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TerraTF t1_j1kute9 wrote

> I will say that Mike White from White Lotus writes and directs every single episode...and it's overwhelmingly obvious in my opinion. > > Cary Joji Fukunaga also wrote and directed every episode of the first season of True Detective .

You'll see a single director more often on prestige (think HBO, Starz, and Showtime) and streaming shows because those shows have either completed post-production or are nearly complete by the time the show airs.

When it comes to your basic cable shows on CBS, ABC, and NBC those shows start filming about 2-3 months before airing and can take about a week and a half to film an episode. You'll see a higher quantity of directors brought in since episodes sometimes won't be complete until days before airing.


im_thatoneguy t1_j1l362d wrote

Well prestige shows are also usually much much shorter.

A typical NBC show can have 26 episodes in a season while White Lotus had 6 episodes in season 1.

In a network show it's not unusual for a director to handle 6 episodes in a season.