Submitted by 19Jamie93 t3_zyf8u4 in television

What was your favourite/best television moment of 2022?

Was it a scene or whole episode that stood out?

Best performance?

Best soundtrack/score?

For me:

  • Andor: One Way Out
  • Sadie Sink: Stranger Things


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kisstehbaby t1_j25ksg8 wrote

“She’s alive” Severance.


conker1264 t1_j261kxh wrote

Seriously one of the best season finales ever


Numbskull14 t1_j26c9fu wrote

Totally agree. I think it was the best season finale since Ned stark’s head getting cut off, in my opinion. Such a great season of television.

Edit: I forgot Ned Stark wasn’t the finale. I saw that however many years ago when it came out. The point is more that Severance is the best season of TV since GOT S1, imo, excluding maybe True detective S1 but that was a stand-alone that I look at differently.


KingMilk55 t1_j26wep1 wrote

Ned Starks beheading wasnt even in the finale, but the S1 GoT finale still had some amazing moments (the King in the North chant being the best imo)


WildcatKid t1_j29ilyg wrote

Maybe they mixed up that both are in episode 9 haha


mendog2112 t1_j286hso wrote

So severance is worth checking out?


Ftimis t1_j28v5ud wrote

The only new show in recent memory where the first season was more than enough for me to know that it's gonna be one of my absolute favorite series by the time it wraps up. Amazing show.


Numbskull14 t1_j28lhv5 wrote

Yes most definitely. Worth paying for Apple TV plus for a month just to watch that


splitcroof92 t1_j2acvat wrote

tbh, I'd wait till season 2 is gonna come out soon.

it's incredibly good but damn the wait is long.


-bad-wolf t1_j26a9vp wrote

More people need to be watching this show!


TellThemIHateThem t1_j278in7 wrote

Definitely this. Best show of 2022 by far for me, followed by The Bear and The Rehearsal.


jolou34 t1_j25poa1 wrote

King Viserys's Entrance


RandyBRandleman t1_j28z31z wrote

I literally started that scene laughing but was crying by the end of it


KomturAdrian t1_j2afz9x wrote

Especially when Daemon helped him; that was the best part.


LoudTsu t1_j25h2oy wrote

Kim Wexler on the subway from Better Call Saul


Westerosifatlord t1_j25i0eg wrote

AMC stuffed Rhea in the best supporting actress category again and she’s going to get fucked over just like every other award season and people will be pissed. Lead Actress has weaker competition this year. She could have dominated.


TheBoyWonder13 t1_j26rhsr wrote

Problem is >!she’s basically absent for the second half of the season until the second to last episode!<


garrymad-gm t1_j2781kr wrote

As far as the submissions go, the second half of the season counts from episodes 8-13, she was in 8,9,12 and 13, so 4 of the 6 episodes


shartnado3 t1_j25k1h9 wrote

Rhea Seehorn absolutely killed it this season (The whole show to be fair). That show was just brilliant


Caleb35 t1_j25kjgl wrote

Airport shuttle, but we know what you mean


Overvus t1_j263sqb wrote

Wasn't she on a bus?


LoudTsu t1_j263x8f wrote

Yes, apparently it was an airport shuttle.


Any-Low9727 t1_j25xvub wrote

Stranger Things - Eddie's performance in the Upside Down

Severance - "She's Alive"

Andor - "I can't swim." and "I burned my soul for a sunrise I'll never see."

Better Call Saul - Like... all of it?

House of Dragon - Vhagar eating

The Bear - you know the episode


ThisIsCreation t1_j25sb48 wrote

My favourite moment was Lalo Salamanca entering Jimmy's apartment in Better Call Saul. The way it's framed with the candle & Kim & Jimmy's reaction, it's like a scene from a horror.


Freakazoidberg t1_j28xyd3 wrote

Great suggestion!

Yeah that scene was one of the most memorable scenes for me in the show. And it was well foreshadowed but we still don't see it coming because the whole time I was wrapped up in Howard dressing down Kim and Jimmy and then enters Lalo like the death reckoning wiping out the candle light.


GLP0307 t1_j25udja wrote

Maarva's speech in Andor's Rix Road made me put my feet down and sit forward, literally on the edge of my seat. I had goosebumps.


danielisbored t1_j28pojl wrote

Best Star Wars speech ever. I was watching with headphones and wasn't really aware I was doing it, but apparently, I audibly cheered, which confused the hell out of my wife.


Roook36 t1_j28t736 wrote

After that episode I went online to look for games that would let me fight the Empire she had me so riled up lol


kronicfeld t1_j25nq5j wrote

Amy Schneider winning the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions


ElderCunningham t1_j25q359 wrote

What a great year for Jeopardy in general.


kronicfeld t1_j25uoca wrote

I was secretly rooting a little bit for Sam, the Steve Martin lookalike, in the ToC, but at the end of the day our all-time favorite Jeopardy contestant was and will always be Amy Schneider. What an incredible year for trans representation and normalizing and relatability. And she's just so fucking cool.


pardybill t1_j282bdh wrote

That seems pretty controversial considering the love/hate with the different hosts. But I agree with you overall.


daft_neo t1_j25u44y wrote

The final moments of "The Bear" finale - the way that Radiohead swells at the perfect moment as he sees his brother, chokes me up just thinking about it.


Schpaedzles t1_j25nbjo wrote

(Spoilers HotD and Better Call Saul)

  • Vhagar/Aemond and Arrax/Lucerys scenes

  • King Viserys entering the throne room

  • Alicent asking Criston to bring her Lucerys' eye

  • Howard and Lalo scene

  • basically all the Nacho Varga scenes


19Jamie93 OP t1_j25ocag wrote

Viserys entering the throne room was as good as anything that happened in the main series. Incredible


FluffyMoomin t1_j275u8n wrote

The peacemaker opening the first time I saw it. The entire series was a welcome surprise.


jellyrat24 t1_j26jguj wrote

First thing that comes to mind is Olivia Cooke’s performance as Alicent Hightower: “Where is duty? Where is sacrifice? It’s trampled under your pretty foot again.”


eaterofworlds1 t1_j29fwmv wrote

She is a force. Her expressions alone told a story in every scene she was in, dialogue be damned.


Annie3705 t1_j25oe31 wrote

Rhea Seehorn in Better Call Saul


shartnado3 t1_j25k8fk wrote

My surprise of the year was Christina Applegate killing it in the last season of Dead to Me.


mim21 t1_j28myv4 wrote

Those last few epsiodes. Ooooof.


thejeffphone t1_j27k19g wrote

This may be recency bias but I haven’t stopped thinking about “he was kinda…fuckin his uncle”


noomerz t1_j26rmsh wrote

Stranger things season 4 / Sadie’s performance

“These gays, they’re trying to murder me” - Tanya, white lotus season 2

Euphoria season 2, episode 5 AND all of Cassie’s annoying breakdowns

Larys’ foot fetish reveal scene in House of the Dragon

Wednesday’s dance scene to Goo Goo Muck by the Cramps

Succession season 3 ep 8, Chiantishire


mendog2112 t1_j2871r8 wrote

Is Euphoria good for a young teen to watch? I heard it’s a coming of age story.


applepirates t1_j25od4a wrote


theredditoro t1_j294ko0 wrote

Fantastic. An early pleasant surprise this year.


applepirates t1_j299f3l wrote

It has become my big time hyperfixation of 2022! I just love it so much.


WatchBat t1_j26u5js wrote

>What was your favourite/best television moment of 2022?

I have several, so in no particular order

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi:- Vader's scene in the village in ep3, and the broken mask in ep6

  • Stranger Things:- The entire "Dear Billy" episode, but especially Max's confrontation and escape from Vecna

  • Andor:- the Eye in ep6, Keno's speech in ep10 and "I can't swim"

  • In Rings of Power:- Seeing Khazad-dûm in all its glory

  • House of the Dragon:- the finale dragon chase, Alicent's green dress entrance in ep5, the aftermath of the children's fight in ep7

This one is an extra, the show was released last year but I watched it this year. Arcane:- all of it but especially ep6, the torch scene

Edit:- I wanna add The Sandman:- 24/7 and A Dream of a Thousand Cats


pardybill t1_j282h6x wrote

Arcane deserves a bit of honorable mention.

And I agree with Rings and Kenobi, despite the Reddit hate for both.

For All Mankind I think is one that’s underrated here


theredditoro t1_j2954qb wrote

Rings was stunning to look at. And the score in that scene was awesome.


WatchBat t1_j297egg wrote

Definitely. Númenor, the elven kingdoms, the Trees!! Say what you will about the writing but the visuals were breathtaking.

I only mentioned Khazad-dûm because it was my favorite


Intelligent-Age2786 t1_j265obo wrote

Best scene: Eddie Munsons Master of Puppets solo/Viserys entering the throne room

Best male performer: Paddy Considine

Best female performer: Sadie Sink/Rhea Seehorn. HM: Emma Darcy

Best Finale: BCS/Stranger Things

Biggest surprise: The Bear

Best Comedy: Barry

Best Drama: House of the Dragon

Best Thriller: Stranger Things


19Jamie93 OP t1_j26lnya wrote

Hope Paddy Considine is awarded for his performance, absolute class.


Roook36 t1_j25jyjo wrote

Episode 4 of Stranger Things season 4 for sure.

Also the first 15 minutes of The Boys season 3

The Book of Boba Fett episode 5

End of Peacemaker finale, or the whole finale

Wednesday dance

And if I could pick one scene or episode of Severance I would but it's tough. Maybe end of episode 4


19Jamie93 OP t1_j25mfzc wrote

Stranger things ep 4 piano outro to the credits was my favourite piece of music in tv this year


emptythecache t1_j28tg5w wrote

> And if I could pick one scene or episode of Severance I would but it's tough.

Defiant Jazz


nmirandag_hn t1_j25u6y5 wrote

Will Smith slap at the Oscars.


Forsaken_Tip_596 t1_j25jvbz wrote

The Walking Dead: The Return of Rick and Michonne Grimes


19Jamie93 OP t1_j25mb11 wrote

Daryl saying “We aint the walking dead” gave me some sweet fan service


Just_For_ShiGrins t1_j25rbxf wrote

Wait, did both of these things actually happen? Guess I will have to watch the ending of the show after all.


19Jamie93 OP t1_j25vxtr wrote

Worth a watch for sure. Been watching that show since i was in school


Forsaken_Tip_596 t1_j267ml4 wrote

The series finale itself is a good series finale closing the main show of the Walking Dead and leaving the door open for future sequels. While Season 8 was by far the worst season in its run, I have really enjoyed seasons 9-11. Angela Kang did a great job at bringing the show back. I’ve been watching the series since Season 2 live. Even though the main series has ended I’m definitely looking forward to Season 8 of Fear The Walking Dead (the return of Madison Clarke), and the upcoming spin-offs:

  1. The Walking Dead: Dead City (Maggie/Negan spin-off set in NYC)

  2. The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (Working Title) (Daryl Spin-off set in Paris, France following the post-credit scene of TWD: World Beyond)

  3. The Walking Dead: Summit (Working Title) (Rick and Michonne Spin-off set in Philadelphia/New Jersey, dealing with the CRM).

Edit: Yes, both of those things DID actually happen in the Series Finale


Loganp812 t1_j28ya83 wrote

Even though it's kind of a bastardized adaptation of that speech compared to the context in the comics.

It's a big full-circle moment for Rick in the comics which, granted, couldn't really work in the show given that he was absent for nearly three full seasons.

Still, I'm glad they did it, and I think the show did the best it could with the final season and the ending given that a certain, specific death in Season 8 basically meant that the show couldn't do the comic's ending anyway.


Iloveyellowcats t1_j261z5o wrote

In no particular order:

- Father Brice's exit on Chucky (the whole episode was so good!!)

- Jackie's demise on Yellowjackets

- Literally everything about Maryanne on Survivor 42, particularly her slam dunk FTC performance

- Cristin Milioti's performance on The Resort

- Mr. Brightside playing in the finale of Tell Me Lies (it was *chef's kiss*)

- Jesse and Cody's handshake on Survivor 43

- Kody saying he got a KNIFE IN THE KIDNEYS on Sister Wives

- The final scene in the first episode of George & Tammy

- Funeral by Phoebe Bridgers playing on The Summer I Turned Pretty

- Amanda Seyfried and Naveen Andrews' chemistry on The Dropout

- All the scenes where Dana flashes back to the present in Kindred, just absolutely visceral to watch

- The Story Samurai episode of Abbott Elementary

- Jessica Alba's performance in Candy, chilling


Holysaltwater t1_j2acfnb wrote

God I was waiting for someone to mention Chucky, and that episode really was the best of the season.


TheHow55 t1_j27chwa wrote

Drunk nadja - ‘fuck them kids’ on what we do in the shadows


Running up that hill in stranger things

The dance scene tonThe Cramps in Wednesday

Maarvas speech and the aftermath in andor, and ‘one way out’ of course

The 4th wall breaking finale of she hulk

All of Severance, the disco dance scene in the office was a particular favorite


Calm-Hovercraft9858 t1_j25uls0 wrote

The climax of Stranger Things 4. The epic version of Running Up That Hill very much fit well.


lifth3avy84 t1_j269mve wrote

Wasn’t it just the 1985 version of the song? It wasn’t a remix I don’t think.


Maninhartsford t1_j26aia4 wrote

There's definitely some added orchestral stuff when she's running from Vecna but it's subtle.


lifth3avy84 t1_j26axee wrote

Yeah, I feel like the show layered an orchestral version OVER the 85 original. Would that be a remix, if it’s two version played simultaneously?


monlow t1_j27fx9h wrote

The Sandman episode 6 “The Sound of Her Wings”


menevets t1_j26gztt wrote

Seeing that Severance opening credits for the first time.

Seeing the Pachinko opening for the first time.

Seeing the White Lotus opening for the first time.

Seeing the Strange New Worlds opening for the first time.

Grasso >!using Maarva's brick on !<the riot cop.


19Jamie93 OP t1_j285i3m wrote

Thanks for everyones responses! After reading them all i think its safe to say I’ll be watching “Severance” next. Seems massively popular on here!

Will have to be pretty great if it can compete with Andor!


Simply_Epic t1_j286pgd wrote

Severance - S1E9 (finale) “The We We Are”

Alice in Borderland - S2E8 (finale)

Andor - S1E10 “One Way Out”

Mythic Quest - S3E7 “Sarian”

Rings of Power - S1E6 “Udûn”

The Owl House - S2E16 “Hollow Mind”

Stranger Things - S4E7 “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”


splitcroof92 t1_j2ae5ti wrote

I personally couldn't stand Alice in borderland finale. In my opinion the worst episode of the show by far

without going into spoilers, the result and the idea behind what happens in the end is beautiful but holy fucking shit did we not need those 60 thousand monologues and fakeouts. they could and should have cut about 25-35 minutes of that episode.


stevensi1018 t1_j25pp1c wrote

3 episodes that I really enjoyed this year and not talked about enough

  • Last episode of The Devil’s Hour. I loved the twist

  • Episode 7 of Fleishman Is in Trouble (The one with Claire Danes as the main character)

  • Final episode of Alice in Borderland. Absolutely loved it


Simply_Epic t1_j285qjy wrote

I just finished Alice in Borderland and that final episode took me on a trip. Made me feel so many different things. Definitely up there on my list of favorite finales


stevensi1018 t1_j28u1fh wrote

Yeah, even if I love the series, I hope that it’s the definitive ending because it was perfect IMO. I don’t see how it could continue and have a better ending than that later on


splitcroof92 t1_j2aefid wrote

it took me on a trip to a different room to make coffee is what it did to me. I'm actually quite surprised people here seem positive about it. it was just monologue after monologue, death fake out after fakeout. Just endless.


Simply_Epic t1_j2arpf5 wrote

I’m guessing you don’t like podcasts


splitcroof92 t1_j2avdox wrote

i like some of them. But not podcasts where they spend 20 minutes on someone dying and then them ending up alive anyway


aldoktor t1_j26hdp6 wrote

Cobra kai for having 2 seasons in 2022.


KimberParoo t1_j29uaow wrote

Favorite moment: Meghann Fahy in the White Lotus finale. A thirty second wordless shot and some of the best acting I’ve seen on TV in a while.

Best Performance: Ruth Wilson in HDM, a tour de force.

Best Soundtrack: I thought the Rings of Power soundtrack was fantastic.


REkTeR t1_j27df0q wrote

Andor - Escaping through The Eye.

Peacemaker - Pretty much the whole show, really.

Severence - Again pretty much the entire show.

Wednesday - Dance scene.

Stranger Things - Running up that hill climax.

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - Ethan Peck pretending to be T'Pring pretending to be Spock.


bellestarxo t1_j27l824 wrote

Better Call Saul - Final sequence/final cigarette

Stranger Things - Eddie Munson + the use of Kate Bush

White Lotus - costuming, writing, so many performances

Physical - Rose Byrne & Murray Bartlett honesty dance sequence in ep "Don't You Run & Hide"

Severence - Ben Stiller's direction

Barry - Chase sequence in "710N" was truly stunning


eternaltag t1_j27n0w1 wrote

The Boys, cocaine scene


RandyBRandleman t1_j2906iq wrote

I had to scroll way too far for this. I had to stop the show to process that


pardybill t1_j282nzq wrote

Peacemaker was my favorite unexpected show.

Rings of Power, For all Mankind, Kenobi, all had some of my favorite moments

Andy Serkis in Andor was incredible for me, a complete surprise.


theredditoro t1_j295jhz wrote

Andor -

One Way Out -

Serkis’s monologue

Stellan’s monologue

The rebellion in the finale

Stranger Things - both remixes of Running Up That Hill

Rings of Power - reveals of the mines and Numenor

Our Flag Means Death - The Chain and you wear fine things well

Mythic Quest - Poppy playing Sarian


jdbrew t1_j26us1n wrote

The oner in The Bear


QueenDragonRider t1_j28jvh2 wrote

“I will sit the throne today.” Just the whole episode of Viserys send off and getting a glimpse of what could have been at dinner was just perfect.


Iamtim92 t1_j2916vb wrote

Andrew Taint doxxing himself


Wight3012 t1_j294dxx wrote

World Cup, pretty much the only thing i watched on actual television


WatchBat t1_j296qx4 wrote

It indeed has some of the best TV moments of this year


RMT2316 t1_j298u99 wrote

Bill Hader and Henry Winklers acting in the Barry season 4 finale ending.


bexar_necessities t1_j2a78h9 wrote

Realizing this was a great TV year going through all these!


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ILuvMemes4Breakfast t1_j278kmk wrote

severance finale was perfection. as for soundtracks, either station eleven (cheating since it started in december 2021, but ended in janurary 2022) or cyberpunk edgerunners.


Filmlovinggal t1_j27himx wrote

Matthew Goode as Robert Evans in The Offer. The scene where he finds out the big boss is in a make-or-break meeting and he frantically hauls ass to get there, then calmly strolls in like he does not have a care in the world. I laugh every time I watch that.


Capnjack84 t1_j27rtf2 wrote

One way out! Does that count as TV?! holy Shit I thought I was watching the Rogue one Prequel. I can’t swim. Fucking chills.


19Jamie93 OP t1_j285doi wrote

Better standard of writing, acting and storytelling than a lot of the star wars films i would honestly say


Bosanicat t1_j28tiis wrote

No mention of Atlanta, I’d put most of the two seasons in here but liked Wiley singing “possibly” Alfred’s song back to him


safetydance t1_j29educ wrote

Episode 7 of Fleishman is in Trouble. Claire Danes knocked it out of the fucking park.


kdubstep t1_j29g3y1 wrote

I’ll put Atlanta up with scene with Glover as a Tyler Perry-Esque media mogul and the line “Grits don’t work on me!”


katy789 t1_j29gscj wrote

Severance finale was perfect.

Fleishman is in Trouble ep7. Clare Danes was amazing.


gordy06 t1_j29qess wrote

Some great consensus around Andor, Better Call Saul, The Bear, Severance, HotD and others in here. Will throw in some others I didn’t see as much:

Afterparty - the entire series. It’s a lot of fun.

Atlanta - great finale season and the episode about the Goofy Movie is S tier.

Barry - the series doesn’t miss but the motorcycle chase in 710N was chefs kiss.

Black Bird - solid mini series and Paul Walter Hauser’s performance is award worthy.

For All Mankind - I know this season didn’t get quite as much love as the previous two but still such a thrill for me and the end….

Kevin Can F Himself - underwatched show with a unique premise. Glad it got a second season to close out and that scene in the finale is worth it all.


sillystevedore t1_j29zofr wrote

Here’s a bunch:

  • At the end of Reservation Dogs, when Daniel shows up, for a fleeting moment, in the group hug on the beach.
  • The moment in Andor when Bix, who’s still locked up post-interrogation, is listening to Maarva’s speech and trying to lean out the window to feel the slightest bit closer to her.
  • Jimmy and Kim sharing one last cigarette in the most noir lighting you’ve ever seen in Better Call Saul.
  • The riveting Harper/Jesse/Rishi negotiation in which Rishi ends up getting screwed over, in Industry.
  • Jackson Lamb’s anti-inspiring speech in the park in the first season of Slow Horses.

sillystevedore t1_j2a13ar wrote

Could also add like nine other Andor moments. Dedra Meero undressing her ISB colleague and taking over his sector in the episode “Announcement.” Luthen’s haunting speech. Mon Mothma’s capping off her approach to a fellow rebel-sympathizer colleague with the “perhaps my politics are too strong for your taste” line. I can keep going!


BlindStickFighter t1_j2cgp4g wrote

“Walter White couldn’t have done it without me.” Jimmy’s whole confession is perfect, what it means to the Jimmy persona and the Saul persona, what it means to Kim, and how it sends off the universe.


Grantonator t1_j2crbib wrote

Attack on Titan the Final season part 2, a scene where two brothers share a moment, and something very interesting happens to someone’s head.


Burnburnburnnow t1_j25vbzf wrote

I know this isn’t in the spirit of the question but the best live tv I saw this year was the slap at the Oscar’s. Love Will, hate all the outrage from a community that supports abuse… really this was just the next step