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ShiroHachiRoku t1_ivvexcq wrote

This is a weird title to call Voyager 2: Lost in the Epsilon Quadrant.


AbbieNormal t1_ivvh5gh wrote

Quick! Hide your nebulae before Janeway finds out they have coffee.


meatball77 t1_ivvynca wrote

Where Admiral Janeway joins the most decorated Captain in the fleet Captain Kim and his first officer Paris as they go on a five year mission.


JohnCavil01 t1_ivwwjgm wrote

Harry Kim? He can’t even nail down one of the Delaney sisters - and you expect me to trust him with a starship?


dromni t1_ivvm9rm wrote

I... don't think that there's an Epsilon Quadrant.

Oh, I get it, that's the whole premise of the show - the Galaxy has five quadrants because one of them is hidden in a parallel dimension!


MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_ivv6eot wrote

Ridley Scott is directing:

>The series follows long-time Philly friends and delinquents (Henry & Mando) who pose as DEA agents to rob an unknown house in the countryside, only to have their small-time grift become a life-and-death enterprise, as they unwittingly reveal and unravel the biggest hidden narcotics corridor on the Eastern seaboard.
>Mulgrew will play Theresa Bowers, described as “Ray’s (Brian Tyree Henry) de facto mother who steps in to raise him as if he were her own child.”


reddig33 t1_ivvl375 wrote

Kate Mulgrew AND Ridley Scott? Sign me up!


TiberiusCornelius t1_ivw98r2 wrote

Sounds like it definitely has the potential to be solid. Apple's been pretty consistently putting out good stuff and is honestly probably my favorite streaming service these days, so hopefully this keeps up the trend.


ishtar_the_move t1_ivze9nj wrote

Always happy to see a trek actor able to find work afterwards.


JeSi-Verde t1_ivwxo8p wrote

Why is it called Sinking Spring? There is a town in PA named Sinking Spring.


Firvulag t1_ivxazmc wrote

Ah, the woman who played Columbos wife, that's nice she's getting work


themanfromvulcan t1_ivy84vo wrote

People forget she showed up all over the place before voyager. She was also in Remo Williams which I completely forgot until I rewatched it awhile back.


Doc_coletti t1_ivzf11f wrote

Damn that’s a trifecta of amazing borderline character actors.