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BudMcLaine t1_j2at9xx wrote

This guy was a ball of energy! Always brought excitement whether he was hocking goods on Shop at Home or screaming about Scott Steiner and Kurt Angle. Seems like the kind of person that no one had an ill word about.


Thndrcougarfalcnbird t1_j2axwj3 wrote

So sad. This man was awesome and put everything he had into TNA. Company wouldn’t have made it without him imo


mr_blanket t1_j2b8so5 wrote

Seeing him and Mike Tenay on the announce table we’re the best times of TNA.


Colton_Omega t1_j2bkc6n wrote

Agreed. That duo was as iconic for me as the king and good ole JR


fuwoswp t1_j2b3v3b wrote

I used to love watching this guy sell baseball cards and beanie babies when I would get home from the bars. I know he had my retirement savings in mind when he suggested investing in Michael Jordan and Ken Griffey Jr rookie cards. “Be Dialing!!!” RIP Don West


trentr799 t1_j2eycis wrote

“This is the greatest thing you’re ever gonna see at the greatest pices you’re ever gonna see!!!”


be_steve_it_or_not t1_j2c009u wrote

RIP legend! I used to stay up watching him back in high school.

I swear the first time I heard him, he was so enthusiastic I almost used my mom’s credit card to buy a set of katanas. Then they moved onto the next item and I realized that’s how he always is.


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