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Dissident_is_here t1_j0xgpb8 wrote

Not remotely close, other than the fact that both are centered on powerful families. Yellowstone is like if they stripped all the comedy, rich dialogue, social commentary, and tight plotting out of Succession; moved it to Montana; made all the characters paper thin and one note; and added ridiculous amounts of over-the-top drama and action.


kazh t1_j0xkq39 wrote

Succession writing also doesn't babysit its characters. Sheridan keeps the main characters in safe gray areas because he very much panders to a demographic with them.


Tracedinair76 t1_j0za0id wrote

Which is a shame because I really loves Hell or Highwater and Windriver.


Dandan0005 t1_j0zrera wrote

Someone said the scenery is the best character in Yellowstone and I couldn’t agree more.


thedon572 t1_j10htzc wrote

Yeah one of those the setting is the best character kinda things


exodus3252 t1_j10n1rr wrote


Seeing Kelly Reilly in tight fitting clothing is a close second.


The_Voice_Of_Ricin t1_j0xih15 wrote

Haha I love Succession and have only seen one extended scene from Yellowstone, but I had a feeling it was exactly as you described.


austin06 t1_j10epjb wrote

This is just perfectly put. Thank you.


staffu22 t1_j11ggyz wrote

1883 is drastically better. Couldn't stand Yellowstone, but 1883 was great.