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MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_ivv6eot wrote

Ridley Scott is directing:

>The series follows long-time Philly friends and delinquents (Henry & Mando) who pose as DEA agents to rob an unknown house in the countryside, only to have their small-time grift become a life-and-death enterprise, as they unwittingly reveal and unravel the biggest hidden narcotics corridor on the Eastern seaboard.
>Mulgrew will play Theresa Bowers, described as “Ray’s (Brian Tyree Henry) de facto mother who steps in to raise him as if he were her own child.”


reddig33 t1_ivvl375 wrote

Kate Mulgrew AND Ridley Scott? Sign me up!


TiberiusCornelius t1_ivw98r2 wrote

Sounds like it definitely has the potential to be solid. Apple's been pretty consistently putting out good stuff and is honestly probably my favorite streaming service these days, so hopefully this keeps up the trend.