be 12-years-old at this point in the timeline.


vancouverliving420 t1_ixh1fid wrote

I was so bored while watching the first few episodes but then I really started liking this show


spyson t1_ixkjtv7 wrote

Loved the show, entire season was entertaining and this is exactly what I want to see in Star Wars, more complexity.

Only criticism I have is I wish Cassian was a deeper character, Luthen and Mon are great, but Cass doesn't seem very complex. Hopefully that changes in season 2.

Overall an excellent season and my second favorite of the year behind HotD


Bruntosaurus t1_ixgt7uy wrote

What an end to an amazing season very keen for season 2 now.


Aevum1 t1_ixgw0oy wrote

so, now that andor is done, whats the next big disney product thats going to have 6 daily threads on /r/television ?

Edit, It seem that Willow is the next big thing on the 30th but im really curious about Shark Vs Tuna on the 9th of december.


Scoob79 t1_ixjnmlu wrote

When there's nothing on Disney or Prime, it's back to astroturfing against Netflix with the daily, "anybody notice that Netflix shows are just mediocre? Not bad, but not good.
Just, okay" tone of posts.


Sherringdom t1_ixjzovt wrote

R/television is really going to struggle now that the walking dead has finished too. No more “is this show still on” posts


KauMV3 t1_ixszobj wrote

Rebellion is hard, it's important to create stories that reflect human societies. And I could think of the uprising in Iran at this time. It's not easy to risk everything. Andor story certainly painted a "walk the walk" perspective of all the important rebellions in the world.


crazywackyloon t1_iy4izzr wrote

Well that shoots that down then doesn't it lol. Shame cause I think the actress playing luthen assistant could be part of a continuation of this show beyond the hand off of the documents to R2 in new hope and create a new branch of alternative canon and make leia a jedi type or follow her as rebellion leader etc


RayS0l0 t1_ixgy4ii wrote

Andor, Mandalorian, Wanda Vision, Loki

That's Disney+ for me


____mynameis____ t1_ixhfcef wrote

Oh do I wish they didn't mess up WV's finale... The show was so good and one generic episode ruined the show for a lot of people.


LittleRudiger t1_ixiy7zw wrote

Wandavision is weird because half of it is absolutely fantastic (.. Wanda and Vision) and the other half is some of the worst b-material tossed into the MCU (everything revolving around SWORD, Monica, Hayward, Darcy and Woo). And of course, the finale is just truly dogshit, and … bafflingly in retrospect given where Wanda’s arc was going in MoM.


VirtualPen204 t1_ixkkc17 wrote

I could handle the end of WV just fine... it's Multiverse of Madness that totally ruined it for me. Completely took any arc Wanda had and shit all over it. People will usually point to the McGuffin (Darkholde) as an excuse, but that just does not work, nor does it feel good at all. I'll never forgive MoM for pushing Wanda beyond redemption.


Scottymahone t1_ixikwcz wrote

I thought it nosedived pretty hard, once they started focusing on outside the hex stuff. The first three episodes were amazing.


fifthdayofmay t1_ixhs3ow wrote

Well the library scene and the goodbye weren't generic. The fight between Wanda and Agatha started generic, but ended in a creative way. Just forget the rest lol


StrangeDoughnut2051 t1_ixiw4vn wrote

The finale also wrapped up that there weren't going to be any crazy twists, though. The show did far too many teases/easter eggs about potential twists/reveals only to turn them into nothing, which isn't a great feeling for a finale.


LittleRudiger t1_ixiyfcj wrote

The whole Quicksilver thing being a dumb thing for Twitter clicks essentially hurts the show a lot.

Like, it happened in the episode where Wanda and Vision have a fantastic dramatic argument, only for people to come away talking about Quicksilver, which ultimately amounted to nothing in the plot and turned out to be a shitty dick joke.


StrangeDoughnut2051 t1_ixiz9b5 wrote

Also Marvel can blame fans for getting too excited about easter eggs all they want, but they threw in so many easter eggs and teases that they can't entirely be mad that fans thought it might be building to something bigger about a villain, too.

Marvel seems very hung up on appealing to Twitter lately, though.


Calfzilla2000 t1_ixhsvz5 wrote

I liked it and it didn't bother me but yeah, Wandavision didn't stick the landing as good as Andor or Mandalorian did.


Calfzilla2000 t1_ixhsi76 wrote

I've enjoyed A LOT of Disney+ stuff from Marvel and Lucasfilm but yeah, this is EASILY the best Disney+ show of the last 18 months and maybe even ever.


Vadahann t1_ixm006u wrote

Didn't like the first half of the season much, I'm sure most will qualify it as a "slow burn", I'd call it borderline boring but second half was way more interesting and at my surprise, I can't wait to see the second season.


Lopsidedcel t1_ixqema7 wrote

shhh you cant say things like that


Takseen t1_ixu5yrn wrote

Someone pointed out they do 3 episode mini arcs, and I can't unsee it now. Ep 3 is the failed corp security raid on Ferrix, Ep 6 is the heist. I thought those did a good job to keep me going after in-between the slower episodes


retroracer33 t1_ixjd2e8 wrote

damn there are 12 episodes?


WowSoFetch t1_ixl5lcd wrote

weakest episode of the season imho. Disney Star Wars simply struggles with any action scenes with crowds and lots going on and it really showed in this episode. It's not a bad episode but it went from a flawless show to one with a little less shine to it after this finale.


shust89 t1_ixhizhg wrote

I wish The Emperor showed up.


True_Statement_lol t1_ixj3vux wrote

It wouldn't have been necessary. Unless it narratively makes sense, he shouldn't be in anything SW.