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Audityne t1_j1msues wrote

There’s only so many times I can watch the Jaime and Claire get separated and then rescue each other plot line that happens every season.

Fortunately, I haven’t hit that cap yet! Bring on season 7! This is not the worlds best tv show but fuck it’s a fun guilty pleasure.


cedped t1_j1nocqy wrote

I've also had it enough with the raping! the writers love raping characters left and right!


HawgWarsh t1_j1nvuxy wrote

Sometimes from both directions at once!


stupidwebsite22 t1_j1nxe6c wrote

Hahahahaha this was literally my family. They were at S1-2 and it was rape after rape that my family member just gave up


cedped t1_j1ny3d3 wrote

I quit when their daughter who time-traveled to them after decades also got raped upon arrival! It's like it's a rite of passage in their world!


stupidwebsite22 t1_j1rcotv wrote

Lmao now u got me curious haha

But yeah the show is like a darker version of Fifty shades of grey.the authors rape fantasies


ThatEvanFowler t1_j1q6ero wrote

I was watching with a friend when we got to the "Black Jack rapes a young boy because whatever" scene and he just got up and left. I was like, yeah.


slipperyMonkey07 t1_j1sxsfg wrote

From a friend who has read the series this seems to be a complaint with the books as well. I guess it gets less later on according to them but no idea if that is true or just them getting used to it.


sanseiryu t1_j1n4xqb wrote

Season 6 was cut short due to Covid, so I read that season 7 will be an extended episode season with the unfinished season 6 episodes added. More episodes the better!


Chlodio t1_j1pzpzo wrote

Season 6 did end rather poorly. The entire season was a bit strange like nothing happened until the final episode, and then everything happened.


ajamuso t1_j1q0b2c wrote

I was shocked it was just over. Didn’t know it’d be short


TheSenileTomato t1_j1pe7pp wrote

When I had Direct TV and they did the previews for the weekend promoting the show (around the time Black Sails was going), I got to watch the show.

Started off interesting but then it devolved from there, the commentators brought it up, but that’s what led me to kinda dropping the show.

The last episode I vaguely remember watching was >!Claire gets sick and loses her child from the sickness and she’s trying to find Jaime.!<

Other than that, I kinda blanked out on the show.

No hate, like what you want. I’m honestly surprised it’s still going (^must ^be ^nice ^not ^being ^on ^HBO ^for ^once… ^too ^soon?)


Narvarre t1_j1ogg09 wrote

This is pretty much how I feel, a Combat medic who has seen some of the worst horrors that mankind can inflict on each other and stayed sane. And nowadays all she does is scream "Jamie!" in that very Claire way every time something goes wrong., someone drops a pail of milk "Jamie!" whats that, timmy's stuck in the well..."Jamie!" Feels like a meme to me now, I cringe every time it happens. Miss seeing her be cool, hope they stop making her a damsel in distress.


doligab512 t1_j1n7ha3 wrote

Oh man, can't wait to find out who's plot line gets advanced by getting raped this season.


Lucky2BinWA t1_j1na4zz wrote

LOL LOL LOL! Every time a new character was introduced, I'd wonder "which orifice will be violated on THIS person?"

I am one that lost interest around S3. Once the secret was out about Claire's time travel plus the incessant rape - dropped it. And I like some dark shit so that's saying something.


Chlodio t1_j1q0op3 wrote

>Claire's time travel plus the incessant rape

Claire didn't get raped until much later. There were multiple attempts, but none succeed. Unless you consider King Louis offering to release Jaime if she agrees to fuck him, which I don't.


bernsteinschroeder t1_j1oaisl wrote

Ya know...I'm gonna just stop being feeling bad I can't get past the first episode before tuning out.


preppytarg t1_j1mqlrl wrote

I was super into this show for the first 3-4 seasons, but I fell off.


FloatingPencil t1_j1n68ll wrote

I wasn’t keen on the 20 year time jump (same with the books) and interest really dropped when it moved to America. Still watch it but I’m not jumping on every episode the moment it’s released anymore.


keving87 t1_j1ncqgu wrote

Same, and I'm not all that into the storylines coming up... but I do hope the show gets to finish. Diana Gabaldon is writing the 10th and final book now, so if nothing else I hope she gets it done and they can condense the seasons into multiple books where possible without losing key things.

I'm not at all interested in the prequel series though.


orderinthefort t1_j1n18tb wrote

It was only interesting when it was still in Europe and the time travel was still a mystery, which both concluded with Season 3. The mystery being solved + them going to America completely ruined it. Nobody wants to see colonial America, especially Americans. And especially with no mystery to keep it fresh.


jlesnick t1_j1n1vrl wrote

See I love when things slow down in America and it becomes more about their day to to day lives.


GlockGuy- t1_j1o3azl wrote

The only thing that bugs me about the plot in America is the fact that they settled right in the middle of what Claire knows will become a war zone in the coming years. Hell, head west and discover gold in California 75 years early or something.


LostAbbott t1_j1p51pi wrote

Come on dude. She wants to stick around and see who will rape her next. It is like the spice of life in this world. We cannot have her moving off to Cali and getting raped by Natives, that would be very in PC. Also how else is she going to safely cheat of Jamie with out the possibility of rape hiding behind every corner.


no_name_left_to_give t1_j1ngz5c wrote

Ron Moore, the original show runner, left halfway through season 3 but his influence could still be felt through the reminder of the season and even in some parts the following season. Moving the location of the story to America was and continues to be a drag, but what really made it bad were some of the terrible screen writing decisions (the switch in the ring that was stolen and the aftermath of that, Roger and Bree's fight, not having Bree getting to know the Murrys, just Roger in general, Claire and Jamie missing the birth etc) that needlessly departed from the events in the books.

Season 6 kinda returned to form so if I'd recommend you'd catch up.


horseren0ir t1_j1oaxyf wrote

Season 6 was terrible, nothing happened all season and then when it finally did the season was over


Kellythejellyman t1_j1njb8h wrote

at this point i’m mostly here for McCreary’s score and Huegan’s….everything


Mammoth_Feedback542 t1_j1n8xtz wrote

Great show, wife and I would make a big stake and sit down at the table where we can watch all the characters get raped. Truly a romantic and heart warming show to watch.


HawgWarsh t1_j1ncm12 wrote

We still have a few characters that haven’t been raped, so maybe soon?


Mammoth_Feedback542 t1_j1nmg57 wrote

Ya I’m excited for next season.


HawgWarsh t1_j1ntayc wrote

I know it’s not that kind of show, but I really wish they would time travel to the future where they are the backwards thinkers.


HawgWarsh t1_j1ntc8g wrote

Just imagine how many future people would be raped and/or taught to rape.


Chlodio t1_j1q0xdy wrote

I don't think Roger has been raped yet, who else is there? Didn't Young Ian get raped by the Witch?


HawgWarsh t1_j1q4fxu wrote

And he’s a bit of a wet blanket in the character department. A bit of a raping might help him blossom and connect with the audience.


DarianF t1_j1ndd9k wrote

So, is this show a dark comedy? Like a parody? Because according to the comments, there's an obscene amount of rape.


NickDB902 t1_j1nh5k4 wrote

There is a lot of it. A dude rapes a dude (was a shocking scene and my girlfriend walked in with that scene and was disgusted), a bunch of women get raped , if I recall a couple them of them do a few times. I haven’t watched in quite a while and need to watch the newest season.

I love alot of the show but it’s anchor of these sexual violence scenes do get out of hand at times


yazzy1233 t1_j1nhsit wrote

Just not the women,but the men and children as well. Too many people have gotten sexually assaulted and raped in this show. People will argue "bUt iTS ACurAtE", like, no, this show is someone's kink


Jed1m1ndtr1cks t1_j1o9b2x wrote

Is it accurate rape was more common in the Era? Sure. Is it accurate that everyone in a family of 4 would be raped in that Era? No. Not at all.


[deleted] t1_j1q1ycr wrote



Jed1m1ndtr1cks t1_j1rf457 wrote

Yet all of those things happened, and usually WITHOUT rape. So, one family suddenly suffering that much assault is a little extra.


NickDB902 t1_j1ni0rh wrote

Ah I forgot about a lot of it. I took long breaks in between watching.

I do remember people on the show having a problem with the authors writing (since it’s based off a book) and said they found it a over the top. And remember the subreddits and other groups with people sharing that same opinion.

So it’s def the authors kink.


Kate2point718 t1_j1p2ljw wrote

Seriously, just in their family you've got Jamie, Claire, their daughter, their adopted son, and their nephew who have all been raped. It's just way too much.


Open-Election-3806 t1_j1nqide wrote

That scene was rough. My wife covered her eyes for that one. Plus he hammered a nail through his hand before raping him


Try_Another_Please t1_j1o5oxz wrote

There's a lot but it only stands out because most shows where rape should be a plot point avoid it lol


Puzzled-Journalist-4 t1_j1o56a5 wrote

Comments on this thread was something I didn't expect. It's one of my mom's favorite shows. Mom, what the hell have you been watching?😭


insan3soldiern t1_j1o5idu wrote

Haven't watched it but I kind of expect that a lot of this is exaggerations tbh.


horseren0ir t1_j1ocdxk wrote

There’s like at least 1 rape per season, sometimes more or at the very least an attempted rape


Lursmani1 t1_j1orh8r wrote

Not at all. There's more rape in this show than anything I've watched. Unnecessary amount of detail as well. I'm no prude about sex, but this show really feels like the writer wanted to satisfy her kinks - hunky scots and rape.


cedped t1_j1pdjt9 wrote

Not really. The main Character Claire, her husband, her daughter, her adopted son and her nephew have all been raped at least once and they all share a rapist.


Yourlordensavior t1_j1odyzc wrote

There was something really special about the first couple of seasons that were set in Scotland and post WW2.

The British Empire, the Battle of Culloden, Scottish Highlander culture, and time jumps to the 1940s and 1950s, showing the ruins and old castles in real time vs their peak when they were full of life etc. were all extremely interesting. It was also framed in a way that made it feel believable. Unfortunately, starting with the France timeline it just got repetitive and any sense of believability just went out the window. It's like they go out of their way for these two to meet every major historical figure from the 1750s in Europe to the 1770s in America. The Colonial America timeline is pretty much unbearable at this point. Besides the repetitive storylines, it's just too clean and tension is just created for the sake of creating tension and doesn't seem to have any part of the story and isn't how people would act in those situations. I've kept watching it because the two leads are amazing and I keep hoping it will capture that same magic from the first season but that doesn't seem likely.


d0gwater t1_j1r133c wrote

Agreed 100%.

Scotland felt like a main character to me. Hasn’t been the same since it moved from there. Haven’t watched season 6 yet.


GlockGuy- t1_j1o326w wrote

I enjoy the show but wish it leaned on the time travel element a bit harder. Also wish we could see one of the people from the past go to the future just to see their reactions.


RhesusWithASpoon t1_j1npn9n wrote

I tried watching this show. I can't put a finger on it but while objectively it seems like a show I would get into something about it just didn't click with me


Udzinraski2 t1_j1nwgx8 wrote

For me it was the main character obnoxiously monologuing over ever little detail. There's scenes in season one where someone would give her a long, lingering dirty look, and then the next scene would be her walking down a hallway thinking to herself "I need to avoid them, they seem sus..." like ya think?! They literally just showed us that. It was like that over and over I felt like I was being spoonfed a story that wasn't that complicated. Then s1 ended on male on male rape between an English and Irishman in the middle of a genocide and that was my "wtf even is this?"


lillypad-thai t1_j1o4l2q wrote

On a scale 1-99, how many sadistic rape scenes will there be this season?

As many rape scene as it takes to get Diana Gabladon off


OB1KENOB t1_j1n6tg6 wrote

Love this show!!!


lanternjuice t1_j1oolhy wrote

Claire!? Jaime! Claire?!?!!! Jaime!!!?


Twigling t1_j1pnrg7 wrote

Ah yes, the misery, rape and torture show - I gave up some time during season 2.


guccilemonadestand t1_j1ppfym wrote

Same. It just kept fucking happening. Like every day the servant has to swing by for their daily rape. I started fast forwarding through the scenes but then there are the near rapes. Just had to turn it off.


Summerclaw t1_j1nqq0e wrote

That series is still going?


gerd50501 t1_j1nz842 wrote

what book are they up to in the show?


WrongdoerIndependent t1_j1setzh wrote

Season 7 covers book 6 and 7


gerd50501 t1_j1sfeqr wrote

is this book going to be the last in the series? it was her first book in 7 years?

Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone


WrongdoerIndependent t1_j1u1l72 wrote

That is the ninth book. She is writing a tenth book, which may or may not be the final book of the main series.


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Status-Stick t1_j1oplad wrote

They do butt stuff in this show?


clvrusernombre t1_j1pcwl3 wrote

Damnit. I really need them to fix Jamie’s hair


anasui1 t1_j1pq5qs wrote

bloody hell this thing still going? My fiance loved it (she in love with Tobias Menzies) but thankfully she never forced me to watch


just-kath t1_j1pv7xa wrote

I am a huge fan of the books and have been since I stumbled on Outlander when it came out so many years ago. I have watched a fair number of episodes of the show, not nearly all, but stopped midway through S6 and don't plan to watch any future episodes. I will read book 10 and any other books related to the series. I am hoping that the Master Raymond book becomes a reality. I reread the series each time a new book comes out


edit/ clarify


yazzy1233 t1_j1nhf20 wrote

I hate this show so much. Im only gonna watch it when it comes to Netflix, not a second before