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There are many great TV shows that got canceled before their time and left unresolved cliffhangers or loose ends that leave their fans in limbo.

But what if there was a show where each season attempts to create a single episode that wraps up a canceled series?

The series itself would be about the production trying to get the rights to the IP, bring back actors to reprise/recast roles, bring back writers or fill in gaps with popular fan theories, and the season finale would be the actual episode that would 'officialy' conclude the canceled series'.

What do you think? Should dead shows stay dead? Nice thought, but impossible in practice?



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UHeardAboutPluto t1_j29xvey wrote

An actual ending to My Name is Earl, The Glades, and Reaper would be at the top of my list.


rssslll t1_j29wpa5 wrote

I'm imagining this being a Nathan Fielder reality show.

Funny idea, but seriously sometimes shows do find out they'll be cancelled when they have a couple episodes to spare and they try to wrap everything up quickly. It isn't pretty.


PlasticMansGlasses t1_j2b87kw wrote

Timeless on NBC was very fortunate to get an extra 2 episodes after cancellation to wrap things up


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[deleted] t1_j2acgxv wrote

Alien Nation! So in the 90s there was a tv show called Alien Nation,based on the movie of the same name. It ended after one season for reasons I don’t remember. BUT it got FIVE made for tv movies. That’s how you appease fans.


diacewrb t1_j2ad3wf wrote

Any studio would go bankrupt dealing with all the cancellations from netflix alone.


shogunreaper t1_j2az1km wrote

I mean i doubt most shows can be wrapped up in an episode. Would need a movie at least imo.

Imagine trying to wrap up what happened in the S2 finale of The OA in 1 episode.


AZSnake t1_j2c90wz wrote

That and Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles were the two cliffhanger cancellations that still cut me to the bone.


WWTBFCD3PillowMin t1_j2d576v wrote

Not a whole season, but maybe Black Mirror it? Pick 6 shows for 6 episodes each season? Each show gets their own mini-movie of 60-90 minutes to wrap their shit up.

I would LOVE this for Las Vegas. Their series was cancelled with no warning and on a HUGE cliffhanger. It was also very hush-hush in that there is absolutely no reason given for why it was cancelled or even an “official” cancelled stamp. They just didn’t talk about it anymore!


Holdmypipe t1_j29vcfp wrote

Like the ending of sopranos, still pissed about that one.


NGNSteveTheSamurai t1_j2aerog wrote

Having just rewatched it for the first time since the initial run, it’s pretty obvious that Tony dies. At one point they replay the conversation between him and Bobby about what being killed must be like. There’s no reason to replay that scene if it didn’t hint at what happens at the end. I agree with David Chase. You didn’t need to see him get murdered. It would have added nothing but more blood in a series that had plenty of it.


hogua t1_j2ed3wa wrote

I still like to think that we don’t see Tony get whacked, because we “the viewers” got sacked first. Ok, sure the series never broke the fourth wall up to that point, so this theory definitely has holes, but that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.


TheSulfurCityKid t1_j2bxav9 wrote

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The Sopranos has a perfect ending.