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Craico13 t1_ixsvhr4 wrote

^…why..? ^…who ^asked ^for ^this..?


TheSeventhAnimorph t1_ixsw5mx wrote

This is literally the only upcoming Peacock series that I'm actually interested in.


RickytyMort t1_ixt3fna wrote

Which Ted character are you looking to get to know better?


deathmouse t1_ixt9e7g wrote

Marky Mark and his funky bunch


_Hotwire_ t1_ixu8oly wrote

I wish they would do a biopic for the funky bunch.

But have marky mark played by mark wahlberg trying to act like and dress like he did as a kid. Have all the other actors be very young as well to make it weirder.


DedTV t1_ixuqht9 wrote

If it uses really, really bad de-aging tech, I'm in.


_Hotwire_ t1_ixvfmhm wrote

No de-aging. Just old mark playing young teenage mark


Mister_E_Phister t1_ixsvtq6 wrote

The TCU has a huge following man!


kmsae t1_ixswfu7 wrote

Not a fan of Marky Mark but both Ted movies slapped! Looking forward to this.


BrianOhNoYouDidnT t1_ixt2wub wrote

I am of the same mind about marky mark but for one exception. His performance in The Other Guys is a master class of chewing the scenery. He hollers every one of his lines at the top of his lungs for the entire film. I thought it was a john waters movie because of the performances. Everyone was great but he really surprised me. Like Jason Statham in Spy, delivering jokes with perfect comedic timing. Sorry I’m way off topic.


S3simulation t1_ixt89ga wrote

I love how he can’t understand his girlfriend is a ballet dancer and not a stripper “You shouldn’t be in this club dancin for dollars”


BrianOhNoYouDidnT t1_ixt9caf wrote

Learning to dance ballet just to bully a kid. But still not understanding anything about it.


S3simulation t1_ixtajtq wrote

It’s interesting to me how the Other Guys was sort of the start of Adam McKay’s transition to the more political themes he’s been exploring with his career


BrianOhNoYouDidnT t1_ixtf7y5 wrote

It makes me miss Eva Mendes. It also rekindled my Michael Keaton crush.


CompetitiveProject4 t1_ixxiqrc wrote

It’s definitely the precursor to The Big Short given the Other Guys’ ending credits which gave a fun intro to how financial fraud works


S3simulation t1_ixxjqlt wrote

I do hope he and Will Ferrel are able to reconcile, he did Will kinda dirty


CompetitiveProject4 t1_ixxkawz wrote

I agree but I’m not sure I would ever take a time machine to change it if the path led to them producing “Succession”

The combination of a UK and US comedy genius definitely led to some incredibly funny but truly high art.


MrBoliNica t1_ixt77c8 wrote

Other guys was his first comedy. I remember being surprised at how funny he was. Wouldn’t be shocked if he really gave it his all as a way to prove himself in that genre


Kind-Strike t1_ixt871r wrote

Dude I laughed so fucking much in that movie, I even drooled on myself at one point.

The "I'm a peacock you gotta let me fly" and the whole screaming about the millennium falcon just damn near had me dead.


BrianOhNoYouDidnT t1_ixt924e wrote

I laugh so hard at that line even before they explain that peacocks don’t fly. I’m not so clever so hearing that fact made it even funnier to me.


Kind-Strike t1_ixxfoj2 wrote

Dude the tuna, I forgot about the tuna and the lion, they scene was so perfect


kmsae t1_ixuzbrq wrote

So true. Forgot about the Other Guys. Also enjoyed him in that role.


WinterSon t1_ixtqofc wrote

He's terrible in everything besides the departed


Gh0stMan0nThird t1_ixt0zdr wrote

Honestly I think Seth Macfarlane is incredibly funny and talented but he suffers from spreading himself too thin across all his shows, which makes them all come across as mediocre.


SmashedPumpkin30 t1_ixt1z6m wrote

He doesn't usually. He does a show until bored and leaves them to others. Family Guy for example he hasn't wrote or managed for years. Just does the voices and collects mad cash.


Djinnwrath t1_ixt67ol wrote

There's also a sharp dropoff in quality after season 10 (his last season of FG)


cb00sh t1_ixtrk6m wrote

It was a dropoff after season 3


Djinnwrath t1_ixtsa16 wrote

Whether there was or wasn't doesn't validate or invalidate the point I made.


xenongamer4351 t1_ixuzmja wrote

Season 1-3 was just peak comedy. 4-10 fell off but was still very funny. After 10 I have no idea how people still watch family guy.


Loganp812 t1_ixvwmhs wrote

FG went downhill long before Season 10. S10 is just the point where it basically went on life support.


Djinnwrath t1_ixvxyij wrote

Whether that's true or not is irrelevant to the point I made.


MrBoliNica t1_ixt7jnr wrote

He still produces family guy doesn’t he? Between that and the voices, it’s not like he has no clue what’s going on with that show lol


TheSeventhAnimorph t1_ixt95y6 wrote

Not sure how much involvement he actually has as a producer now; TV shows that change to a new showrunner after the original creator has left entirely usually still give the creator a producer credit in basically an honorary sense. (I'm not saying that is necessarily the case there, but it happens fairly often.)


Pool_Shark t1_ixujid8 wrote

Credits are most of the time negotiated by agents so it’s part of the deal. For family guy he created the show so he will always have his name on the credits and collect a check even if he ditched the voice work and someone else replaced him


hungry4pie t1_ixwlp2i wrote

American Dad got better when he stopped being involved in the writing


Loganp812 t1_ixvwi99 wrote

He also suffers from having his head stuck up his own ass.


JediLion17 t1_ixta6y5 wrote

Well the good news is Marky Mark isn’t in this. It takes place when John was a kid, or at least a teenager.


simplepleashures t1_ixumtgz wrote

Why does everyone keep calling him “Marky Mark” it’s been like 25 years since he went by that


WhiskyAndWitchcraft t1_ixu3agu wrote

I didn't make it through the first 30 minutes of the first one. Found it incredibly unfunny.


pexican t1_ixtr7pi wrote

Whether you like them or not. Ted and Ted 2 were both box office hits.


stumblebreak_beta t1_ixufavf wrote

No one asked for the first one and it became one of the highest grossing rated R films of all time


ParkerZA t1_ixu8yid wrote

What a dumb question. Pretty sure you never asked for 90% of the stuff you're currently watching.


CaptainMagni t1_ixuqmtu wrote

I fucking hate the "who asked for this" response so much because if you look into what people ARE asking for, it's usually 10 times dumber


ParkerZA t1_ixusxjk wrote

A prequel to The Other Guys, starring The Rock and SLJ's characters...


Perpete t1_ixw1hc8 wrote

Thing is, in theory people would like that, but what's important is the quality of the writing. A badly written/directed prequel with The Rock and SLJ would be disgusting. A good written/directed Ted prequel, albeit with fewer people asking for it, would be more interesting.

What people wants is good shows, the topic is not that important.


ParkerZA t1_ixwnoo4 wrote

Agreed. I only used that example because The Other Guys is a parody of whatever prequel starring those characters would be. Thereby missing the entire point of The Other Guys.


Agnostacio t1_iy0935g wrote

They always say that shit and are the first ones to watch too. Remember the reaction to Andor when it was announced? Now everyone loves it.


ParkerZA t1_iy0dc3u wrote

Now there's daily articles about how no one's watching lmao


-Badger2- t1_ixuchfj wrote

Every Seth MacFarlane production in a nutshell.


Firvulag t1_ixw0d80 wrote

"who asked for this" is the most boring comment you can ask, what is the point of this?

They wanted to make it, so they did.


elister t1_ixu9sw2 wrote

Well NBC gave him a 200 million dollar deal and that's the best idea he had.


catlaxative t1_ixt176y wrote

Yay more ways to burn trans people! Edit haha get fucked McFarland fans drink your big glass of milk


zGnRz t1_ixticge wrote

learn to laugh about things or prepare for a long miserable life


cjm0 t1_ixt18zw wrote

well this is the first i’m hearing about it. according to the article it’s set in the 90s with younger versions of the two characters


NoNefariousness2144 t1_ixtuc11 wrote

That’s interesting because both Ted films love using modern day pop culture jokes.


Timbershoe t1_ixu0vch wrote

Yes. The magic talking bear better have chronologically correct pop culture references or it’ll shatter the realism.


Basicallyinfinite t1_ixwfp9p wrote

Actually that would be funny if everybody was confused by his references to current day pop culture


shewy92 t1_ixv6b9y wrote

I mean, movies and shows also love nostalgia bait (Stranger Things for one) so I don't see why this would be any different


argon1028 t1_ixy3dg2 wrote

Especially when the 90's are ripe for the picking.


Nick357 t1_ixwsts1 wrote

Shouldn’t we be past 80s early 90’s nostalgia.


shewy92 t1_ixwvkzf wrote

Would you rather have 2000's and 2010s nostalgia?


Nick357 t1_ixx1b0o wrote

I’m 1980’s but still. Did you see that Black Mirror?


talkinpractice t1_ixw18hm wrote

I am positive MacFarlane and his crew can manage to make topical jokes about the 90s.


Calm_Memories t1_ixsysf0 wrote

Just give me another season of Orville.


Roboticpoultry t1_ixtb695 wrote

Amen. Ted and Ted 2 were funny movies, but we don’t need to expand on them


MortalJohn t1_ixu3brn wrote

Side point, McFarlane makes far more from TED than Orville. So he makes stuff like this so he can afford to make his passion project Orville. Honestly the series would have been dead if not for him at this point.


greenufo333 t1_ixvqtf6 wrote

Nah I want more Ted, as long as McFarlane is playing him


EcstatMec t1_ixu6mkn wrote

Really stretching the word "funny" there


Kingtut28 t1_ixtvqfz wrote

Yes we do. More Ted, less shitty space things.


rip_Tom_Petty t1_ixt5w6v wrote

I'm pissed we're getting this instead of S4


Fizzay t1_ixtojt9 wrote

What do you think this has to do with Orville when Seth clearly is hoping for S4? Seth isn't the reason there will or won't be a S4. They aren't even the same streaming services, let alone same company.


Pool_Shark t1_ixujlw7 wrote

That reminds me I still need to watch season 3


randuser t1_ixt8t0r wrote

Here’s hoping this series includes a return to jokes.


ConnerBartle t1_ixtk4jb wrote

S3 had the least amount of jokes but it was my favorite season! The writing was so good.


AdamMcwadam t1_ixtuvv5 wrote

I was curious if I was right in thinking season 3 had far less jokes, so I went back and started watching season 1 and WOW is it different.

Problem is… season 3 was so much better, and if the jokes have to tone down to reach the level of season 3, then I’m okay with that.


MortalJohn t1_ixu3kh6 wrote

And even then the humour that was there was probably best in series. The Alien Strength Sex Scenes, the Mocclan Wedding, Issac becoming Human.


bsurfn2day t1_ixsu8yt wrote

Titled "Markie Mark goes to Build-A-Bear"


[deleted] t1_ixuq46e wrote



TheNoisyNinja t1_iy1k96p wrote

Johnny Trinh was already blind in one eye prior to the assault.

Not that it makes the situation any better.


antiMATTer724 t1_ixtkgue wrote

Listen Steven, don't make me get your manager. I want the Ted exclusive, with the extra stuffing, and the voice box that says I'm his best friend . Say hi to your mother for me.


[deleted] t1_ixtyiyj wrote



PaulRuddsButthole t1_ixutu4n wrote

Also, i think he made a statement that them making another season of the Orville depends on how many people watch the previous seasons on Disney +.


keving87 t1_ixvwgkh wrote

That's because Fox (network) cancelled it during the Disney takeover and it got moved to Hulu, then COVID... and then it took a weirdly long time to resume filming for some reason. It has to be renewed before they can start production again anyway.


Far_Confusion_2178 t1_ixy1345 wrote

Why is fox so hellbent on killing good shows by confusing the fuck out of us. Still mad about Arrested Development and the shit decisions they made w that


[deleted] t1_ixsy7uy wrote

I'll watch it, I always enjoy these movies. Their just dumb fun. Plus Flash Gordon!


NerdyRedneck45 t1_ixun6ls wrote

No thoughts, head empty, just enjoying dumb jokes. I like that. Not every movie needs to be a cinematic masterpiece


root_fifth_octave t1_ixta5tb wrote

But we don’t know any lawyers. All our friends make sandwiches.


3dpimp t1_ixt9fbu wrote

I would rather see how Ted and Wahlberg deal with Brady going to Tampa 😆 rather than a prequel


whotard t1_ixsxi79 wrote

This is.. a thing?


Cyrano_Nose t1_ixt3q2z wrote

Its probably much too soon and not a joking matter, but it would be kind of funny if Ted was somehow responsible for Brady's divorce in some Forest Gump kind of way.


TaiKorczak t1_ixus9g1 wrote

So he’s basically making a live action version of Stewie and Rupert.


freedoomed t1_ixvapkj wrote

I hope they deepfake mark whalbergs face onto a child for this.


EdgeofForever95 t1_ixtaoi8 wrote

They’ll pay for this but still no season 4 of the Orville


AgentQV t1_ixtlacs wrote

Peacock’s paying for this, future seasons of the Orville are in Disney’s court.


ChickenInASuit t1_ixv0m71 wrote

Season 3 only came out like three months ago and S4 hasn’t been renewed by Disney yet.


Holgrin t1_ixuu1cj wrote

Does "Ted" need a prequel? Jesus Christ.


cameron0208 t1_ixuz3dm wrote

More importantly, does it need a prequel a decade later…?


Queef-Elizabeth t1_ixu5jim wrote

Ted is better as a movie. I don't think it could possibly hold my attention enough to be a tv show imo


cmddismycmnd t1_ixuebrp wrote

So live action family guy? Again?


Loganp812 t1_ixvwv1g wrote

No, that would be A Million Ways To Die In The West… and it’s terrible.


cmddismycmnd t1_ixwcy5f wrote

Did you see Ted 2? I’d argue that is also live action family guy. Someone says a line, then they cut to a 5 second bit. Exactly like in family guy.


braveheart707 t1_ixvbzxj wrote

The prequel nobody and I mean NOBODY asked for


Diogenes1Loincloth t1_ixvgudn wrote

Did anybody anywhere ask for this? No?

Make it anyway!


downonthesecond t1_ixw8mnj wrote

Maybe the show will bring more zingers like F Scott Fitzgerald.


DoctorMedical t1_ixxf30l wrote

Seth, Ted was a lazy unoriginal idea that didn’t have enough jokes for one movie let alone two. What the hell could a series possible offer?


Everyone_Except_You t1_ixts9uw wrote

What? Alright. I haven't heard anything about this movie since it came out like a decade ago.


pacachan t1_ixttddj wrote

On Thursday I saw somebody in a full body Ted costume just standing on the side of the road with a sign that said "I'm thankful for YOU!" just waving at cars. Then I see this is coming out. Was that legit some guerrilla advertising shit I wonder? I never even knew this was coming out


BLKWD_ t1_ixu47xn wrote

I am dying for more comedy movies to come out, but this aint the franchise I was lookin for. That being said. I'll give it a shot. Serious lack in theatrical comedies at the moment.


Aregisteredusername t1_ixu7fpn wrote

But the original movie shows Ted being. Roughy to life with the wish of a young Marky Mark. How will this prequel re-write that?


Samanoskue t1_ixul8zi wrote

Fantastic now more Orville please!!!


ABadManComes t1_ixuo7lj wrote

Ugh. Omg. Like i own the first one on Blu-ray somewhere. I haven't even seen the second one (dumb plot) but I think this schtick (and several years way too late) is prob late and played out.... In 2023


Ok_Fox_1770 t1_ixuvg8d wrote

They gonna face swap marky mark back to the feel it feel it days or plug in some stranger things kid.


Dangeruss82 t1_ixyu1nv wrote

Anything with giorgia whigham in is worth a watch.


KaiserNorton t1_ixtrphz wrote

those movies didnt live up to the hype and I cant Look at wahlberg anymore. what a waste


Loganp812 t1_ixvx8ro wrote

I mean, the first one has funny moments, but so many people were acting like it’s one of the greatest comedies of all-time despite it not even being one of the greatest comedies of that decade (which, btw, the 2010s was a relatively awful decade for comedies anyway with only a few exceptions.)


KaiserNorton t1_ixy459n wrote

yeah sure. Mcfarlane light that is. watered down for movies


jono9898 t1_ixuigkc wrote

Wish Seth would focus on The Orville,


chocotripchip t1_ixuuvf0 wrote

Ok, now please start production on The Orville Season 4.

Lets go Disney, all we need is a green light.


StugDrazil t1_ixvlqpb wrote

I feel bad for the guy who basically created this on a YouTube channel only to have it stolen by seth


Loganp812 t1_ixvxtz2 wrote

It’s alright. He stole Wayne’s World 2’s parody of The Graduate (practically frame-by-frame in fact) for an episode of Family Guy as well as a visual gag from the music video for “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” - Primus for A Million Ways To Die In The West.


mrtouchybum t1_ixwhdc7 wrote

So we got the crapfest that was Ted 2 and still someone said lets make more of this?


Emen85018 t1_ixua03y wrote

It’s going to be great.


I_Boomer t1_ixuzrke wrote

Where is The Orville?


RealJohnGillman t1_iy2nvxk wrote

A new season has yet to be ordered.

If it helps though, apparently the Krill God “Avis” was >!that hive-mind species of spider-creatures from the third season!< (from the Krill Bible) — when it said “>!You will be of us!<“, the “>!of us!<“ part was how the species itself pronounced “Avis” — as in “uv-us” becoming “uv-is” becoming “ave-is” (Avis).


Slimey-back-flaps t1_ixtnki8 wrote

Omg, just make more orville. Literally the best thing you have ever made.


harlojones t1_ixttu5h wrote

Does anyone even like Ted in 2022


Magnesus t1_ixu4uag wrote

> Does anyone even like Ted

That would be a good title for it.


MrBoliNica t1_ixt7psf wrote

Wait so the autistic kid from parenthood is young marky mark? He have some kind of growth spurt? Lol


usaslave t1_ixtg5xf wrote

Seth is facing some new #MeToo accusations. Surprised it hasn’t come up here.