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Theproton t1_ixrruhi wrote

I gotta say, getting Lea Michele to do the song from her big Glee season 1 finale by casting her in revival of the song's original play way genius.

Say what you will about her, she fucking eats that song.


oracle70 t1_ixqczpg wrote

Macy Sparade.


Aevum1 t1_ixrwd73 wrote

wasnt Lea Michele blacklisted/canceled because everyone and their dog said she was a asshole and a bully behind the scenes ?


KarateKid917 t1_ixrxjon wrote

Yes and the producers of the Funny Girl revival pretty much ignored that because the show wasn’t making a ton of money with Beanie Feldstein in the lead, so they got desperate


ForkAKnife t1_ixs6zl1 wrote

And she still looked like she was trying to catch her breath by the break.


b1ame_me t1_iy0hp51 wrote

Beanie also was terrible for that role and only got it because her dad either produced or rewrote the production. Regardless it was because of her dad and she got awful reviews. When Lea came in the show got far more acclaim because even though Lea has done some of the worst things and has been awful to work with at least she’s actually talented


monsieurxander t1_ixslfoz wrote

People got mad at her so she went away long enough for people to forget why. Tale as old as time.

Helps that it wasn't exactly a betrayal of her brand.


HPmoni t1_ixw28dj wrote

She got dubbed racist, but the charges didn't stick. Covid saved some people's career because we forgot why we were mad at them.


JesseFilmmakerTX t1_ixrf836 wrote

Thought it was kinda lame this year. No sonic, still no Mario. Who gives a fuck about wimpy kid or that other crap GIVE ME MARIO DAMMIT


Great_Zarquon t1_ixqo6bi wrote

They didn't steal it, they bought it like all the other advertisers there lol