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nachobidnis t1_j0c9pc7 wrote

HBO has a problem? Have you been to a porn site in the past 2 years?


gonzagylot00 t1_j0capon wrote

Seriously, go to any porn site and they are pushing incest porn all over the front page. Not my thing!


RealCoolDad t1_j0cd00n wrote

It’s only by marriage!


Zero_ST t1_j0dcl1b wrote

I really hate the modern incest porn trend. As soon as the word "step" is uttered my boner is killed. Going back 5+ years ago there was much less but it was far hotter without any of that nonsense. If they aren't blood related, who cares?


SkiptomyLoomis t1_j0et2sv wrote

Lmao started reading this comment assuming you were just another guy mad at the amount of “step” porn out there, did not expect incest porn purism.


Jpat863 t1_j0ezl4f wrote

I miss the good ole days of seeing women banged in buses, vans, and by a pizza delivery guy.


VicFantastic t1_j0dmemj wrote

You do realize that they arn't actually related right?

Just turn the sound down


Zero_ST t1_j0dpy6x wrote

If I turn the sound down then I can't hear the "cum inside me daddy" and such, so it's just a normal porn scene. Boooring.

And in the porn I watch, plenty of them are actually related.


Lyphyr t1_j0edbfw wrote

????? (:(:(:(:


Gabzop t1_j0ef3ol wrote

My man said "if they aren't blood related, who cares?" Like that's a normal thing.


Darnell5000 t1_j0gt2p5 wrote

For real. I miss the years of “I’m your nurse! Let me do a quick check up” or “I’m your teacher and you’re failing this class”. Like… go back to those scenarios. What also sucks is the porn studios claim “The incest stuff does well. Why change it?” People aren’t watching for the plot. They’re skipping over it. Switch back to Nurse/Patient and the numbers won’t drop off.


[deleted] t1_j0f6jo9 wrote

Agreed lol it's as if there's a ban on these fantasy scenarios unless "step" is in the title.


Neo2199 t1_j0ck93z wrote

Couple years ago, there was an article on Vice talking about increasing popularity of incest porn in recent years.

Vice: How Incest Porn Is Making a Comeback - March 7, 2016

> Jeff Dillon, the vice president of business development of (which handles popular porn hub GameLink), says that interest in fauxcest porn has increased by over 1,000 percent in the last five years. "This niche was really popular in the 70s and 80s," he says, noting the striking popularity of 1980 fauxcest feature Taboo—in which a sexually frustrated mother whose husband has recently left her ends up turning to her son, who, despite being asleep at the time, ultimately reciprocates—and other fauxcest films that were so unique, the public became fascinated.

> "But [fauxcest] faded out in the 90s," Dillon says, in part because incest stories are based on relationships between characters, and narrative in porn started to fade out of fashion. "I believe it went away in part because of the rise of B&B—big boobs and blonde hair. The 80s were the beginning of the glamorous porn superstars and contract studio stars. It led to many different genres of porn, many of which weren't story-driven."

> However, the past decade has seen a resurgence in narrative porn, setting the stage for a fauxcest comeback. "We've revisited a lot of older genres," Dillon says. "Parodies had their revival already, and now it's like producers and consumers are rediscovering the fauxcest genre, and it's back in style." Two years ago, adult studio Forbidden Fruit Films began exclusively featuring family role-play scenes. Millennial porn viewers—and especially women—have taken to the genre with a surprising appetite.


milkysatan t1_j0clf2a wrote

This might sound weird but I wonder if part of the interest has to do with people seeking content with actors acting like they care about each other. There aren't a lot of porn genres that focus on characters who are even friends, let alone that love each other.


hannahbaba t1_j0corg2 wrote

This is so oddly wholesome in a conversation about porn.


Frost312 t1_j0cniqy wrote

Honestly, I like this take on it. Cause there was and still somewhat is, a huge "goreporn" and all its subsidiaries, on the other end of the spectrum.


Neo2199 t1_j0cof5c wrote

Yeah, that's why 70s/80s porn movies are the best.


Dry-Mortgage5063 t1_j0e2y52 wrote

Nah. I work tangential to the industry and interface directly with customers. They're into the incest.


JustABiViking420 t1_j0fvpjj wrote

Im ngl I was sent a gay furry comic from the 90's that was the best porn I've ever read through mostly because the sex was limited to a handful of scenes and the rest was a really gripping story about coming out in college and accepting your sexuality. Idk how many people can say a porn comic legit made them cry because of how emotionally invested you get from the characters


EnderGraff t1_j0cvvwt wrote

I’ve also heard it’s a really cheap way to add plot and taboo to a porno.

Like two or three lines of dialog and you’ve set the whole situation up to be something more than just people banging.


Impossible-Will-8414 t1_j0e3qib wrote

It's fauxcest. A step relative is not in any way blood related, and it is not incest. Do any of these films show REAL incest? Such as, an actual mom and son? An actual brother and sister? No. They play it safe and show steps, and that does NOT COUNT as incest in any way.


gonzagylot00 t1_j0d9hjq wrote

That's interesting.

I have to wonder also if the COVID years of people spending a lot of time at home resulted in more uh, interest, in incest porn.


coletrain644 t1_j0ecwho wrote

It's also cheap as hell to make scene "taboo" in the definitive sense. Lots of people like to like things society says they shouldn't and it doesn't cost anything to make a scene taboo by adding a few extra words to a script.


Solonotix t1_j0chzi0 wrote

I don't think porn sites are pushing it. It's one of those emergent content problems. From my perspective, in the early days of the step-fantasy and incest genre, it was usually more about providing a believable backdrop for the scenario. Once that authentic-amateur aesthetic became popular, the rest of the industry caught on, and now every video can slap a "Step-<relation>" tag to increase clicks. What's more, it makes it easy to define relations of the two or more actors without having to spend time in dialog.

Step-Mom immediately tells you there is an age difference of older woman. If it's straight porn, you know younger guy. Gay porn, it's a younger woman. Same thing with the babysitter trope, older guy screws younger girl (because babysitter characters are almost always jailbait-looking actresses).


urborous t1_j0cjx8p wrote

Interesting, but I remember opening a Victorian porn novel and it was all incest, really vile stuff. I believe what you're saying (they just throw "step" on cuz nobody cares about the story,) but it's longterm.


Solonotix t1_j0cp5m3 wrote

Sure, incest has quite the storied history. It's fairly well-documented, especially in places of nobility and cultures of "pure blood". That said, incest has been taboo since humans have had laws, really.

There's a well-known behavior among humans called the mere-exposure effect, whereby you become attracted to people you spend a lot of time with. Generally the first thing that triggers a new romantic relationship is time spent together, and conversely a common trigger for breakup/divorce is lack of quality time together. Now, extrapolate that to family, and you have a problem in which you have a high chance of becoming romantically involved with your progeny, caregiver, or sibling. Luckily, humans have a pheromone/mechanism (not sure exactly, read about it once and I dread the search to find it again) that short-circuits that behavior and generally causes you to view immediate family as non-mating partners. Obviously this isn't perfect either, because there are plenty of stories about familial rape, but it's part of why the practice isn't universal. On the contrary, the occurrence is low enough that we might consider the ones who partake to be aberrations.

As always with humans, it's complicated. There's a mix of primitive, biological urges, as well as societal pressures to keep healthy gene pools flourishing, but it doesn't stop people from being tempted or indulging in behaviors others might seem unsavory.


Gowantae t1_j0e414u wrote

There is something called the Westermark effect. Adults are not sexually attracted to people with whom they grew up. They don't have to be relatives, so we know it's not purely based on pheromones. Some evidence of this is Taiwanese minor marriages, where pairs that were married as children had higher rates of divorce and infidelity and were less likely to have kids. Also Kibbutz age-mates, where Jewish immigrants lived in communal nurseries, and rarely would children that grew up in close proximity marry each other.


Shapen361 t1_j0cn156 wrote

I think it's a massive case of correlation, not causation. My guess is someone saw a stepmom porn a while ago and clicked and watched because the porn star was hot. Then the person who made the video goes "hmmmm people love stepmom porn, we should make more" and now it's gotten totally out of hand.


Chataboutgames t1_j0cl5qs wrote

It's a self reinforcing cycle. Stupid step sibling themed stuff dominates the market, so that's where the top tier performers end up working, so more people end up watching step sibling stuff because while they aren't interested in the theme/kink it's the thing the porn sites are putting in front of them at the most marketable moment.


bhejda t1_j0cg6sh wrote

Are you sure you have tracking cookies deactivated? Maybe it offers according to previous interests...


gonzagylot00 t1_j0d946w wrote

Not my thing. I never click on those. I don't want to make lewd remarks about what kind of porno I watch, but the "step-brother/step-sister" genre isn't it.


Lima1998 t1_j0efud9 wrote

It's not like they're ACTUALLY related!


fiction_for_tits t1_j0dtdrz wrote

It's weird that this thread is acting like this hasn't been a common feature of HBO For twenty years.

Six Feet Under, Deadwood, and Rome, those "early days, pioneers" of serialized TV all heavily featured incest based subplots.

Rome was the most incredibly baffling one because it was the least narratively condemning of it and it was never even marginally alluded to at any point in history between those two characters. They built up the character of Octavia and then had her fuck her brother, while also floating familial sexual tension throughout both seasons and even explicitly calling on a young Octavian to have sex with his uncle.

Incest is everywhere in the Rome show.

One of Six Feet Under's biggest plots is Billy's unrequited sexual attraction to his sister, which she rejects outright, but quietly entertains and is frequently curious about in private.

Deadwood's Joanie Stubbs was a character all about incest and how that affected her life and her future relationships.

Boardwalk Empire featured paternal incest.

Bored to Death had incest. Arguably manipulative incest.

It's hard to find a time when HBO isn't running incest and at times aren't jamming incest in for some reason where it doesn't belong. Then, of course, its two flagship shows are about Incest: The Movie - The Musical (The Series) in ASOIAF.

You can argue this or that about its motive, but you can't argue its frequency nor the fact that HBO seems to ask if there's a way to shovel some incest into your script.


femminem t1_j0guvxb wrote

In Six Feet Under, that understanding is used to drive home just how psychotic Billy is. It’s certainly not glamorizing it.


kclongest t1_j0cpuls wrote

I remember a few years back my younger nephew got in trouble for looking at porn and older family members out of the loop on the porn situation were running around saying he was looking at incest porn. I was all like “Waaaait a minute, here.. you all don’t get it!”


valuethempaths t1_j0h0sfo wrote

That’s terrible. Having to check in as the family porn expert to protect him from judgement.


kclongest t1_j0h17dh wrote

Well, I was happy to be the expert witness.


TotalitarianismPrism t1_j0czgjg wrote

It's the answer to the post as well. It's taboo, alluring, and popular. Sure, it's gross to think about realistically, but TV is fantasy and demand rules. The fact of the matter is that, if it really grossed everyone out, the shows would flop and HBO would stop making them. The shows are popular and people are watching them, encouraging HBO to keep making them.


CommentToBeDeleted t1_j0d04y9 wrote

Stop suggesting those gross things step-brother. Ewwww... I would never.

Seriously though, can you blame porn? Incest is one of those things that, so easy to include in videos. You just say "step-[relationship]" at any point in the video and BOOM you've now attracted another entire audience.

It's kind of like family shows lately that insert a token gay scene or character. It takes all but 0.5 seconds for them to deliver the dialogue that says "ah-hah! they ARE gay", it doesn't affect the plot in any meaningful way and now disney, pixar exec's get to be like "yeah we've always been down with the rainbow, we are inclusive."


jyper t1_j0d6nsj wrote

Sure but

It's not Porn it's HBO.


Ang3lo92 t1_j0gy9m4 wrote

My little brother changed his Xbox gamertag to “WtrUDoinStepBro” back in 2015 so I’d say it’s been going for quite awhile.


davtruss t1_j0fhg02 wrote

I think this was covered on a "Brady Bunch" thread the other day. Just because I never thought about my own sisters or mom this way doesn't mean that one upstairs bathroom at the Brady home never led to questions. Talk about Jack and Jill....


truethatson t1_j0du5jr wrote

I’m just thankful I don’t have siblings so I don’t even have a basis to comprehend why all of you want to be sister-lovers. This argument that HBO or porn sites are pushing it seems pretty weak. They’re businesses following the statistics and algorithms like any other business, and the math says that the majority of you totally want to bang your sisters lol


Impossible-Will-8414 t1_j0e3vkp wrote

It's always stepsisters. Not real sisters. Stepsisters are not related by blood. It is not incest.


Meme_Pope t1_j0ctqja wrote

Are they aware that HBO didn’t write Game of Thrones or House of The Dragon?


JeanVicquemare t1_j0dftn7 wrote

Does anyone really believe that HBO content executives are in the board room saying, "We need more incest shows! Bring me incest!"

I don't think it's a strategy. They're just known for allowing writers to make stories that have challenging or taboo content.


JMKAB t1_j0gxrhe wrote

GoT was understandable cause it was pretty shocking, but something that happened in medieval kingdoms. It made great plot points too

House of Dragon...they got weird. We already know the Targs were cool with incest, but they spent WAY too much time on it. I had to skip the beach scene cause it was just cringey to watch and added NOTHING to the story


JTGreenan73 t1_j0fl795 wrote

And it’s not like it’s something they can cut bc it’s very much important to the plot


marsupialsales t1_j0cci9g wrote

People are fascinated/obsessed with taboos. It’s not new.


bubbafatok t1_j0c7n5z wrote

FFS, Daily Beast pearl clutching. Must be Tuesday.


ReidsThings t1_j0ckfil wrote

It’s Thursday


bubbafatok t1_j0cvvpo wrote

Since this is a television sub, I should get allowance since I was quoting Buffy. :)

And in a non-serious way...

What, someone being over pedantic on Reddit? Must be Tuesday.




dhaig2004 t1_j0dtlu7 wrote

Nah, HBO’s grossest obsession is removing content from their streaming service


SinfullySweetLS t1_j0gfdt4 wrote

....and expecting us not to notice still to pay for their shrinking library of content...


clavitopaz t1_j0cas4s wrote

As we all know, HBO only approved Game of Thrones because of the sexy incest


Neo2199 t1_j0cev55 wrote

> Case in point: this week’s episode of Gossip Girl, which joins a long list of HBO series fascinated with family-on-family fucking with its plotline about a sister and brother going at it at a New York hotel. It’s certainly juicy. It’s definitely gross. And, let’s face it, it is a bizarre obsession. How is this still so prevalent?...

> Even more unforgivable, this was a wasted opportunity to get Kristen Bell in the voiceover booth and have her say some outrageously snarky line about incest. I was shocked to not hear the disembodied voice of Gossip Girl say something about brother-banging to cap off the episode.

> If we have to sit through the millionth incest plotline of the year, at least make it meme-worthy.

There you've it, HBO made a big mistake by not making the incest plot "meme-worthy"


dangeralpaca t1_j0co7ag wrote

Also, the original Gossip Girl series on the CW had at least one incest plot line that I can remember. It’s not breaking new ground for that show to begin with


barkbarkkrabkrab t1_j0d6xdj wrote

I only remember pseudo incest in the original. Like Dan and Serena had a shared half sibling.


dangeralpaca t1_j0d94kg wrote

There’s that, but i was actually thinking of the older woman that Nate is involved with during the Hampton’ arc at the beginning of season 2. They discover she’s been sleeping with her step-son


The_Nomadic_Nerd t1_j0cx66j wrote

Did this moron really just say The White Lotus is an example of this? I think the whole point of that scene was to show that they were in fact not uncle and nephew.


AquariusE t1_j0djr2m wrote

I was under the impression that it actually was his uncle after all. When Portia confronts him in the car about it, he doesn’t deny it. She expected him to, and then he didn’t, which is why her face fell. At least that’s how I took it.


Zone1Act1 t1_j0f6etb wrote

Nah. He just knows the jig is up. She's got it figured out and he's ashamed.

Jack has the wrong accent. He is just some kid.


AquariusE t1_j0fc767 wrote

Could be. That was just the way I interpreted his look and how he said he was in a really dark place. Looks like it’s meant to be left ambiguous according to the actors? Who knows.

Either way, I wouldn’t put much stock in the accents being different. I have a different accent from some of my aunts and uncles. If you grow up in different areas, it can happen. They’re both British dialects at any rate!


[deleted] t1_j0gnx7c wrote

Are you ACTUALLY confused?


AquariusE t1_j0h5hd0 wrote

I’m confused by your comment. Anything to actually add to the discussion?


powerfulKRH t1_j0fdyli wrote

I’m only on episode 3 and you just got my mind spinning lol. No idea what’s coming. I love this show. Megan Fahy is the best


MediumToblerone t1_j0d263j wrote

The number one most read book in the world is rampant with incest, how is anyone still shocked by it?


retroracer33 t1_j0dl4x3 wrote

so 2 examples? 3 if you count their awful white lotus example. if you watched that scene and still thought they were uncle and nephew you need some critical thinking exercises because they made it quite obvious something was up with them.


[deleted] t1_j0gns2u wrote

Yea it was literally an explicit plot point…. Journalism is fucking dead and buried


evil_burrito t1_j0d1cn9 wrote

I would guess that HBO can read the, "what kind of porn people search for most" posts as well as anybody else.


[deleted] t1_j0csp45 wrote

Not just HBO. Pornhub always has step-something porn right on the main page.


BMS_Fan_4life t1_j0cv3ha wrote

If an episode of gossip girl leads to an article about obsession wait until you hear about this family called the targarians


ralanr t1_j0citrt wrote

People like to see taboos and some taboos are more ‘acceptable’ by a wide screen audience than others.


MelissaMiranti t1_j0clr7a wrote

They adapted a series with incest in the story and backstory, and then another one. It was always going to be an element of society's darker side, and HBO does a lot of shows on that darker side. They do a lot of rape, murder, drugs, prostitution, torture, and organized crime in their shows too.

Would you write about Hallmark's obsession with kissing?


zootsuited t1_j0du5u3 wrote

ok i heard a comedian mano agapion posit this theory: since most ppl’s sexual awakening was themed with shame as a young person, they are now trying to still find “shameful” things to get themselves off (i’m paraphrasing poorly) thus all the stepmom and incest porn (and that is now just trickling into mainstream since it’s so ubiquitous in porn)


trippstick t1_j0d22pc wrote

We are all the product of it sadly


thechise t1_j0d2myn wrote

I always figured HBO starts every project with a bunch of sex scenes and then comes up with some kind of story to make up around it


MojoLava t1_j0d8ag6 wrote

Can you imagine writing for "thedailybeast dot com"


bullettrain1 t1_j0dgxvo wrote

Incest has been taboo for thousands of years primarily because it went against most culture’s purpose of marriage, which was the exchange of wealth / property. With incest, no wealth transfer occurs, so it was shunned by the general population. However, wealthy families / royals encouraged incest in order to keep the wealth in the family / not pass wealth to peasants.


mg_ridgeview t1_j0c9clj wrote

They're doing it for shock value. The envelope has been pushed in so many other ways, people were running out of ideas so, incest.


dbe7 t1_j0cpu3v wrote

It's an easy plot device for surprise drama later in the series. And it's perverse enough to be interesting without being too gross (hey, that's not MY sister).


Summonest t1_j0d7vi8 wrote

People fucking has been a thing for as long as there's been people. Longer even, perhaps.

Ways to make it dirty and filthy and wrong will continue.


MrDeacle t1_j0efl7y wrote

In a few years we're gonna find out some deeply disturbed executive pushed for this. Like the Dan Schneider feet thing on Nickelodeon all over again...


lt_dan_zsu t1_j0fe7ez wrote

It's a taboo, which creates tension in a story... it's not that hard to figure out. Also, it's not like it's every, or even a lot of shows.


davtruss t1_j0fgj3m wrote

After reading the occasional article on TMZ, I'm just happy there aren't more cannibalism themes.


Murasakitsuyukusa t1_j0gci6g wrote

They think that shock is the best foundation for drama, for whatever reason.


Worried_squirrel25 t1_j0gx3pv wrote

It’s society, and incest in an ultimate societal taboo. HBO capitalized on it by using it as adult edge content.

Plus HBO doesn’t direct these shows. Producers create it and it’s on HBO. Maybe people shouldn’t be so sensitive, you’re watching HBO aren’t you?


BrianMagnumFilms t1_j0h0mc2 wrote

this writer believing they were “strung along” by white lotus into thinking jack was actually having sex with his uncle, when it was like absurdly obvious the second we saw that scene that he was not in fact his uncle. also i hate the lazy quips this is written with pop culture hot take industrial complex needs to be nuked from orbit


MicroFlamer t1_j0cqxez wrote

I know that people here are clowning on the article but I think it is worth talking about. Another more egrigous example of HBO shoehorning incest is in Rome(2005) where >!Octavian has sex with his sister!<

This almost certainly didn't happen since

  1. Romans weren’t all that tolerant of incest

  2. When >!Octavian became emperor!< he was pretty pious based on how he treated his daughter after she committed adultery.

It's just weird


GrumpyBearBank t1_j0cu2x6 wrote

Romans in that time period accused everyone of incest. It was a cultural thing to accuse others of. There’s almost never a real reason to think it really happened.

It’s important to note that morality with men in Rome worked very differently than with women. But yes Augustus didn’t fuck his sister.


warrenmax12 t1_j0c7s7i wrote

It’s nor real ffs. More incest in my TV, thank you


ISayISayISay t1_j0co8jc wrote

If that's their grossest obsession, things could be a lot worse. I mean, I get it, of course: incest is taboo for good reason, but "gross"? IDK... how many programmes do they have where murder is a key plot point? Now that's what I call gross.


lupuscapabilis t1_j0cwg50 wrote

I'm not sure how you'd define incest as anything other than the word gross.


Gordon_Explosion t1_j0cxuzl wrote

I've never partaken, but has anyone considered it may be more common than anyone believes, and between consenting adults? It isn't like you can ever talk about it. Not only publicly ostracized, but you get thrown in prison.

The USA was founded by Puritans, and it still shows.


mrbrambles t1_j0dcjhe wrote

Media has an obsession with taboo and outrage. To your point, incest could be rationalized if you break it down into atomic parts, or add obfuscation (“they didn’t know they were related!”Or “they are biologically unrelated”). That means it’s a particularly safe and easy to generate moral outrage and conversation about technicality. No one is out here making blockbuster limited series about eating babies or whatever is completely morally debased material yet.

But idk if you can say this is a uniquely American moral stance. For that you take the classic Hannibal example of “you can’t show a naked dead titty unless it is absolutely covered - I mean drenched - in gore and blood.”


timk85 t1_j0cneqx wrote

HBO doesn't give a rip about morality, ethics, the family, or anything like that.

If they could get away with showing people getting their heads cut off and it would churn dollars, they would do it.


hannahbaba t1_j0cp2xh wrote

There’s a lot of that in Game of Thrones too!


anasui1 t1_j0cdmy8 wrote

rape and incest aren't depicted as a jolly good time, so what exactly is the problem?