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HuntMore9217 t1_ixczci8 wrote

Well now we know op is a paid shiller because he copied M16 lol. And how dumb are collider authors to not know what they are talking about? there's like hundred of spy films/show and it's always mi6 not m16


donotjinxxit OP t1_ixd1ugw wrote

Paid shiller? Y'all conspirators are weird, this is literally my first post in this sub and I posted/shared the article because I like Charlie and yes I copied and pasted the link which automatically put the title and I was just too lazy to check to see the typo. Not that freaking deep.


HuntMore9217 t1_ixd6nzz wrote

It's not a typo if it's used over and over again. If you've read the article before posting you would have known that. And if you weren't a paid shiller you would have made the correction.