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Western_Camp7920 t1_j135dqu wrote

What's your opinion on 1899? Less than 40m households watched it. Considering 60 m bodget will it get renewed?
Sandman had around 150m budget (15m per episode) and got renewed with less than 50m households watch.
Lookism getting to the top ten for second week is a good sign right? Or was it a week with not much foreign shows?


lightsongtheold t1_j14m7q8 wrote

1899 finished its four week run with 32.8 million equivalent complete viewings. I’ve tagged 30 million as the target for renewal. Which means 1899 is a bubble show. It should get renewed as it just past the cut-off mark and showed solid legs (which Netflix likes) but as you mention it was an expensive show with an estimate of $8 million per episode so that could work against it.

I feel like this is a real bubble show. I’m leaning towards saying they will renew 1899 but I’ll not be totally surprised if they do not. I’d also not be surprised if it did get a season two with the second season being announced as the final one.

I do hope they renew 1899. It was a good show and the ratings were OK. Deserves at least one more season.

I think the fate of 1899 will be very interesting for informing us on the renewal threshold for Netflix shows.

It is definitely a good sign that Lookism has charted two weeks in a row. Most anime miss the charts. Appearing in the charts is definitely good for its renewal chances. Sonic Prime also just turned in an excellent performance and looks a lock for renewal at this point. Poor Dragon Age doomed. Which is a pity as I quite enjoyed that one after it recovered from a sluggish opening episode to end up a fun D&D style fantasy tale.


Western_Camp7920 t1_j14vkkg wrote

Thanks for your answer. Really appreciate it.
I also liked 1899, think these creators are one of the few ones I totally follow and hope Netflix continues working with them, even as a prestigious move (like they buy the distribution rights to some award winner movies and documentaries) although the views are not bad as you said.
Haven't checked out Sonic Prime actually. But yeah it's doing pretty good and Netflix will continue it.
I think Castelvania and Arcane had set the bar so high people get easily bored if show doesn't start great. Which is a shame cause I liked the world and Lore of DA.


Mister_Weiss t1_j13hra3 wrote

Sandman was excellent, I thought. I think people’s idea of what it is, and it IS a little weird, may be keeping it from rising to the top