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repwin1 t1_j1qnz59 wrote

I just want a season 3 of Raised by Wolves


Pickupyoheel t1_j1qvdpv wrote

This is the real answer right here.

I haven't felt that upset at a show cancellation since Firefly.


Shepard521 t1_j1qwhia wrote

Dam right! Season 2 left me hanging.


Battlescarred98 t1_j1rew1g wrote

Left Marcus hanging too.


Shepard521 t1_j1rlxsx wrote

After seeing how high Sol left him, I was going to praise Sol too. Dang, now I can’t even rewatch because it’s been stripped off HBO.


travisfogs t1_j1rr3vn wrote

....I did not realize they took it off completely.... My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined


The_Dough_Boi t1_j1t7g5u wrote

Didn’t know they did that to Raised By Wolves too..

Fuck HBO max


repwin1 t1_j1qwtou wrote

All I want is 1 more season to answer some questions and wrap up the story. More than 1 season would be nice but I think they could do everything in 1 if they know it will be the last.


Hotdogfromparadise t1_j1qwdas wrote

If the show can't be revived, a prequel series set right before the war would be worth pitching.


Shepard521 t1_j1rlix6 wrote

Shoot I’ll take anything, even a game set with evading Necromancers 😂


214ObstructedReverie t1_j1wg900 wrote

I thought the Necromancer would make a good c'tan shard proxy for 40k. I should print one...


iVarun t1_j1ug754 wrote

Or make a movie that ends the story at least. Actors and viewers both get closure and not super expensive I'd imagine.


Hotdogfromparadise t1_j1ukgf9 wrote

Ugh. Those can be a real mixed bag though. The Deadwood movie and Sopranos prequel are examples.

The Fear Street model of a series of movies tying a main plot line together would be worth considering


MokMyWords t1_j1qt5kn wrote

Agreed. Couldn’t really care less about any of the shows on the list.


iwannahitthelotto t1_j1t6cbz wrote

And now it’s never going to happen because it seems Mother actress moved on to other projects. Fuck HBO and discovery


PompeiiSketches t1_j1uao7m wrote

Same. It was the most unique show I have watched in awhile.

Although, that season 2 first cgi scene was the writing on the wall. Knew it was probably over after that season.


BrackAttack t1_j1qra1d wrote

From the article:

Caitlin Albers - Batgirl

Nina Starner - The Baby-Sitter's Club

Pauli Poisuo - Dynasty

Kim Bell - Warrior Nun

Tom Meisfjord - Legends of Tomorrow

Kieran Fisher - Paper Girls

Aahil Dayani - Scoob! Holiday Haunt

Russell Murray - Westworld

Nick Staniforth - The Wilds


reddig33 t1_j1qs5f6 wrote

Westworld should’ve been canceled a long time ago.


jogoso2014 t1_j1qxp4l wrote

Disagree but the final season could have easily doubled as a series finale and was fantastic.


RealJohnGillman t1_j1rba33 wrote

The second-to-last episode had an excellent ending.


Murdock07 t1_j1rrw4c wrote

The Man Who Sold the World was such a good choice of music for that ending. I was pleasantly surprised for how that season went, shame we won’t get to see the rest of the story wrapped up


Magic_Man_Boobs t1_j1ro2qa wrote

Still can't believe they just fully removed the entire show from HBOmax though. That service is racing Netflix down the drain.


facebook57 t1_j1sb9y6 wrote

Yep, great concept so poorly executed after S1.


ozmega t1_j1v8exp wrote

s03 had me thinking "this is getting cancelled", they had a 4th out of "nowhere"


carella211 t1_j1rnxt3 wrote

Im not upset by any of those being cancelled. Some of those are okay, but most deserved their cancellation imo.


aw-un t1_j1sl6s6 wrote

I’d wager that’s more due to you’re not in the demographic of these shows.

Out of this list, only Legends of Tomorrow and Westworld fit the Reddit demographic.


BigPoppaPuff t1_j1vvovk wrote

Clearly not enough people were in the demographics overall if these got the boot…


LostAbbott t1_j1sf0bl wrote

Yeah, I feel like the last two weeks of Dec. Are for last trash TV writing, which is saying something since most of the time it is worse than sports writing...


Stompanee t1_j1sdvxj wrote

Devastated by Paper girls…


bryanthebryan t1_j1sh0ai wrote

I have the first couple graphic novels and really enjoyed them. I didn’t watch the show because I was afraid they’d pull the plug and I didn’t want to get invested in it if that were to be the case. Sadly, that is the case.


DarkMasterPoliteness t1_j1ule26 wrote

You should still watch it if you’re reading the comics. It’s pretty good and you can always finish the story through the comics. It’s got some really touching moments. The one scene in the theater made me cry


coffee_eyes t1_j1t51xh wrote

Legends of Tomorrow is the real painful cancellation out of this list.


ivmeow t1_j1utods wrote

Not even a proper ending. It ended on a cliffhanger. That one really hurt.


vmp10687 t1_j1tsbpo wrote

I agree on Westworld. They also forgot Y the Last Man


nuclearshockwave t1_j1t53ge wrote

Teranova was cool too.


LomaSpeedling t1_j224i5e wrote

A I miss that show. I actually had a really nice conversation with Jason O'Mara about it. Wish it got a sequel.


sleepyotter92 t1_j1tca00 wrote

out of these i've only watched 4 and legends is the only one i'm upset about


Several_Magazine8874 t1_j1ubziq wrote

Who would want to watch a Batgirl movie?

Man, these writers are lazy and dceu has been a mess.


e_x_i_t t1_j1ucfeh wrote

I was actually looking forward to the Batgirl movie.


SvenTropics t1_j1t88vk wrote

I was going to add a bunch, but I realized this is just 2022.


reallyoldgreg t1_j1qnygp wrote

Raised by Wolves hurts. Such a great show I don’t understand why it was cancelled


JohnnyMojo t1_j1qt5jy wrote

Because HBO is a giant mess right now and even though RBW was some of the best sci-fi created, the majority of people unfortunately want easy to follow, lobotomized content that doesn't make them think too hard.


CheesyObserver t1_j1s88kv wrote

This has “You need a high IQ to understand Rick and Morty” energy all over it.

HBO is a giant mess right now and not enough people watched it to appease its new overlords, that’s about it.

Stop blaming other people that they didn’t want to watch your favourite show.


BeefStrykker t1_j1s40iy wrote

I had a conversation about HBO’s cancellation shitshow on Christmas Eve while at a party. I mentioned RBW, and several people immediately panned it. I said something to the effect of “Well, I just appreciated a good Alien side story to build out a possible new universe”. Confusion ensued. My girlfriend and I were the only 2 people at a party of ~30 to 40 people who were aware of RBW’s existence in the Alien universe. Some of the people who panned the show earlier immediately jumped on the novel argument that RBW got cancelled because it should’ve had Aliens in it.

A lot of people apparently don’t pay attention to what’s behind much of the TV/movie entertainment these days. Or I hang out in the wrong crowds. Or both?


JohnnyMojo t1_j1s5u3e wrote

Yeah that sounds about right. No one in my close friend or family circle knew about it. I tried to tell some people to watch it but no one did. The show didn't have much marketing behind it and it seemed like HBO didn't really care to prop it up much to begin with. Hard original sci-fi is a tough sell which is unfortunate because it's often the most rewarding and entertaining.


Locke_Moghan t1_j1shm4i wrote

> Hard original sci-fi is a tough sell

I find this very surprising. Hard original sci-fi is in such short supply that all sci-fi fans jump on whatever is available.

The usual arguments by studio heads are about the larger budget, not the popularity.


RIPN1995 t1_j1scksd wrote

>ntioned RBW, and several people immediately panned it. I said something to the effect of “Well, I just appreciated a good Alien side story to build out a possible new universe”. Confusion ensued. My girlfriend and I were the only 2 people at a party of ~30 to 40 people who were aware of RBW’s existence in the Alien universe.

Tbf I saw season 1 and had no clue about this at all.


Snuffl3s7 t1_j1s4afw wrote

Idk I watched the pilot and it just didn't seem very good. I have no issues with watching hard to follow content, Twin Peaks is my favourite show.


[deleted] t1_j1s58d3 wrote



Snuffl3s7 t1_j1s5upg wrote

I'm not basing my opinion of the entire show on the pilot, I don't have one. But it's the pilot's job to get me to watch the rest of the show, which it failed to do.

Twin Peaks has one of the strongest pilots of all time, in contrast. Even relatively poorly written shows like Lost have great pilots, and that goes a long way.


JohnnyMojo t1_j1s76ls wrote

I get it to some degree but a show can only do so much within it's first episode. RBW was like a puzzle that only gets weirder and weirder as it goes on.


Snuffl3s7 t1_j1t2mhl wrote

I don't think it's about how much happens, but how it's executed.


james_carr9876 t1_j2di5qb wrote

I definitely don’t think Lost is poorly written, I would’ve used The Walking Dead as an example of a poorly written show with a great pilot.


Snuffl3s7 t1_j2dudmx wrote

Really? To me it's very clear from watching 3 seasons of Lost that the writers didn't know where they were going. And also the season-long plot was always very contrived and see-through. Again giving an impression that they were making it up as they went along.

The Walking Dead is in the same boat.


james_carr9876 t1_j2e65v2 wrote

I used to find they had a lot of filler in the middle of the first three but the arcs would pay off brilliantly. The Walking Dead is just a mess tbh.


Snuffl3s7 t1_j2f65km wrote

Brilliant is an exaggeration in my mind. I've watched a lot of shows with better payoffs in half the episodes.


james_carr9876 t1_j2fdgvd wrote

Fair enough it’s just a matter of opinion at the end of the day I guess.


yodimboi t1_j1shkgo wrote

Too expensive, and did not make enough money


LostAbbott t1_j1sfnxg wrote

I think it was too hard to start it. You cannot make your show look like some think 1970's art piece and expect a lot of people to make it past the first 15 minutes...


ThePowerOfStories t1_j1ssqee wrote

Cause it started out really strong, then season 2 descended into a plodding morass that kept tossing out more and more mysteries and never offering up any answers. (Also, it was expensive to film.)


chimchooree t1_j1qjh63 wrote

A better list would have mentioned Joe Pera Talks with You.


interprime t1_j1ruqh7 wrote

I don’t think I’ll ever get over that show’s cancellation. It’s my warm, cozy show that never fails to cheer me up. Joe Pera is a national treasure who needs to be protected at all costs.


jadethebard t1_j1u3f4o wrote

Yes! I will always think of Joe Pera when I hear "Teenage Wasteland." My kid and I only discovered it this year and binged the show together. I was so sad to hear it was canceled. Such a lovely little show.


ColdCruise t1_j1qqfoo wrote

The Nevers had so much potential. It's going to be another one of those shows that people complain about for years.


speashasha t1_j1qzj5p wrote

I was gonna say, The Nevers hurt. Say about Joss Whedon what you will, he does create interesting television worlds even when they flawed and with some of his favorite tropes.


Steve_78_OH t1_j1sb3pb wrote

I absolutely LOVED The Nevers, especially because of Penance and Amalia. I still have hopes that they'll release the 2nd half of the first season (now the series itself), but honestly, fuck HBO.


KayakerMel t1_j1r1ah9 wrote

I enjoyed The Nevers so much but assumed that I simply missed out on the announcement of when more episodes were released. Really bummed that the second "half" of the season was still in limbo.


mailboxfacehugs t1_j1rpuk2 wrote

I really enjoyed Laura Donnelly on The Nevers and I’m glad she got to play Elsa Bloodstone in Werewolf by Night


horseren0ir t1_j1thkub wrote

She plays a similar character in Brittania, I think she’ll do well


ColdCruise t1_j1r6gjt wrote

Apparently, the plan is to release the last 6 episodes on a FAST network; however, without Whedon, I don't have high expectations for the quality.


BHisa t1_j1u8o0e wrote

Whedon was not involved beyond the pilot. So, if you enjoyed what came out I would expect the same for the second half, if it ever happens.


ColdCruise t1_j1u98bi wrote

He was the showrunner. He wrote and directed multiple episodes.


verrius t1_j1tc2c5 wrote

The Nevers was DOA. Joss Whedon was radioactive before the premiere, when all the drama regarding Justice League was coming out. Then he went and doubled down on his woe-is-me schtick 8 months after the premiere, and no one was buying the bs he peddled, so there's no chance WB would have picked it up again, even without Zaslav's axe of destruction carving a path through programming.


LostAbbott t1_j1sfca4 wrote

I think the marketing killed it. The pushed hard on the "woke" women have super powers in victorian angle and that made it seem really one dimensional. Also after the initial marketing push I never heard another thing about it. These day you have to keep your show in front of people until it gets a built in fan base. Then you can just hit it up when a new season is coming.


singleguy79 t1_j1sidu9 wrote

Losing Legends of Tomorrow just when Booster Gold appears is a travesty


fire2374 t1_j1uocht wrote

And played by Donald Faison!

I was just surprised because the show had a good way of letting characters cycle in and out. It was a steady show, not a great show. But given the structure, it had the potential for a long run because the writers could take it in so many directions. They boxed themselves in a bit with their “big bads” in the last couple seasons but had cleared the board enough to take it in a new direction.


jogoso2014 t1_j1qxwdl wrote

Paper Girls had a mediocre first season but a compelling story. It got better over time and I would have loved to see how it continued.


TheBSisReal t1_j1rjhyu wrote

Well, there are always the comics. This one didn’t translate well to tv for me.


LumberjackWeezy t1_j1rw7dx wrote

Night Sky on Prime. They didn't market it at all. Watched the first season out of the blue and it turned out to be slow but great. Found out right after that it wasn't getting a second season.


PorkchopManwiches t1_j1sd3la wrote

Same. Binged when season after watching the trailer. Went to Google when season 2 was coming out...nope


MAD_DOG86 t1_j1tphbp wrote

I saw a lot of ads for it on reddit and some other places, but watching the trailer it didn't really click for me.


JerkyBreathIdiot t1_j1rt911 wrote

I am sad Legends of Tomorrow got cancelled. It was still a really fun show and would have liked to seen it have a real ending. Plus Donald Faison joined the show on the last episode!


Rahawk02 t1_j1s368k wrote

I really couldn’t see him as Booster Gold .


Taoist_Master t1_j1s73ti wrote

Was my wife and I the ONLY ones that enjoyed Warrior Nun?


Steve_78_OH t1_j1sb8c3 wrote

Nope. Not at all. That's also probably why it made it onto Looper's "Most upsetting cancellations" list.


GameWasp t1_j1t220j wrote

Nope, very sad it was cancelled. Still plenty of story that could be told. Very upsetting.


Caitsyth t1_j1tkt8g wrote

Pretty bummed about Half-Bad too.

It may not have been the most original story, but I really enjoyed the show and liked that they let the villains be actual villains for once.


sgthombre t1_j1sa8r6 wrote

Batgirl section of this sucks. “oh man, it was gonna be so bad, don’t you wish you could’ve seen how bad it was 😜🤪”. That’s the best pick you’ve got dude?


GuiltyGun t1_j1sk6jq wrote

I'm honestly surprised that anyone says Batgirl is "the most upsetting tv cancellation of 2022".


Juan-Claudio t1_j1sp0rm wrote

Same someone who didn't even bother to include Raised by Wolves on their list. Not sure who that someone is but i doubt i'd want to be friends with that person.


TL10 t1_j1t5zjn wrote

I for one was really excited to see Brendan Fraser as Firefly. That was going to be his first big budget appearance in ages and I wanted to see what he would do with it.


kevnmartin t1_j1r0tkj wrote

Probably nobody remembers this but Keen Eddie, starring Mark Valley and Sienna Miller. It was sharp, funny and had Julian Rhind-Tutt as a very strange fellow indeed.


Steve_78_OH t1_j1sb6v7 wrote

Keen Eddie was great. I have copies of it, and it's always a great re-watch, but it definitely ends too soon.


blametheboogie t1_j1tpjdz wrote

Julian Rhind-Tutt pretty much always plays strange characters. I don't think I've ever seen him play a normal character, I just expect his characters to be strange at this point.

Keen Eddie was great but I'm not surprised that the general US audience didn't get it. The whole show was a little strange, but not in a bad way.


kevnmartin t1_j1upokj wrote

We loved it. It was such a different show and a breath of fresh air compared to most TV shows.


AmeliaMangan t1_j1zaovm wrote

>Julian Rhind-Tutt pretty much always plays strange characters. I don't think I've ever seen him play a normal character, I just expect his characters to be strange at this point.

Weirdly, he is the most normal character on Britannia (a truly insane show that I absolutely love and which, being on HBO Max, I fear for the future of).


thomstevens420 t1_j1skcpl wrote

Jesus Christ trying to read this site is like being attacked by seagulls on a beach. 40% of the page is just ads. Fuck out of here.


mickeyflinn t1_j1upjko wrote

> Jesus Christ trying to read this site is like being attacked by seagulls on a beach.

OMFG that is a perfect description!


DeadSharkEyes t1_j1szr65 wrote

The Babysitter’s Club was an absolutely lovely adaptation of the books that I loved growing up. I am still really disappointed it was cancelled.


Lozzif t1_j1u85wk wrote

They did the impossible. They modernised it while keeping the spirit of the series.


jblanch3 t1_j1s4jjw wrote

For my money, any show that got a renewal and then got it reversed. Regardless of whether I watched the show or not, that's rough.


TheCarrzilico t1_j1sppj3 wrote

Amazon really blew it with Paper Girls. All I can say is that I've purchased a few Paper Girls TPBs through Amazon, and had Amazon Prime, and the show was already cancelled before I even knew it existed. As bad as targeted advertising is these days, how it could be that I saw no advertisements for it is baffling.


peanutdakidnappa t1_j1t9w8e wrote

Westworld, very much enjoyed s4 and was excited to see how they’d end the story, now we will never get that which sucks, also not getting to see the amazing actors in those roles again hurts, makes me sad I’ll never see Ed Harris as the man in black again in a new episode. Lastly no more new Ramin music that came with westworld which is a fuckin shame because Imo that’s the best work he’s done and that’s a very high bar


speashasha t1_j1qzqii wrote

Tuca and Bertie also deserves a mention. A female-centred animated series by female writers? Such a rare and unique thing and the show knocked it out of the park.

I would also mention Undone, since season 2 has been out for 9 months and still no renewal decision made. Seems like it has ended.


Sydnolle t1_j1tddzl wrote

No Half-Bad?

I really enjoyed Warrior Nun and Paper Girls. Losing Westworld hurts the most though.


Royalwithswiss t1_j1tq1rg wrote

Scrolled all the way to the bottom of these comments to upvote this. I FUCKING loved Half-Bad. I'm tore up.


Sydnolle t1_j1vt5gj wrote

I was surprised it wasn’t mentioned already!


testitinprod t1_j1rovbz wrote

Rutherford Falls. Great show ruined by only being available on Peacock Plus.


Senorspeed t1_j1s7ri7 wrote

Joe pera talks with you isnt on this list, thus this list is invalid


kingoftheg t1_j1rqlx6 wrote

Whereas Witcher Netflix will be disappointing if it DOESN'T get cancelled...


Forsaken_Tip_596 t1_j1stvnz wrote

The bloodbath at the CW this year. I would have loved a:

  1. Legacies Season 5 (S4 though did have a good ending to the Vampire Diaries Universe). Season 4 was overall its best season. They actually acknowledged and crossed over a lot with both Vampire Diaries and the Originals and got away from Malivore

  2. Nancy Drew Season 5 (Ending after upcoming S4)

  3. Dead to Me (Netflix) Would love a 4th season

  4. Ozark (Netflix, Overall I really loved the series but I was so disappointed in those last 5 minutes of the finale)

  5. Roswell, New Mexico (The CW did a decent job ending season 4 but they left it open potentially for a 5th season)

Edit: if we are allowed to put Networks ending (being canceled) on here I would put the CW Network. Nextar killed the CW this year with cancelling 14+ series and counting. I will be surprised to see what is still on the network in the 2023-2024 season. The CW has put out some of my favorite TV shows to this day. The CW network will surely be missed


arwenthenoble t1_j1tvuz1 wrote

CW is a type. And I have enjoyed so many shows over the years. I love Nancy Drew - it will be missed! Same with crazy, silly Riverdale. Supernatural had a ridiculously long run that I watched to the end. Legacies still had room to grow - but alas it’s gone too.

Paper Girls was a treat! They deserved season 2.

For my CW “fix” I hope Netflix does more shows like Wednesday.


redd9 t1_j1tnp3i wrote

raised by wolves


Coolhandjones67 t1_j1uex6h wrote

Give me raised by wolves back you cowards!!!!!


MrOnCore t1_j1qz7x5 wrote

Magnum P.I.


tacoorpizza t1_j1s9k2f wrote

It was cancelled, then NBC picked it up. Season 5 starts on February 19th, 2023.


MrOnCore t1_j1sdvyo wrote

Really? Didn’t hear about that. Thanks 👍🏻


Jmclay681 t1_j1sxqs6 wrote

I just finished Shantaram and really enjoyed it. Hate they canceled it


Andxel t1_j1u3civ wrote

Mothafucka, ain't nobody mad about the Batgirl movie.

Ain't nobody got time for that!


gszr89 t1_j1u9mck wrote

Raised by Wolves.


BrockSampsonite t1_j1ss949 wrote

Definitely Venture Bros for me


horseren0ir t1_j1tiykh wrote

That was 2020, movie though next year unless zavlov shelves it


antiMATTer724 t1_j1symiu wrote

Part of me wants to believe Batgirl jist wasn't going to be good, and it was a mercy killing, but how the fuck do you have a 99-100% finished movie and not even release it in streaming? WB has made some shitty decisions in r3cent memory, but this one really irks me.


HathorOfWindAndMagic t1_j1w9sge wrote

Losing Westworld right before it’s conclusion really hurt. I hope they can continue someway.


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leisaw00 t1_j1rfxzs wrote

Well that’s a crap link, at least on iPhone.


XuX24 t1_j1rz5cg wrote

People always with the Batgirl thing, lol the nuked the entire DC universe only with few exceptions almost everything is going to be new. They knew that so killing Batgirl was easy for them.


paquer t1_j1sslrn wrote

Westworld and Batgirl were the only 2 on the list I even knew existed


DeadSharkEyes t1_j1szro5 wrote

The Babysitter’s Club was an absolutely lovely adaptation of the books that I loved growing up. I am still really disappointed it was cancelled.


DeadSharkEyes t1_j1szt2n wrote

The Babysitter’s Club was an absolutely lovely adaptation of the books that I loved growing up. I am still really disappointed it was cancelled.


BalrogSlayer00 t1_j1uq655 wrote

Raised by Wolves, Archive 81, Close Enough, Made for Love. 3/4 are all hbo…


Mustardwhale t1_j1vqy9z wrote

Pretty bummed joe pera was dropped from hbo.


spoofypants t1_j1vyaqm wrote

My tween will be upset Babysitters club is gone I love watching with her reminiscing about reading the books when I was her age


Boogaaa t1_j1tz7kf wrote

Damn, Rings of Poor didn't make the list.


Adeep187 t1_j1sq68y wrote

Not a single show there was worth shit. Westworld MAYBE? But even atill it kinda fizzled


TheIndyCity t1_j1t4nxk wrote

Never invest your time in a show that doesn’t have three seasons is the lesson learned here.


78FANGIRL t1_j1qr5e3 wrote

I know it's their staff's opinions, but come on! I was surprised when Warrior Nun got a second season. It's cancellation should not have been a surprise to anyone. Westworld? That show should have been wrapped up in three seasons.


dreggle t1_j1r56ka wrote

You didn’t watch warrior nun season 2, did you?


78FANGIRL t1_j1rmtmq wrote

No, and evidently not a lot of people did. Why would I continue to watch a show I thought was awful? Discount Page isn't appealing. She looks like a preteen in the first season, and that's not enjoyable for me. I find it creepy.


Ghostbuttser t1_j1sq3cz wrote

> She looks like a preteen in the first season, and that's not enjoyable for me. I find it creepy.

what the fuck even is this comment? I'm going to assume you meant ava because I have no idea what 'discount page' (Did you mean the name paige?) means.

She was a teenager when it was filmed, and looked like a teenager... She's just short. I'm not even sure how a youthful appearance makes the show creepy, especially given the fact that that apart from some terrible teen romance plot, mostly what she does is fight.


fortressofnazare t1_j1tpeh6 wrote

Alba Baptista was 23 when the first season aired. So unless it took them 4 years to shoot the first season she was never a teenager when it was filmed.


Ghostbuttser t1_j1tqn02 wrote

Oh I do beg your pardon, she was even older than I thought, so it's even less 'creepy' as you put it. Wait till you hear about the existence of other young actors on TV, you're going to be soooo creeped out.


fortressofnazare t1_j1tqptk wrote

I'm not the same person you replied to earlier. I was just correcting you about her age.


readingism t1_j1tdmqv wrote

Season 2 is much better, they approved on a lot of things imo. Like it's more fast paced but still plot driven, less inner monologues. Honestly just really liked seeing how the characters grew, especially Ava.

Idk, I think it's worth a shot!


iloveNCIS7 t1_j1ts9yp wrote

Fair enough if you didn't like it but even with a slow start to season 2, they did improve on a lot of things to make it a better show.

Shame they never got a chance with it really.

Also the main character is meant to be a teen, how did you miss that? She's also shorter than your usual tv actress.


BigPoppaPuff t1_j1ttudj wrote

> pulling "Batgirl" was a slap in the face to everyone who worked so hard on it.

Everyone that worked on it and made a trash product was a slap in the face to the companies that paid them a bunch of money to make it. The product must have been such shit that it wasn’t worth the additional brand hit by releasing it and trying to recoup what you could.


GrumpyBearBank t1_j1qqm96 wrote

I wasn’t sad about any of those…


MyStationIsAbandoned t1_j1rkuxk wrote

ehhh, all the ones I'm familiar with on this list, deserved to be canceled. That's what happens when you don't give a shit about the source material. and/or "make it for a modern audience"


VitaLonga t1_j1qhfu7 wrote

*for the terminally online


Asimxo t1_j1r6oy8 wrote

None of these are upsetting


jnemesh t1_j1qso8g wrote

I don't think any of these will be missed...