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Jorycle t1_ixczw70 wrote

I'm a huge fan of the move back from Chapek to Iger, but I feel like all of these articles really show how weirdly broken capitalism and our views of corporate wealth are.

Talking about Disney like they were a failing company about to go under. One article before the ouster cried about how to "salvage" Disney - a company that still made a massive profit to the tune of over 3 billion dollars year over year. When anyone refers to losses with this company, they're specifically referring to one segment - which was covered by the other divisions of the company, and even part of the long term plan when they created this division. They saw company revenue grow by 20%, it just wasn't as much growth as they expected. They still made a shit ton of profit.

This is the case with 90% of earnings report news. The US reports corporations' "we didn't make as much money as we wanted" as devastating losses despite being hugely profitable. We recognize this as lunacy in any other form - private small businesses are considered successful if they make even one dime of profit after expenses. You're doing well if you make one dime of money to put in your savings after paying bills and debt.

Fix the US's weird borderline distopian view of corporations.


Vidogo t1_ixe1703 wrote

this. it's not that the company is failing or that that they're losing money. they still made billions in profit. just lower profit than they and the analysts expected

the numbers still went up, they just didn't go up steeply enough and... that's a crisis, apparently.