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ZigZagZedZod t1_ixcmgzd wrote

I guess the copy editor is on vacation. It's MI6, not M16. The article gets it right only in a quote, which I assume was copied and pasted instead of retyped.

The UK's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) was originally Military Intelligence, Section 6 (MI6) and the abbreviation stuck.


HopsAndBrains t1_ixcvzv5 wrote

Capital I’s and 1’s are hard!


DortDrueben t1_ixdtpgi wrote

Lower case L's have entered the chat


CptNonsense t1_ixetwbj wrote

"What if we printed default passwords in a sanserif font but also used lower case 'L', the number 1, and capital 'i' in the possible characters"


snookert t1_ixjrt3s wrote

What ever happened to a capital "I" having the extended lines at the top and bottom?


peeforPanchetta t1_ixd2ntd wrote

They're actually talking about his rating in the movie. He plays an agent meant for Mature audiences (16+).


yulbrynnersmokes t1_ixewnjp wrote

What color is the outhouse at Hereford?


Cyno01 t1_ixdqvhq wrote

MI6 is roughly the equivalent of the American CIA, and MI5 is their FBI.


safetyscotchegg t1_ixe5x6s wrote

The NCA is closer to being the equivalent of the FBI.


2cimarafa t1_ixgxg5q wrote

In practice, the Metropolitan Police handle most of what the FBI handles in the US.


ApotheosizedBum t1_ixeyoaf wrote

> There are only five divisions of military intelligence!

I don’t know why, but this line from The Imitation Game always stuck in my head.


listyraesder t1_ixfhwkl wrote

MI5 has no powers of investigation, so it really isn’t.


Metroidman t1_ixfbdgs wrote

You mean he isnt dressing up as a gun? They lost one viewer