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Lili_Danube OP t1_j24jmmg wrote

Mrs Garrett was always the bad one.

I remember when Geri Jewell came out. She wasn't even a regular but the FACT OF LIFE stars rallied up for her.


Tornpaperwrapper t1_j24qyk9 wrote

I hope that’s just a joke about Mrs. G. I’d be sad to find out Charlotte Rae was trouble.


paperwasp3 t1_j27l6mb wrote

She was a massive drinker. When George Clooney first got to LA he had a job driving for his aunt Rosemary. She would go drinking with Charlotte Rae and George would have to drive them home. One time he pulled over for them and Charlotte stepped one leg out of the car. peed like a racehorse, and pulled her leg back in.


Lili_Danube OP t1_j28j6yv wrote

Wonder if Mrs Garrett got to taste Clooney's goodies when he was a young stud?


JPSofCA t1_j26c5dc wrote

Girls! Girls!! Girls!!! ~ Mrs. Garret's Bosoms


Tornpaperwrapper t1_j26ladn wrote

The Facts of Life skits on The Big Gay Sketch show cracked me up with that line alone.