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im_thatoneguy t1_j1l1ffj wrote

Also on TV the cinematographers have a larger responsibility for maintaining a consistent look and shooting style between episodes. So camera direction will fall more on the cinematographers than in film or commercial work.

TV direction has a lot in common with a theater/stage director that spends more time rehearsing actors and working performance than dealing with blocking and camera work.

Obviously this varies from film to film and show to show. Especially with so many single camera shows in streaming where you have one director who is essentially shooting an 8 hour long film.


Impressive-Potato t1_j1limkx wrote

Even with series with 8 episodes, the load is shared between at least 2 directors and ADs.


Mattyzooks t1_j1mmavl wrote

With some recent exceptions like Flannagan directing all of Hill House and Midnight Mass, Lynch directing all 18 episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return, Sam Esmail with all episodes after season 1 of Mr. Robot, Mike White with White Lotus, etc.


Impressive-Potato t1_j1n2zwt wrote

Traditionally, British shows are 6 episodes and have one writer/director for all of them and don't have a writer's room. The one director for all episodes is something you find in prestige television, as someone mentioned above.