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nurdboy42 t1_iw0uzx1 wrote

Dust bunnies like those little guys from Spirited Away?


2spicy4dapepper t1_iw0xf2m wrote

My neighbour Totoro


Fimpish t1_iw0zflx wrote

They're in both films. Susuwatari or soot sprites.


2spicy4dapepper t1_iw13ovg wrote

Oh Ive clearly completely forgot where they were in spirited away. Time for a rewatch :)


ihopkid t1_iw25w33 wrote

Never a bad time for a spirited away rewatch! the soot sprites were always my favorites haha. perfect amount of comedy to give u a short laughing/heartwarming break from sad or scary moments in the film


DaFugYouSay t1_iw2dj3a wrote

Like minions, until they made the shows about the minions, and then it was too much... Uh oh.


Exevioth t1_iw29m72 wrote

He recycled a lot of his creatures. The cat-thing in Nausica was in a couple of others, I just can’t remember which one. I want to say Castle in the Sky?


Squeazer t1_iw23069 wrote

For anyone getting too excited… it’s a 3 minute short.


No-Understanding2054 t1_iw2c7l7 wrote

3 minutes of studio ghibli anything is like drugs. mixed with star wars and it might as well be fentanyl


LibRAWRian t1_iw2cm94 wrote

Eh. LucasFilms is the baby powder in my 100% pure Ghibli cocaine.


catnapspirit t1_iw0l2hy wrote

I don't what this is, but.. Grogu. So, ok..


jjsyk23 t1_iw0n47d wrote

And studio ghibli, this is next level. Can’t wait!


Filmatic113 t1_iw0twei wrote

Gee can’t wait for more Jedi/Sith, lightsaber nonsense…


MandoDoughMan t1_iw0wt0g wrote

If only there was a stellar Star Wars show on right now with no Jedi, Sith, or lightsabers.


Crimson_Music t1_iw0yw57 wrote

Hmmmmmm what could you possibly be referring to?


[deleted] t1_iw15lmq wrote



chaostheories36 t1_iw1gxrc wrote

Don’t be surprised if you get into Studio Ghibli after this.


AggravatingBite9188 t1_iw2d8p4 wrote

I was expecting a show or movie? It’s 3 minutes. A fun 3 minutes I guess. Added to my LSD watchlist


Zinouk t1_iw2mfkk wrote

Shit, any Studio Ghibli movie would be a crazy LSD watchlist add. Princess Mononoke is my recommendation.


Ordelen t1_iw13x2x wrote

Sounds cute. Looking forward to it.


[deleted] t1_iw23iki wrote



RoundMouse503 t1_iw2ytao wrote

I got downvoted to oblivion for expressing I wished for a longer project.


Nmilne23 t1_iw41cm5 wrote

Wow that’s a whole two minutes shorter than I predicted of it being a 5 minute short 😂


Silvedoge t1_iw1y9vt wrote

Hope this leads to more collaboration. Visions was one of my favorite star wars things in a while since it just let people take the core concepts of star wars and do their own things with them. Would love to see what ghibli would do


flekkzo t1_iw1do0l wrote

Music by good old Ludde. It’s really cool to see how well he’s been doing lately.


Kalse1229 t1_iw1p9wj wrote

You know what? This seems like the perfect matchup. I'm sold. Spirited Away is the only Ghibli film I've seen, but it's one of my faves of all time. And I'll always be biased towards Grogu because he was my grandmother's favorite thing in the world. I'll watch it.


No-Understanding2054 t1_iw2cdk5 wrote

whaaaat? please watch more. princess mononoke, castle in the sky, my neighbor totoro, and so many others. the crown jewels of all anime


DaFugYouSay t1_iw2dtfr wrote

I hate to call it anime even because it's unlike the mainstream anime that I see elsewhere which lacks subtlety and is over the top and boorish to boot.


stomach t1_iw2j701 wrote

?? it's legit anime. literally translates to 'animation' as produced by Japanese culture - the soulless flashy mindless fluff is what sucks, but doesn't give 'animation' a bad name, just their studios


DaFugYouSay t1_iw2kjs7 wrote

I didn't say it wasn't, but it goes like this "hey my friends, you need to watch miyazaki's films because they are great films," to which my friends reply "I don't like anime." And nothing I say can change that, I don't blame them because most of what passes for anime is rubbish, and Studio Ghibli's films are nothing like them at least none that I've seen.


2347564 t1_iw2pano wrote

My friends are the exact opposite. They won’t let themselves consider studio ghibli films anime simply BECAUSE they enjoy them. But yeah they refuse to watch any other anime.


viscerathighs t1_iw2iqex wrote

an intro to animation 101 final project


wujo444 t1_iw2q3b6 wrote

Very short and frankly, very simple. It should get released on YT as Mandalorian promo, not behind paywall.


K4m30 t1_iw2goli wrote

Meh, it was alright. Not really worth making a deal of it.


HACCAHO t1_iw21ert wrote

My Neighbor Groguro


vroart t1_iw2gma2 wrote

I’ve been on a Miyazaki marathon, and this is perfect


saanity t1_iw64eqc wrote

It was... disappointing.


Mrcollaborator t1_iw6dshq wrote

Looks like one guys side project. Very simple in it’s scope. Cute though.


Fephie t1_iwcrwxi wrote

Dust bunnies?! Those are soot sprites!


The-Incredible-Lurk t1_iw22h1c wrote

Oh god.

They’ve finally done it.

They got so obsessed with wondering if they could, they didn’t think about if they should!

They’ve incorporated myasaki films into the Disney Multiverse!


Pope---of---Hope t1_iw2iswp wrote

I really hope Hayao Miyazaki is directly involved. The movies that Miyazaki's son Goro has been making under the Ghibli banner have been painfully subpar and lacking in that trademark magic.


anasui1 t1_iw53j5t wrote

man, I don't envy Goro. Insane pressure on following his legendary father's steps, who then scolded him hard for his first movie. Can't imagine how he must have felt


keving87 t1_iw9a2x5 wrote

I don't care much for Star Wars or The Mandalorian, so I'm not in a rush to watch this. I'm not subscribing to Disney+ just for a short lol


Kiba-Da-Wolf t1_iw1lfrb wrote

r/oldotaku wpuld love this


bigoldaddydickstink t1_iw2e8q8 wrote

Grogu is and will always be a dumb name


BeskarForSale t1_iw2h4uz wrote

Star Wars always had bizarre names with the odd real world name mixed in. Its part of the charm. Like think about it, we have guys called Boba, Din, Fenn, Obi-Wan, Ki-adi-mundi, Kit Fisto, Lando, etc.


DigDux t1_iw2kw8i wrote

So... I'm a language guy, but I want to drop some fun little knowledge.

The phonetics of Star Wars is rooted in modern language phonetics, but not English phonetics, so when you take Gro and gu and smush them together it sounds more awkward than say Yo and Da, both of which have very common real world phonetics, Da is Russian, while Yo is distinctly Japanese, as in Yo-kai.

So you are both correct.


RazorLou t1_iw1tkzd wrote

That’s what y’all callin it huh?…


Smackdaddy122 t1_iw1rrdj wrote

Might as well start drawing Pepsi commercials. Sad


Solidsnakeerection t1_iw5q8ul wrote

Almost all of their works are adaptations and they.have worked with Disney in the past. How is this different?


[deleted] t1_iw0wsn9 wrote



getZlatanized t1_iw23gcc wrote

Seems like a good fit to me.


RoundMouse503 t1_iw2vta4 wrote

All I’m saying is that as a big Ghibli fan and a huge SW fan, I was hoping for a bigger project. At least a Visions episode (which I suppose is still a possibility). A Grogu short is okay, I guess. I’m going to watch it today, I’m sure it’s really cute.


Dayofsloths t1_iw281ff wrote

Idk, star wars has always been primarily about selling toys. That was George Lucas' plan from day one, merchandising. Ghilbi has always seemed better than that to me.