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ZigZagZedZod t1_ixcmgzd wrote

I guess the copy editor is on vacation. It's MI6, not M16. The article gets it right only in a quote, which I assume was copied and pasted instead of retyped.

The UK's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) was originally Military Intelligence, Section 6 (MI6) and the abbreviation stuck.


HopsAndBrains t1_ixcvzv5 wrote

Capital I’s and 1’s are hard!


DortDrueben t1_ixdtpgi wrote

Lower case L's have entered the chat


CptNonsense t1_ixetwbj wrote

"What if we printed default passwords in a sanserif font but also used lower case 'L', the number 1, and capital 'i' in the possible characters"


snookert t1_ixjrt3s wrote

What ever happened to a capital "I" having the extended lines at the top and bottom?


peeforPanchetta t1_ixd2ntd wrote

They're actually talking about his rating in the movie. He plays an agent meant for Mature audiences (16+).


yulbrynnersmokes t1_ixewnjp wrote

What color is the outhouse at Hereford?


Cyno01 t1_ixdqvhq wrote

MI6 is roughly the equivalent of the American CIA, and MI5 is their FBI.


safetyscotchegg t1_ixe5x6s wrote

The NCA is closer to being the equivalent of the FBI.


2cimarafa t1_ixgxg5q wrote

In practice, the Metropolitan Police handle most of what the FBI handles in the US.


ApotheosizedBum t1_ixeyoaf wrote

> There are only five divisions of military intelligence!

I don’t know why, but this line from The Imitation Game always stuck in my head.


listyraesder t1_ixfhwkl wrote

MI5 has no powers of investigation, so it really isn’t.


Metroidman t1_ixfbdgs wrote

You mean he isnt dressing up as a gun? They lost one viewer


MikeofLA t1_ixcuwld wrote

I wonder if he will encounter the C1A in this movie.


KileiFedaykin t1_ixct67p wrote

I don't know if I can watch this. It will be unsettling to see Charlie Cox making eye contact.


PM-ME-POWERFUL-PUSSY t1_ixd6yql wrote

You can notice this in press interviews- you know he has vision but he actively doesn’t look directly at a camera or the interviewer and has a glassy eyed stare, which makes it super weird to see lol


robreddity t1_ixcorz2 wrote

Hi. I'm an AK-47 agent.


ArchDucky t1_ixcpbw9 wrote

Hey! I'm an M-16 Agent. Did we just become best friends?


adsfew t1_ixcvcyu wrote

Can I join the group? I'm a member of the FB1.


Tradman86 t1_ixcwwhz wrote

[Marvel actor does a non-Marvel project]

It's Treason then.


GetGrogNasty t1_ixcrc8w wrote

This man only gets hotter I swear


sinmantky t1_ixcpsp9 wrote

good, wanted some espionage series


Transposer t1_ixcqknk wrote

They even have him in the dark red tie 😈


Phillyredsox t1_ixec0k0 wrote

He’s playing a gun? Awesome. Charlie Cox is versatile enough to do it.


God_Is_Pizza t1_ixcmla3 wrote

What is this fucking headline. Took me a couple minutes because I was like, wait, what does Treason have to do with Born Again and why is Daredevil pretending to be an M16 agent?


anasui1 t1_ixethi4 wrote

he will be facing an enemy from the past, bigger, stronger, smarter, shinier, the M60


skepticemia0311 t1_ixdd3y5 wrote

At this point I can see a picture of Charlie Cox and not think he looks blind.


TriscuitCracker t1_ixddu5i wrote

Nice to see him getting work outside of Daredevil, wouldn't want him to never play literally any other role again!


stephenxchange t1_ixdz841 wrote

He already had work outside of Daredevil - he went on that whole-year run of his Broadway play with Tom Hiddleston, and last year had that Irish crime show Kin with Aiden Gillen on AMC.


davidmlewisjr t1_ixf4l97 wrote

That’s M I 6, ( Em Eye Six ) and the lack of serifs on the Apple Font is a curse on all mankind.


The-Fumbler t1_ixfefhb wrote

Finally, I desperately needed some more cox in my life.


EdJamic8 t1_ixfeopm wrote

M I 6. Not m16


timshel_life t1_ixftak2 wrote

Will this be his audition for the new 007? Anytime there is going to be a new Bond and I see a "young" British actor take on a spy/action role, it feels like an audition.


anasui1 t1_ixiemu9 wrote

I love Charlie but he's got the face of a good bloke. Not sure he'd be charismatic enough to carry Bond


Pochusaurus t1_ixcpwms wrote

When do we get to see him as the next Casanova in a Casanova sequel?


neonroli47 t1_ixdp1wc wrote

After starting Daredevil, he really didn’t do much else.


quangtran t1_ixef4cq wrote

I’d say he was one of the luckier Daredevil cast, in that he has been somewhat busy since the hiatus. His other show “Kin” has been renewed, and he did Westend and Broadway.


neoblackdragon t1_ixe91s6 wrote

Well Covid happened on top of being told to probably keep his schedule clear as Disney immediately went to work on the DD cinematic universe once Netflix exclusivity ended.


Stentata t1_ixe73ae wrote

I hope he remembers to look at the other actors instead of past them. Apparently that’s why he didn’t get the role of young Han Solo when he auditioned for it. He had trained himself to play blind for Daredevil and forgot to stop.


tom-8-to t1_ixf9qy6 wrote

He is costumed as a rifle? Transformers?


loonz420 t1_ixfb8w9 wrote

I’m down for anything Charlie Cox is in. Fantastic actor.


Wonderizer t1_ixffv13 wrote

I swear for like 2 seconds I was thinking "but that sounds hard to do considering he's blind"


rodeodoctor t1_ixfggk0 wrote

Where are his sunglasses?


mcblanket t1_ixfrqoy wrote

That suit jacket is too tight. The dreaded X at the button


KD7575 t1_ixhdg51 wrote

Going to have to check it out but the plot sounds generic af


Gang_Bang_Bang t1_ixi1iql wrote

He should play a brother to Robert Pattinson in something. That would be a cool dynamic.


jez124 t1_ixi51kd wrote

Charlie cox and ciaran hinds in another project together is nice to see.


HuntMore9217 t1_ixczci8 wrote

Well now we know op is a paid shiller because he copied M16 lol. And how dumb are collider authors to not know what they are talking about? there's like hundred of spy films/show and it's always mi6 not m16


donotjinxxit OP t1_ixd1ugw wrote

Paid shiller? Y'all conspirators are weird, this is literally my first post in this sub and I posted/shared the article because I like Charlie and yes I copied and pasted the link which automatically put the title and I was just too lazy to check to see the typo. Not that freaking deep.


HuntMore9217 t1_ixd6nzz wrote

It's not a typo if it's used over and over again. If you've read the article before posting you would have known that. And if you weren't a paid shiller you would have made the correction.