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Riverdale87 t1_ixms0ig wrote

His health is more important


NamisteHome t1_ixn8zyp wrote

Agreed. I used to be a HUGE weather nerd as a kid, and remember seeing how Al Roker looked in the 80s when he promo'd with Willard Scott. It had such an impact on me in first grade that to this day, at age 44, I am laser-focused on maintaining my blood sugar and cholesterol in order to keep any danger of adult-onset diabetes well at bay, since I am genetically predisposed to it. I am not exaggerating when I say that I can thank Al Roker for motivating me to counteract any snack attacks with push-ups or a decent walk with my dog around the neighborhood. I hope he gets better soon.


SashaWoodson t1_ixnr8gd wrote

I just found out Byron Allen owns the weather channel. That’s the craziest sentence about things I don’t care about.


tomservo88 t1_ixpa4t7 wrote

I saw a CBS Sunday Morning feature on him a little bit ago. Said he was in the room when Berry Gordy sold Motown and how it made him feel defeated, that it was crucial to create the mini-major that his studio is now and to keep it black-owned. Cool stuff!


ihopeicanforgive t1_ixp9t1t wrote

As a type 1 diabetic… avoid it. I’d kill to be able to work hard to avoid my diabetes but unfortunately my pancreas just doesn’t work


pilotpip t1_ixns4n5 wrote

Al has been very candid about his health, and has motivated thousands to make positive changes. He’s a little over the top sometimes but he’s made a positive impact on lots of people. I wish him the best.


whatfingwhat t1_ixqluty wrote

He’s also a very personable and generous person IRL. He has a country place in our county and is out and about quite a bit. Always friendly and genuine


Unsure_Fry t1_ixqnzq5 wrote

>He’s also a very personable and generous person IRL.

I agree with this 99.9%. Everyone seems to have forgotten that time he swiped someone's gyro on the subway in 1993.


phixional t1_ixnbn10 wrote



schwiftydude47 t1_ixox6d5 wrote

Anyone else disappointed that they just went with a generic preschool sounding instrumental when she came on instead of something from the show? Like how fitting would the Keepy Uppy cue have been?


PM_ME_UR_ASS_GIRLS t1_ixoz59w wrote

And that one of the channels kept calling her a "him"....


ewynn2019 t1_ixqnzif wrote

That was CBS. They literally had no idea who it was and kept talki g out of their ass instead of reading their notes that were right in front of them. Idiots.


grimace24 t1_ixnpvvq wrote

Best wishes to Al Roker. Recovering from blood clots. My mom has been hospitalized twice with them and it took 2-3 week stays in the hospital to clear them.


AdultEnuretic t1_ixofy0x wrote

I've had clots several times, including having them embolize. It's no joke for sure.


Rebelgecko t1_ixn01le wrote

He's not missing much TBH


Orpheeus t1_ixnljch wrote

You don't like lip syncing Jimmy Fallon? WTF is wrong with you, that's peak entertainment.


accioqueso t1_ixnpzlc wrote

So at my mom’s house she doesn’t have access to the Macy’s parade, but she had access to the Dunkin’ parade. I didn’t think lip syncing could reach such a low.


Orpheeus t1_ixnqryk wrote

TIL there's a Dunkin' parade. Weird it's in Philly and not Boston.


accioqueso t1_ixnsot1 wrote

The entire time I expected Casey Afleck to pop out and say, “I fuckin’ love Duncin’, guy!”


tist006 t1_ixnm7h9 wrote

Terribly cringey lip sync ? Amazing stuff


sondan1 t1_ixmmnpj wrote

Get well soon Al Roker!


HostileApostle17 t1_ixnuvsj wrote

It felt different without him, but I totally get it


PracticalHomework626 t1_ixolgll wrote

Is Bluey big in America?


schwiftydude47 t1_ixoxdft wrote

It’s been kind of a phenomenon here since Disney+ picked up the streaming rights. And I wouldn’t say I’m upset about it, because those dogs are ridiculously charming.


disneyunicorn t1_ixp3tt0 wrote

Very true. It’s the kind of show both kids and parents can enjoy.


andrewguenther t1_ixp4pc5 wrote

I would say that its growth is exponential. It absolutely dominates the parenting subreddits and I know more parents who know Bluey than don't.


be_steve_it_or_not t1_ixqc6nl wrote

Yeah. The fact that Bluey got a balloon in this parade is like a sign that her place is sealed in pop culture here.


jarrettbrown t1_ixqn6vq wrote

It's weird because parents enjoy it too because they can relate to Bandit and Chili with all the problems they have with their kids.


pufcj t1_ixpqq4k wrote

My wife and I love it. We laugh as much as the kids do


eddmario t1_ixnssd8 wrote

Looks like Penny finally got her revenge


schwiftydude47 t1_ixoxk1w wrote

He was definitely missed, but all in all it was still another solid broadcast. Loved the Fraggle Rock inclusion this year.


Space-Cute t1_ixni0yj wrote

I hope he is doing well and taking care of himself. My father had diabetes and it will take a toll on the body. Al has always been some kind figure on the boob tube for me putting out the good vibes on the holidays.


amadeus2490 t1_ixnc9vm wrote

I guess he just didn't want us to read his Roker Face.


dchallenge t1_ixow7k2 wrote

Serious question; If we’re running out of helium should we stop using balloons and stick to floats?


Inept-Loser t1_ixowmcc wrote

I thought it was strange how his replacement Dylan Dryer was only there until they actually started the parade.


anthony-wokely t1_ixq2yq5 wrote

Blood clots huh? How’d that happen? They give any indication as to what caused it?


Rubssi t1_ixqaxnb wrote

Idk why I read this as “AI Rocket” lmao


rocketpopinc t1_ixo4qw5 wrote

Did anybody check the pants of the Charlie Brown float?


lilnewsom t1_ixosrpq wrote

I appreciate your I Think You Should Leave reference.


CrescentShore t1_ixptgyf wrote

“Man takes first day off in almost 30 years.”


michael_p t1_ixox4xc wrote

The butter won :(


San_Diego1111 t1_ixtlfme wrote

Side affect of the Covid shot!!! Causes Blood Clots in some!


NNovis t1_ixodfrt wrote

You know what, good for him to take the day off. I know the circumstances aren't the best but doing this for 27 years straight? Rotate people in and out.


KilgoreTroutPfc t1_ixpn38d wrote

Imagine being someone who watches parades…


Fryceratops t1_ixnwobx wrote

I've seen Roker in the Columbus Circle Whole Foods twice. Both times he ran over my foot and said nothing. Fuck that guy.


MrRipley15 t1_ixq7zod wrote

Can confirm, total asshole. At least he was when I knew him. Who knows though, people change, especially when dealing with health issues. I mean look at Harvey Weinstein.


lemmecheckit t1_ixose8e wrote

Does anyone really LIKE Al? He's not funny or insightful and also not even a nice person.


jbdi6984 t1_ixnojab wrote

He’s the reason I tune it out honestly. The only reason


tambarskelfir t1_ixo6eey wrote

At least he was vaccinated!


GetYourDichotomy t1_ixnugk9 wrote

I still don’t understand why people care about this stuff. Not the parade (but that too), but a Joe that has a spot on national television. Nobody cares that I missed anything when I was in the hospital. What drives people to care more about a national tv “star” more than the things happening to their own people?


GetYourDichotomy t1_iy6g37g wrote

15 downvotes but no answer to the question. Unfortunate circumstance for Al Roker, but it doesn’t have effect on the general public. You should care that your grandma and grandpa have been spending every day without the things they love because they aren’t shown nearly the type of compassion that I’m seeing here in a nursing home.


drewman16 t1_ixnnopt wrote

That guy is a turd


cloudburster1111 t1_ixoypu2 wrote

The elephant in the room.... Covid vaccine induced clots of bizzare nature. Died suddenly is a good documentary.


Gierron t1_ixn52fh wrote

At least he's vaxed and boosted.


NullSterne t1_ixnof9m wrote

I mean… yeah, that’s good? Folks are gonna downvote you because the problem is diabetic, not COVID related, though I can’t blame you too much for assuming.


d_e_l_u_x_e t1_ixn5mvj wrote

Al Roker needs to hang it up, take care of himself. Give someone else a chance.


MunicipalLotto t1_ixnejt0 wrote

he's a well liked weatherman, not nancy pelosi.


d_e_l_u_x_e t1_ixnwnd7 wrote

Just saying he should take care of himself and put health and family first. Thanks for bringing in politics idiot.


Watcher1101 t1_ixn1k62 wrote

How is this news??


PetMeFucker t1_ixn3q5i wrote

This is the tv subreddit clown. This is relevant to television.


New-Pound2764 t1_ixmy3qd wrote

wow, I literally just saw him on TV, live at the Tday parade.

Fake news much?


rbarton812 t1_ixn0seo wrote

Where? Cause I watched the parade, and he wasn't there.


New-Pound2764 t1_ixn432h wrote

haha oh shit! I was watching the 2021 parade from last year. Damn youtube, it said it was live.

My bad guys. I was curious why everyone was still all masked up


concretemike t1_ixmybit wrote

New Years Eve still happenes after Casey Kasem died.....Al isn't as important as he thinks he is!


rbarton812 t1_ixn0qgy wrote

Did Casey Kasem cover New Years too? Or are you thinking of Dick Clark?