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Frazzledsoul t1_j1vw29u wrote

They're supposed to directly insult their fans, costing them the very audience that makes them popular, just to make YOU feel better about it?

Seriously? You're asking them why they don't try harder to lose money?


PlantationCane t1_j1vxht1 wrote

It is shocking when a person or company does not want to alienate half their audience and cut their profits in half. OP honestly cannot fathom why they should Not get rid of half their audience and why not? So many companies are willing to get rid of half their customers.


ArsBrevis t1_j1vwk35 wrote

Why should they speak out against the audience? I'm confused.


notausername15 t1_j1vxiva wrote

Because politics. OP obviously doesn't agree with how right wing folks think and act. I'm not judging one way or the other, just making a comment.


lego_office_worker t1_j1vwlau wrote

politics has poisoned your mind and soul.

stop paying attention to politics.

the longer you stay away from it, the more you will realize how stupid it is.


SnakeDoc919 t1_j1vx96h wrote

We need this comment pinned to the top of the front page of reddit.


Typicalinternetuser9 t1_j1vxx0z wrote

This political apathy is exactly what the oligarchs are aiming for.


lego_office_worker t1_j1w4af9 wrote

oligarchs are always there in every system.

political bickering does nothing but divide and destroy.

if oligarchs want anything, its that.


Typicalinternetuser9 t1_j1w8njl wrote

Burying one’s head in the sand and pretending things that matter don’t isn’t an effective strategy for improving things.

It is effective at neutralizing the working class.

I used to believe that politics was boring and dumb, mostly because it is, but politics is also important whether some want to acknowledge this or not, and I’m embarrassed of my past self for once truly believing the sentiment you initially wrote.


axisrahl85 t1_j1vxkm5 wrote

You should definitely separate it a bit from your entertainment, but you should still pay attention to politics.


Revoltingmind t1_j1vxnb3 wrote

Stop paying attention to politics? Lol, now i know why your Country is so effed up


lego_office_worker t1_j1w42hi wrote

its messed up because of politics, not from ignoring politics.

99.9% of americans are politics obssessed tribalists, so you proved my point.


WeDriftEternal t1_j1vw97u wrote

Who do you think they made this show for? It was clearly aiming at a more conservative, more rural audience base.


RivyGucci t1_j1vx2vi wrote

What a stupid question


urgasmic t1_j1vwtk9 wrote

I dont see why they should.


WordsAreSomething t1_j1vwbcp wrote

Kevin Costner has a show on the Fox News streaming service, why would he do that?


Cwolf17 t1_j1vxc7n wrote

Redditors when someone has a different opinion than them


manfromfuture t1_j1vxida wrote

I think this post is a straw man for people to complain about liberals.


GiantSizeManThing t1_j1vxk58 wrote

Republicans buy sneakers pay for streaming services too.


ronin_cse t1_j1vxofq wrote

Yeah I'll join the others here and ask: why would they? There are only negatives to saying anything and basically no positives.

Also, why should they? Just because they have a different political viewpoint from yours does that mean it's ok to stop them from watching television? Would you want the same if the roles were reversed?


mikedbekim t1_j1vxw1u wrote

I think you need to sit down and ask yourself some serious questions regarding how you’ve become such a worthless idiot OP. Get a life .


Drafen t1_j1vxbie wrote



Se7enEvilXs t1_j1vxt70 wrote

... because that's their main audience? Like seriously I'm pretty damn left wing but it doesn't take a genius to figure out they don't want to bite the hand that feeds them so to speak. I mean seriously I feel like the only (or rather the most numerous and/or vocal) fans of the show tend to be the exact demographic you imagine them to be.

I feel like this is asking why modern family doesn't try harder to appeal to a more right-wing audience lol


smokeyjoey8 t1_j1vy359 wrote

I hate alt-right idiots as much as the next guy, but cmon. What is there for them to disavow? Its not like the alt-right stormed the capitol with signs saying “WATCH YELLOWSTONE”. They can just keep their heads in the sand and pretend those people arent their main audience.

That said, Costner has a show on Fox News’ streaming service. Everything Sheridan touches is steeped in what gets right wing viewers off. So again, whats there to disavow? these are their people.


ThrowawayDJer t1_j1vyqdu wrote

Why? Because Money isn’t red or blue. It’s green.


aligador t1_j1w0gtq wrote

Because they're not paid to speak out. They're paid to act


macimom t1_j1w651w wrote

Seriously? Lots of people watch Yellowstone and bc some might be conservative (are you aware of some sort of violence/destriuction done in Yellowstone's name by these allegedly right wing fans?) you want the producers/actors to say-what exactly?


dubiago t1_j1x6lx1 wrote

You're quite the gatekeeper...


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olyjp t1_j1yika6 wrote

What about their huge left wing audience? Will they speak out against them? For whatever reason.


tinysavage t1_j1vxk60 wrote

I drive truck for a living and I know a lot of conservative men. One guy in particular keeps pushing me to watch Yellowstone. I actually almost stopped speaking to him and I actually did stop speaking to him for a while after the Supreme Court ruling on Roe v Wade. I know exactly what he wants me to watch that show because it is conservative leaning he thinks that he's going to influence me with that show.

Because there is something in that show about displacement of Native Americans that satisfies conservatives to believe that they are entitled to all of the American land and all the resources that it has without sharing with anybody else.


[deleted] t1_j1vw5ru wrote



Za_Lords_Guard t1_j1vwii3 wrote

Well actually yes they do, but that doesn't make this right.


DufferDan t1_j1vwypy wrote

You may be told to think that, but deep down, you know you are wrong.


JGyllenhaals t1_j1vxd90 wrote

The cognitive dissonance you possess is something you think you can hide but it will out you every single time you share your views.


whatisthatwood t1_j1vxycz wrote

It’s called a boycott and all sides have been doing it before it was rebranded as cancel culture.