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Willie Aames, Adam Rich and Susan Richardson didn't really turn out well in the long run after the show ended. Poor Lani O'Grady died.

It made me think of other child stars who died tragically or had no luck like Dana Plato, Gary Coleman, Jamie from SMALL WONDER, Fred Savage...etc.

The Full House kids turned out okay though Candace Cameron grew up to be a homophobe.



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mikeymiggz t1_j245cui wrote

Fred Savage is more of a director now


TheDeadlySquid t1_j248d3u wrote

Didn’t he get cancelled?


reddig33 t1_j24ctf5 wrote


paperwasp3 t1_j27kl4i wrote

Apparently he’s been gross for a long time now. There were rumors coming out of that show he did with Rob Lowe, The Grinder.


Medoxor t1_j24h3jk wrote

The Facts of Life is a rare situation. The girls on that show turned out fine. Mindy Cohn always credited to having stable families at home that helped them all stay on track. It's also one of the very few female cast shows where they all got along. The actresses even got together for a Christmas movie Kim Fields did a couple of years ago. They all speak very highly of each other when they do interviews. It is possible for children to be stars and turn out great.


Lili_Danube OP t1_j24jmmg wrote

Mrs Garrett was always the bad one.

I remember when Geri Jewell came out. She wasn't even a regular but the FACT OF LIFE stars rallied up for her.


Tornpaperwrapper t1_j24qyk9 wrote

I hope that’s just a joke about Mrs. G. I’d be sad to find out Charlotte Rae was trouble.


paperwasp3 t1_j27l6mb wrote

She was a massive drinker. When George Clooney first got to LA he had a job driving for his aunt Rosemary. She would go drinking with Charlotte Rae and George would have to drive them home. One time he pulled over for them and Charlotte stepped one leg out of the car. peed like a racehorse, and pulled her leg back in.


Lili_Danube OP t1_j28j6yv wrote

Wonder if Mrs Garrett got to taste Clooney's goodies when he was a young stud?


JPSofCA t1_j26c5dc wrote

Girls! Girls!! Girls!!! ~ Mrs. Garret's Bosoms


Tornpaperwrapper t1_j26ladn wrote

The Facts of Life skits on The Big Gay Sketch show cracked me up with that line alone.


trustysidekick t1_j27n123 wrote

Were any of the girls in Facts of life actually kids? They all seemed grown up to me when I was watching it as a kid in the 80sz


Medoxor t1_j286wqi wrote

>Were any of the girls in Facts of life actually kids? They all seemed grown up to me when I was watching it as a kid in the 80sz

Yes, they were. Lisa Whelchel was 16 that first season. Nancy McKeon was 14 when she started the show. Mindy Cohn was 13 when she started. Kim was 10. They grew up on the show. Mindy points out a lot how she gets to see her puberty years on TV. The Facts of Life was NBC's first longest running sitcom of the 80's. It lasted 9 years.


sweetnsassy924 t1_j27bzas wrote

I think the girls were also all there when Nancy was on. Dwts


Medoxor t1_j287qeg wrote

>I think the girls were also all there when Nancy was on. Dwts

The girls were also supportive of Lisa when she did Survivor years ago. Stupid Penner for turning the jury against her just because she was a childhood actress. Lisa deserved to win that season. She started out slow but by the end she was ruling that game. Denise road Malcom's coattails doing nothing to win.


DaftPump t1_j278g1n wrote

IIRC Mindy Cohn wanted nothing to do with celebrity life. She was added to the show as an afterthought.


Scrubbing_Bubbles_ t1_j24cgux wrote

Ralph Macchio, although an added character in later seasons, had a nice career.


Yourbubblestink t1_j24z2wb wrote

Ralph Macchio is like 30 when he played a teenager


Scrubbing_Bubbles_ t1_j252jfo wrote

He born in 1961, the show ended in 1981. At most he was 20.


Yourbubblestink t1_j2554y8 wrote

Ok 20. He was not a child star.


Scrubbing_Bubbles_ t1_j25eawg wrote

Willie Aimes, next to Adam Rich, the youngest of the original cast, was only one year younger than Ralph Macchio when both started on the show.


fbibmacklin t1_j27tl27 wrote

Billy Zabka, too.


Lili_Danube OP t1_j28iubf wrote

Did he? It felt like he was pretty much a has been until COBRA KAI happened. He spent the 80s playing teen bullies even though Johnny was always misunderstood.


steeleye5 t1_j2456ls wrote

Didn’t one of the full house girls get hooked on crack for awhile?

Not many child stars end up making it past adulthood in their careers


notorious98 t1_j246mqh wrote

Jodie Sweetin had a bad drug addiction but she seems to be doing really well now.


muppethero80 t1_j246ksj wrote

She had a rough few years. Jodi stensen (sp) is now sober and living a good life


MsAnnabel t1_j27pztz wrote

One of the twins from Everybody Loves Raymond committed suicide; the little girl from Family affair died of a drug overdose; plus all the others named. Really sad.


Rodgers4 t1_j254ips wrote

The other girls all turned out well though. Sure, the Olsen twins became mannequins sometime in the early aughts, but they’re incredibly wealthy.

Candice Cameron is still an actor, also a very active parent.


Sputnik9999 t1_j26gm3o wrote

Candice ia also a well-reputed homophobe... so, she's got that going for her.


PM_ME_SUMDICK t1_j271vkg wrote

She promotes a parenting ideal that advises parents to spank infants as young as six months.


Rodgers4 t1_j274g7z wrote

I mean, I won’t defend that, but on a list of child actors screwing up, that’s pretty low down there.


CardboardSoyuz t1_j24e4u4 wrote

Mark Hamill played David in the pilot.


hokie3457 t1_j24zh5l wrote

Then he got some movie role and couldn’t commit to the tv show….


antmars t1_j25sgj3 wrote

Oof he could’ve had a steady job for 5 years if he just stuck with the show.



Serling45 t1_j2608mr wrote

It’s weirder than that. He tried to get out of the show but they would not let him. Then he had a bad motorcycle accident that forced a recast.


johncharityspring t1_j26x6xz wrote

I thought his motorcycle accident was after the first Star Wars movie.


Serling45 t1_j26zrla wrote

After filming the movie but before the movie came out and before the season run for Eight is Enough started filming. So, they let him out of the contract and got Grant Goodeve to play the part.


SpiritPaper t1_j245yn4 wrote

Weird to link O'Grady death to 9/11, when she died like two weeks after in California of a drug overdose.


KotzubueSailingClub t1_j265uts wrote

Did OP edit their post? There's nothing there about 9/11.


SpiritPaper t1_j26764v wrote

Lol, yes, it was originally, "Lani O'Grady died after 9/11". It's fine the OP edited, it was already tragic she died.


EasternMotors t1_j246gu9 wrote

Curb Your Enthusiasm set the standard here. Link confirmed.


grunkage t1_j268j2r wrote

Not sure Fred Savage belongs anywhere near this list. Dude has been acting and directing constantly since the Wonder Years. Literally never out of work.


KingAdamXVII t1_j28fb2e wrote

OP said he “died tragically or had no luck”.


esmerelda_b t1_j29bu3a wrote

Fair. He had plenty of work until late, and it seems that his issue is he's more of a harassing jerk than an addict.


tighterfit t1_j27dddv wrote

All this is in the last few years. Fred Savage doesn’t belong on this list. He’s just and everyday POS.


grunkage t1_j27m2j9 wrote

I thought of that, but it's more of a comedown from being all over the TV and streaming comedy landscape steadily since he was a child. Not the same as an early flame out or spiral into obscurity like the others listed.


gypsydaze216 t1_j26p6dm wrote

Laurie Walters Slade, is my neighbor in our retirement park.she played eldest daughter Joanie...apparently she retired from hollywood in 1993...she is still active in local plays and productions.


KellyJin17 t1_j2568d3 wrote

Mark Hamill did very well for himself.


river_tree_nut t1_j25lx2t wrote

In retrospect, viewers came to learn that, in fact, eight was simply too many.

Who could've seen that coming?


MikeyMGM t1_j26wxbl wrote

The little kid on Family Ties had many brushes with the law.


AuburnFaninGa t1_j25j7su wrote

Lani O’Grady was the younger sister of Don Grady from My Three Sons.


OzzieSlim t1_j26y0i5 wrote

Cousin Oliver. 😂


moonivermarin t1_j27a636 wrote

Fred Savage was doing fine until recently with the Wonder Years reboot. I remember seeing his name as director for Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia around the early seasons and was like wtf.


OzzieSlim t1_j26xqys wrote

Anissa Jones. Buffy from Family Affair. The original.


jefferson497 t1_j28ukku wrote

While Fred Savage didn’t have a superstar career post childhood he still is involved with producing and directing shows and movies. Some of the funniest Always Sunny episodes were directed by him


Coast_watcher t1_j26ysdg wrote

Buckwheat ? Or was it another one, like Alfalfa ?


President_Calhoun t1_j28jbs9 wrote

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer was shot to death because of a dispute over a $50 debt at the age of 31.


Rodgers4 t1_j255a2g wrote

It has to be so difficult in general to turn out fine after being a minor celebrity at that age. You’d need a good, stable support system, which these kids rarely have.


CBassTian t1_j26sl1s wrote

Eight Is Enough was my favorite show as a child and you're right the cast really did not go on to fame and fortune but latter series regular Macchio made quite a name for himself, I'd say.


fuzzy_skarekrow t1_j27h4al wrote

Fred Savage I would argue had a pretty nice adult TV career. he's reportedly worth around $30 million so I'd say he's done all right. He's kind of in the world of meme fringe even if he's not in a bunch of blockbuster stuff. His adult career seems to be consistent


yonimusprime t1_j27smno wrote

Fred Savage has directed alot and works behind the camera. I don't want to do him dirty on this list.


foldsbaldwin t1_j28o2od wrote

Fred Savage isn't dead, he's just a piece of shit.

Eta- saw it also says or much luck which I wouldn't necessarily say but I wouldn't say he's on anyone radar.


RelationRealistic t1_j242bcp wrote

Congrats on all your success, OP.

Also on not being fat and accepting of everyone as they are.


007upyours t1_j28khjv wrote

Fred Savage is pretty well off comparatively


physco219 t1_j28u0j4 wrote

Judith Barsi she is well known as the voice of Ducky from The Land Before Time movies. She was brutally murdered.


SamuraiUX t1_j29saef wrote

This is why I wouldn’t encourage parents to put their kids into acting. I was a child actor myself and was a good friend to someone mentioned on your list (OP). Kids are treated weirdly in the industry (sometimes badly, sometimes harmfully positively, e.g., inflating their egos and forcing them into early adulthood) and I left as a teen after hearing one of my friends called a “nobody” at a party because he was t a big name actor. It grossed me out. People aren’t somebodies or nobodies. Anyway: it’s too much for almost any kid to handle, most of them get into drugs very young. I’m lucky i got out as safely as I did.


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CDavis10717 t1_j28v8uy wrote

I always wanted hair like Nicholas on Eight Is Enough.