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KYWizard t1_j21k8is wrote

Well if it doesn't grab you in the first *checks notes* two seconds then it probably isn't worth your time.


gmredditt t1_j21jf6r wrote

It gets much better once Bill Murray shows up


Old-timeyprospector t1_j21kv8t wrote

Well you made it through the credits and that’s by far the hardest part to get through. It really doesn’t get going until five or six frames in but if it doesn’t grab you by the sixth frame the show is probably not for you.


usernamy t1_j21k079 wrote

It gets much, much worse after the first season.


try2bcool69 t1_j21o4hc wrote

I was blown away by the first season, after that I couldn’t stand how stupid almost everyone in the show was, in almost every way you can possibly be stupid.


stormie_sarge t1_j21va4v wrote

It turned into some twisted post apocolyptic sitcom that somehow had zombies in season 2 forward. Season one had both charecters and world building, but after that it seemed like alot of apocolyptic troupes and charectors but the world developement just stopped


series_hybrid t1_j21kdjr wrote

First season is not bad. I never knew why at the time, but information got around with all the reasons it went downhill.


JFAJoe t1_j21l2if wrote

In all seriousness, the show peaked around Season 5 or 6. I really liked it until then, but if you’re not into it by the end of Season 1, then I’d say you can give it a pass.


Maninhartsford t1_j21lghj wrote

End of season 5 is a good ending of the show to me.

Edit - to be clear, it's not just that it gets worse afterwards. It actually feels like an ending, and the characters are all still people we want to watch.


SHREDDY_M3RCURY t1_j21ns2l wrote

After s5 it was just episode after episode of character introduction/back story. My god was it tedious to watch, totally missing the mark everytime.


EvilCeleryStick t1_j21osa6 wrote

Peaked? It peaked at the end of the pilot. But yes it has other good moments, however that opening episode is some of the best television ever made (in my humble opinion).


Maninhartsford t1_j21laf5 wrote

I hate establishing shots! Like, talk about filler, get to the POINT!


pawdog t1_j21ns26 wrote

Yeah of season one didn't grab you then it's never going to. Season one of the Walking Dead is some of the best TV in history. Not every show is going to be for everybody though.


Elite_Slacker t1_j21kvtz wrote

really, dont waste your time on this one. it has its moments but twd is really mediocre and really long.


waveball03 t1_j21jfs2 wrote

Season 1 is the first low point, then in season 2 or 3 you reach a high point, then it hits all new lows the rest of the way.


xxbiohazrdxx t1_j21pdii wrote

Can you share whatever drugs you’re currently on?


Belostoma t1_j21kafv wrote

If you don't like it after two seasons, you probably just don't like it.


njdevils901 t1_j21l28v wrote

I quit when I realized it is the same, tired formula used every single season


FiveNations54 t1_j21l3mt wrote

The show never lived up to the hype that was the comics.


bluish-velvet t1_j21ltc1 wrote

It was only after reading the comics that I was able to enjoy the show better.


Yourbubblestink t1_j21l8et wrote

Quit after season 3 it all just starts to spin after that and undoes all of the magic.


OB1KENOB t1_j21nup5 wrote

The show is phenomenal, there’s a reason why it was a huge fan sensation. It’s got stakes, interesting/badass/iconic characters, and very awesome villains. I believe the viewership was highest during season 5, people LOVED it. I’d keep watching 😎


usernameBS t1_j21pcl1 wrote

I would counter and say it’s the same shit episode after episode with lackluster character arch’s and plot lines I cared little about.

To each their own though


OB1KENOB t1_j21r31m wrote

Definitely a lot of repetition, but I personally found it very entertaining.

And the music…. Oh yeah 😎


Wallisaurus t1_j21ogpa wrote

I literally see The Office thread and now this

Will you guys fuck off with these stupid threads.

If you don’t like it stop watching. Otherwise power through and see if you like it more.

These threads are so pointless and is all I’m running into in here.


jkof300 OP t1_j21otuw wrote

this was supposed to be a satire of those posts. i havent seen a second of the series


shadowlovesme t1_j21ojvt wrote

You posted this 37min ago….is it still on the establishing shot? You may need to unpause it. Otherwise, has it gotten any better for you? Wait until you meet Merle & Darrel a little ways in….


jkof300 OP t1_j21pccn wrote

im waiting on the paused shot to see if people tell me to continue. still tallying the results


zGnRz t1_j21pyk3 wrote

Jesus I hope this is satire.

TWD is good for about 5 or 6 seasons roughly


alphabetxxxx t1_j21uijc wrote

The amount of people in this thread who don’t see this is a joke


reddig33 t1_j21v5ym wrote

No. It does not. The first season was the best season. Then AMC ran off the show runner and it devolved.


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uber_damage t1_j21k7dx wrote

I found it hard to get into in season 1, but I feel it definitely worth watching up to season 8. There is some real payoff.


joeinterner t1_j21lagm wrote

Not…really. If you’re interested, the comics are 100% worth a read, and will give you most of the same talking points.


zeza71 t1_j21m689 wrote

Best pilot I’ve ever seen. If you don’t like it now it’s not for you.


zwermp t1_j21n4zw wrote

2 seconds?


zhyrafa t1_j21n5li wrote

Stopped at season 3 when realized they’re reusing scenes or something from season 1 (assuming 🙄).

Was very interesting at first, gets old and boring pretty fast


giventofly2 t1_j21njyh wrote

Wait until 22 seconds in, that's when shit really hits the fan and gets you hooked. Unfortunately by the 1 min mark they start killing everyone randomly and it's just the same shit every second


norsh44 t1_j21npsj wrote

Honestly that show is pretty good if you fast forward through all the bs. Which is 80% of the show.

I finished 8 seasons in a day and it was a pretty good day.


Angus_Ripper t1_j21o9x6 wrote

If you don't like first season, skip it. It gets progressively worse from there.


wallsofj t1_j21p8v7 wrote

It's slowly gets better each season. The first spinoff starts off even better and improves infinitely each season. The second spinoff is the best show ever made. I haven't started watching the third spinoff as I'm still reeling from the awesomeness of the second spinoff.


Darksidedrive t1_j21pa7t wrote

Idk I tried to watch for 7 minutes but I feel like they didn’t even try to develop the character half naked zombie 7 so I gave up


Gantara t1_j21pmnw wrote

No. Once the prison arc happens, it goes downhill from there.

The comic is 1000x better. Please read that instead


DroobyDooby t1_j21sjq6 wrote

Season one is great, season 2 was pretty good. it follows a pretty standard cycle after the first season.

go to place>shocking death>settle down>meet some people> start storyline with recently met people>zombies>deal with zombies or wrap up storyline with new people>do the other one now> leave place due to zombies or people>go to place.

This show does not require a full watch through and has alot of good stopping places. Just quit watching when you feel like it


parabolee t1_j21szf8 wrote

Yes, then worse, then better, then much worse, then much better, then much much worse. I gave up after that, there have been about 3 seasons since then. Maybe give it a pass and read the vastly better comic or play the superb Telltale game series.

EDIT: To be clear I am talking way past those first few seconds. Which are really as good as it ever gets.


dwhips t1_j21tz7q wrote

Episode 1 is great. Season 1 is great. I stopped during season 4 but I'd recommend s1&2


Techutante t1_j21u973 wrote

The first couple seasons are good. The Spinoffs and later seasons were mostly bad. Carol is cool.

Also, I see what you did there, but that was like 5 seconds ago and I can't pay attention anymore.


karsh36 t1_j21utoz wrote

😂 had a serious reply in mind until I saw the 2 seconds thing

Regardless I’m going to say: TWDs first season is probably it’s best season because it doesn’t have to forcibly spread itself out over ~20 episodes like the other seasons


beccabarnes420 t1_j21o6o1 wrote

Yes it gets better bit not until season 2. The first season is all explanations and story set up. Stick it out though its a good one.


retroracer33 t1_j21pf80 wrote

bad attempt at satire


jkof300 OP t1_j21r6de wrote

sorry im not a comedy connoisseur like mr. memeteam


Razvancb t1_j21lhan wrote

Well, its better than game of thrones.

Worse than average show.

(Well i saw everything and i like it, but Still Worse than avg)