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lightsongtheold t1_j11al12 wrote

A great week for Wednesday. Its 173960000 hours worked out at 25.8 million equivalent complete viewings. Only a -35.5% drop from last week. Through 4 weeks Wednesday is at 177.3 million equivalent complete viewings!

For comparison that second only to Squid Game (187.3 million) and well in front of third placed Stranger Things s4 (96.5 million). Stranger Things might top Wednesday in the hours viewed metric (due to having almost double the runtime of Wednesday) but Wednesday is now by far the biggest English language Netflix show in the equivalent complete viewings metric!

A decent week two for Harry & Megan. It worked out at 16.9 million in equivalent complete viewings. Very good.

Not a great debut week for Noah Centineo’s The Recruit. It opened to 7.2 million. Very soft and it is probably already in trouble and likely for cancellation. Both Resident Evil (10.2 million) and Fate: the Winx Saga s2 (8 million) opened higher than The Recruit and were cancelled. The only US drama debut show to open lower than this in 2022 and get renewed was The Lincoln Lawyer (5.5 million) but The Lincoln Lawyer was a weird show that performed super well in weeks two, three, and four! I think The Recruit will have to perform on the same level to have a hope of renewal. The week two numbers will be interesting. The Lincoln Lawyer had a fantastic 140% growth in week two!

Not much else happening. It was a bad week for the debut scripted shows. Paradise PD s4 (less than 2.5 million) and Glitter (less than 1.8 million) failed to make the charts while A Storm For Christmas did manage to chart with 3.7 million.

Firefly Lane managed 3.5 million in its third week. A 47% drop between weeks two and three. Some analysts point to that number being below 50% as something that Netflix value.

Nothing else worth noting. Next week we have Emily in Paris s3, The Witcher: Blood Origin, and Alice in Borderland to look out for. Though The Witcher spin-off will only get one day of release so we had better temper expectations for that one. No doubt it has a much bigger week 2.


Western_Camp7920 t1_j135dqu wrote

What's your opinion on 1899? Less than 40m households watched it. Considering 60 m bodget will it get renewed?
Sandman had around 150m budget (15m per episode) and got renewed with less than 50m households watch.
Lookism getting to the top ten for second week is a good sign right? Or was it a week with not much foreign shows?


lightsongtheold t1_j14m7q8 wrote

1899 finished its four week run with 32.8 million equivalent complete viewings. I’ve tagged 30 million as the target for renewal. Which means 1899 is a bubble show. It should get renewed as it just past the cut-off mark and showed solid legs (which Netflix likes) but as you mention it was an expensive show with an estimate of $8 million per episode so that could work against it.

I feel like this is a real bubble show. I’m leaning towards saying they will renew 1899 but I’ll not be totally surprised if they do not. I’d also not be surprised if it did get a season two with the second season being announced as the final one.

I do hope they renew 1899. It was a good show and the ratings were OK. Deserves at least one more season.

I think the fate of 1899 will be very interesting for informing us on the renewal threshold for Netflix shows.

It is definitely a good sign that Lookism has charted two weeks in a row. Most anime miss the charts. Appearing in the charts is definitely good for its renewal chances. Sonic Prime also just turned in an excellent performance and looks a lock for renewal at this point. Poor Dragon Age doomed. Which is a pity as I quite enjoyed that one after it recovered from a sluggish opening episode to end up a fun D&D style fantasy tale.


Western_Camp7920 t1_j14vkkg wrote

Thanks for your answer. Really appreciate it.
I also liked 1899, think these creators are one of the few ones I totally follow and hope Netflix continues working with them, even as a prestigious move (like they buy the distribution rights to some award winner movies and documentaries) although the views are not bad as you said.
Haven't checked out Sonic Prime actually. But yeah it's doing pretty good and Netflix will continue it.
I think Castelvania and Arcane had set the bar so high people get easily bored if show doesn't start great. Which is a shame cause I liked the world and Lore of DA.


Mister_Weiss t1_j13hra3 wrote

Sandman was excellent, I thought. I think people’s idea of what it is, and it IS a little weird, may be keeping it from rising to the top


Mister_Weiss t1_j13hn8u wrote

Honestly, the Recruit looks terrible. The lead actor looks annoying AF and the writing feels like they’re trying too hard


lightsongtheold t1_j14l38r wrote

I thought The Recruit was OK but it was definitely a tonally weird show. Felt like it was going after ABC and CW viewers at the same time and probably not managing to satisfy either demo. Also felt like a female skewing show that was trying very hard to appeal to males as well! It was a weird one.

The only thing I’m not worried about in regards to The Recruit is looks of the lead. Women love Noah!


GreenYellowDucks t1_j12oq5l wrote

Announce renewal for season 2 please! I had no notion of what it was about, but it was so fun and awkward. Also the hook of piranhas 2 minutes in was great


IsRude t1_j136lgl wrote

I finished Wednesday. It was okay, but I'm really surprised it was so popular. The acting wasn't good, the story wasn't great, Jenna Ortega was the best part, but even the writing for her character was so edgy I got tired of it pretty quickly.

The dance episode was the best, by far. >!Her smiling about the raining "blood" was adorable and disturbing in the perfect balance. And her dance was fucking phenomenal.!< But the rest of the series was mediocre, I thought.

I did like her roommate, and thought she was really charming, and the >!hug!< felt like it was hard-earned, but her acting wasn't great other than that scene. The boys in the love triangle, her parents, and most of the kids are disappointing.


dandaman910 t1_j13y6pn wrote

I thought it was a bad decision to put her in a school with supernatural beings. All the best parts of the original Wednesday character was her interacting with normies.

But this show was basically made for prepubscent and teenage girls. So I'm not gonna hate on it too much.


Uptopdownlowguy t1_j140xfd wrote

Man, I saw some people on this sub comparing Wednesday to Squid Games. It's nowhere close. Korean TV can be hit or miss, but Wednesday is a CW quality YA show. None of the characters feel real due to wooden acting and overly dramatic lines. It's a decent watch, but these view numbers are kinda mind boggling to me. I guess marketing did their job right


Muzzy637 t1_j12esif wrote

Fuck the monarchy


BelgianBond t1_j110t9q wrote

That many people are watching 'Harry and Meghan'?

Provided it leads to younger geenrations turning their backs on the legitimacy of royal families, that's fine with me.


DaveShadow t1_j114hwz wrote

It makes me laugh how people are surprised there’s interest in a Harry and Megan documentary. People are obsessed with them. Every people who absolutely hate them. The documentary was always going to do massive numbers.


Vanman04 t1_j139xvg wrote

While I am certain there are people obsessed with them I have to admit it baffles me there are so many.


DaveShadow t1_j13ae19 wrote

There’s a lot of the right wing media in the Uk have absolutely riled up hatred against them. To an obsessive degree. There’s some people who seem to make hating the pair a core part of their personality. I think it’s an extension of British adoration of the royal family. But look at the anger over Clarksons latest rant against Megan. He stepped over a line but the reality is the likes of the Daily Mail love straddling the line daily.

There’s also a lot of people who like celebrity drama, and it doesn’t get much more dramatic than genuine royalty throwing barbs at each other in public.


wiklr t1_j12z3uh wrote

The Crown humanized the royal family. The Harry & Meghan doc is receiving the same interest as other royal content on Netflix. It's not going to turn people off the monarchy imo.


Levonorgestrelfairy1 t1_j12eqs7 wrote

No one but crazyz think any royal family's are anything but human petting zoo animals.


VitaLonga t1_j11972t wrote

I don’t think the takeaway from this is going to be about the royal family but rather that Harry and Meghan suck.

I find it hilarious that Reddit is all up in arms about constitutional monarchies (but weirdly only about the British one) while stanning their favorite corporations and geopolitical bad actors. Just lol


22Seres t1_j11ym4c wrote

How many people actually "stan" them? I can tell you that I won't spend a single solitary second watching this show or even watching a trailer for it. The only interest I have in them, and I think the same for many others, is the absolute bizarre level of hatred that some have for them, and Meghan in particular. Jeremy Clarkson demonstrated that recently when he decided to write about how he has a level of hatred toward her that's even greater than his level of hatred toward a notorious serial killer (Rose West).


berserkuh t1_j12up0a wrote

I don't know what weird reddit you go to, but nobody here likes anybody. Every corporation except for Costco is hated, and every political figure is also hated. The only exceptions are American republicans but that's because they're closer to a cult than an organization.


Yourbubblestink t1_j11uk7n wrote

Just finished the Harry and Megan reality show. Im really looking forward to next installment which will center around the upcoming failure of their marriage and their subsequent and ugly divorce.

That should come out sometime after Harry grows/wakes up and realizes that he got played - she stole the Crown Jewels


vagif t1_j12uq8v wrote

She is far richer than Harry, you idiot. If there's a gold digger in this marriage, it is him.


elixeter t1_j14l3vz wrote

Where did you get the data for this?


IgetAllnumb86 t1_j12ah37 wrote

Oof, according to that thumbnail I should start watching Wednesday.


Mister_Weiss t1_j13htwi wrote

You absolutely should. Only because it’s clever, fun, and very well done.


Mister_Weiss t1_j13hi91 wrote

Loved Wednesday. I will NEVER watch the other show. I’d rather stick knitting needles in my eyes.


dat_silversun t1_j137muz wrote

I just finished the series yesterday. I liked it. Tim Burton always makes a project visually interesting. I don’t understand the hype though. A lot of the story was predictable, and also felt as though it was catered towards a younger audience. As I said, I did enjoy it, so I’ll watch a continuation, but I’m just surprised by it being as successful as it has been.


Vanman04 t1_j13afh9 wrote

>felt as though it was catered towards a younger audience

My daughter loved it. I suspect the younger viewers are making up a large portion of the numbers. I watched it with my daughter I thought there were some great parts but it was clearly going for the harry potter demo.


Uptopdownlowguy t1_j141rqk wrote

Don't drag Harry Potter into this, those are timeless classics for all ages. I'd say the Twilight demographic is more accurate


bhayn t1_j14rb8i wrote

I’d like to both upvote and downvote this comment


senorbolsa t1_j1d5tf1 wrote

Yeah I have no idea how I feel about that comment, it's needlessly antagonistic, but the first two films were aimed at kids a bit (just like the books were meant to grow with the kids reading them) but they are genuinely enjoyable films for all ages. (Whatever the writer who shall not be named is up to the books and films still are what they are and pretty good)

Twilight was purpose built for that tween/teen reader/viewer and I don't think there's anything wrong with that teens think different and want to put themselves in these stories and explore the world that way.


Dankstin t1_j13axog wrote

What's so great about Wednesday?


11165EB t1_j14vpbf wrote

It's light watching, interesting enough story, but Jenna Ortega steals the show. Emmy level acting in a CW show basically. It's aimed toward kids/teens but still a very enjoyable watch imo


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Vitvang t1_j13iq7a wrote

Trash acting and shit characters


slothen2 t1_j1423bu wrote

I've never particularly cared for the Addams family or Tim Burton but I quite enjoyed Wednesday. I just really enjoyed the tone and the mix of campy humor and violence. My only gripe was the ending felt a bit rushed and many characters didn't really get a good payoff for their arcs. A lot of very interesting scenes got skipped so there could be a big reveal moment when Wednesday levies an accusation.


Timmy24000 t1_j14n57g wrote

I loved Wednesday but not as much as The Queen’s Gambit. Absolutely no interest in watching Harry and Meghan


AssStuffing t1_j11xxfc wrote



Jason2648 t1_j12fphh wrote

its funny,americans only think americans watch netflix.the only people watching harry and meghan are eurotrash

to bad they dont have some republican streaming app that made a documentary on the trumps......oh wait,i think discovery plus did it


chrispy145 t1_j12ta28 wrote

Are you having a stroke? Almost every other word is misspelled or just doesn't make sense.