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tells t1_j23cj04 wrote

  • Andor - Disney
  • House of the Dragon - HBO Max
  • Cyberpunk: Edgerunners - Netflix
  • Bad Sisters - Apple
  • The White Lotus, season 2 - HBO Max
  • The Bear - Hulu/Disney
  • Severance - Apple
  • Peripheral - Prime
  • Abbott Elementary - ABC
  • The Last Movie Stars - HBO Max
  • Barry - HBO Max
  • SAS: Rogue Heroes - Prime
  • Extraordinary Attorney Woo - Netflix
  • Wednesday - Netflix
  • Better Call Saul - Netflix
  • Magpie Murders - Prime
  • Derry Girls - Netflix
  • The Old Man - Prime
  • Slow Horses - Apple
  • Taskmaster - Prime
  • Spy X Family - Hulu
  • Heartstoppper - Netflix
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks - Paramount Plus
  • Fleishman Is in Trouble - Hulu
  • The Offer - Paramount Plus

Deferential_dreams t1_j23z9f2 wrote

The Orville really should be on that list. Season 3 was fantastic.

I haven't watched all of those shows, but the ones I have were all great. Interesting that Rings of Power didn't make the cut - I agree with that. The writing just wasn't there.


Tshoe77 t1_j24ymeq wrote

But guys Netflix is fucking horrible! The internet told me it's the worst thing ever, with nothing but garbage!!!??1?1??1?


Cheeto_Enjoyer_420 t1_j25fdb7 wrote

you work for netflix or something?

the 2 best shows listed as netflix arent really netflix, the rest are okay i guess but nothing amazing.


Tshoe77 t1_j25gzvv wrote

It's just funny that everyone shits on the platform with the most subscribers for basically no reason. All streaming services have produced good and awful shows


D3Construct t1_j25m43m wrote

Confirmed shill. Not like Netflix has ruined multiple franchises and glorified child (s)exploitation.


Tshoe77 t1_j25mylw wrote

Ok so get back to me when Disney, HBO, Prime, etc, are all perfect and aren't exploiting anyone anymore and have not ever ruined or cancelled anything.

Do you seriously think Netflix is the only company that is bad? That's adorable.


D3Construct t1_j25n5j4 wrote

I said none of that, your troll bait is weak.


Tshoe77 t1_j25qias wrote

Wtf is a troll bait. Go outside. Amazing how people like you can't imagine other opinions so you think everyone's a troll.


im_a_dick_head t1_j219c7v wrote

How many articles are they gonna make with this same title?


pingpong_playa t1_j24jo07 wrote

Ya we should just have more threads complaining about the same bad shows instead of celebrating good ones.


mtodd93 t1_j22gavo wrote

Oh shit Taskmaster is on a list? Such a great show!


Dave5876 t1_j23655c wrote

Some of the channel 4 shows are criminally underrated


last_angry_moose t1_j24d8ra wrote

I was surprised to see it, but well-deserved. Series 13 and 14 (both 2022) were unbelievably strong.


SadSappySuckerX9 t1_j254gcx wrote

Is it all on Prime? Fiancée and I got into it over the last few weeks and have been watching it on YouTube, stoked it's all on there but if I could watch Greg Davies be mean to Alex WITHOUT ads I'd be even happier.


jfstompers t1_j22ca3u wrote

I mean some of the best shows but no reservation dogs is a miss. Love seeing Derry girls get so e love though.


Best_Duck9118 t1_j23quwc wrote

It was #1 on Rolling Stone's list if you didn't know. High School is another really good show that was on that list but not this one.


DFu4ever t1_j246fvo wrote

Peacemaker and Strange New Worlds are missing.


Notoneusernameleft t1_j24r9q4 wrote

Outer Range I thought was pretty solid on Prime.

I didn’t watch these but I’ve continually heard about Yellowstone and Murders in the building.

And yes Peacemaker was great show but it’s probably to naughty to be on these types of lists


CatisCatiss t1_j24ckqo wrote

No The Sandman or Peacemaker? Lol


luckytraptkillt t1_j269o6g wrote

I loved the sandman as well and consider it slept on but did it get great reviews? I remember people not enjoying it but that diner episode alone to me was one of the most engaging episodes of tv I’ve seen in awhile.


bob1689321 t1_j28m6ng wrote

They were fine shows but not best of the year imo


mainstreetmark t1_j226iw8 wrote

I watched some shows but an issue I seem to have is forgetting what streaming channel they were on.

It seems like an easily solved problem, but even Netflix hides the “continue” list.

It is stupid to have to check multiple services to see if your show was there. And when you do, they don’t make it apparent.

TV is hard to watch.


Alphasite t1_j22ufw4 wrote

I love using my appletv because of this, there is a unified watchlist across apps, so every time a new episode pops up it appears there and just loads the right app for me.


Best_Duck9118 t1_j23qyak wrote

Wait, are you talking about shows you already started? I can't imagine my memory being that bad if that's what you mean.


Sarigan-EFS t1_j22sd1v wrote

Old Man and Peripheral both started strong and squandered their potential. List excluded Rings of Power though, so objectively an ok list.


DarkenedOtaku t1_j24owd8 wrote

edgerunners is one of the best videogame adaptations ever, along with arcane


lordmorpheus2000 t1_j24p72q wrote

In my personal opinion- arcane is the much better show out of the two but edgerunners is easily the best video game adaptation if you get what I mean.


DarkenedOtaku t1_j24qepc wrote

arcane easily surpassed edgerunners in terms of character development and story and worldbuilding(and having a season 2) but edgerunners is definitely more accurate to the game, honestly i still kinda prefer edgerunners to arcane


whatifniki23 t1_j22t5xc wrote

This is a great list. The Offer was one of the great shows that I always forget to recommend. Glad it was on there.
If Primal and Arcane were on this list, it would have been perfect.


HertigTorulf t1_j23jd00 wrote

They left out Primal?


supersexycarnotaurus t1_j24m4fm wrote

I love Primal but honestly I thought season two was a bit uneven. Felt like Tartakovsky sped through a lot of good ideas, and the finale was really rushed.


Wh00ster t1_j22f8sx wrote

1899 should take the place of the Peripheral


nagdamnit t1_j23urpb wrote

I really enjoyed peripheral. Was good fun.


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MountainPK t1_j228rxn wrote

They forgot about r/papergirls. Great show.


Wh00ster t1_j22f2gm wrote

I didn’t watch because I read S2 didn’t get renewed


JohnnyMojo t1_j25q0l4 wrote

It was pretty good but I don't think I'd list it in the years best. It also was cancelled.


Shotgunsamurai42 t1_j24sywk wrote

I'm glad to see Spy x Family getting some love here.


MagicMisto t1_j25m4r5 wrote

Interview with the Vampire was also fantastic.


ishtar_the_move t1_j262m52 wrote

The Good Fight should be right near the top


Westeros t1_j27z1nm wrote

No peacemaker is an absolute joke; Sandman and 1899 also say hi.

Personally, SAS Rogue Heroes blew me away as my #1 of the year, just barely surpassing Peacemaker.


Unusual_Baby865 t1_j28i72f wrote

The Offer was a complete delight. I was not a fan of Myles Teller until I saw him in this program. The other performances were likewise excellent!!


essska t1_j25wv5e wrote

Alice in Borderland season 2 👌👌👌


Agamennmon t1_j2461tx wrote

  • one of the worst and most boring years.

jerojerojerojero t1_j24jze1 wrote

Andor is not that good. I hope people will admit it someday.


dilldoeorg t1_j217ea6 wrote

there were just as many BAD shows (maybe even more) as Good Shows this year.


flipperkip97 t1_j21doxt wrote

I don't see why that matters. At all. The existence of bad shows doesn't make the good shows worse.


dilldoeorg t1_j21gg63 wrote

if your football team have more loss than win, you can't really claim that your team had a 'Ridiculously Good Year of Football'


ItsAmerico t1_j220fla wrote

That’s a pretty moronic analogy.

Your football team is the same team. All tv shows are not made by the same people. So if your team does shit, that’s your team constantly doing poorly. Bad tv shows don’t diminish the good ones cause they’re generally not made by the same people.


MannerAlarming6150 t1_j21npbs wrote

TV isnt the team though, it's more like the league. And TV this year was amazing. Individual shows may have sucked, but overall an incredible year for TV


BerksEngineer t1_j22cw8m wrote

Sturgeon's Law, friend. 90% of everything is shit. One cannot judge a year based solely on there being more bad content than good content; I doubt any year in the history of television would pass muster by that measure.


SilverSuferNorr t1_j22uqi7 wrote

Once I saw the overrated Wednesday and House of Dragon, I knew that list was bogus lol


lordmorpheus2000 t1_j24n0na wrote

Haven’t seen Wednesday so can’t comment on that but HOTD isn’t overrated. Its not a masterpiece or anything like GoT S1-4 but its easily ten times better than anything in S5-8 and easily the best fantasy shows out of all the plethora of fantasy shows these days. Its pretty good imo. And a mostly faithful and respectful adaptation.


SilverSuferNorr t1_j24vru3 wrote

I think HoTD easily beats Wednesday but the 2nd half drag. Wish they stayed with the beginning a little longer.


lordmorpheus2000 t1_j24wrqe wrote

Second half drag? Bro they gave us so much backstory from like 20 pages! The first eight episodes before >!viserys’ death!< is like the prologue in dance of dragons and probably only like 20 pages. Its like a layout of the events leading up to it. And they translated it to screen pretty nicely. The real story of the dance of dragons begins after that and its pretty good we got the prologue since ryan and grrm wanted to do it and convinced hbo to. Hbo reportedly wanted to start the show right after >!viserys’ death!<


SilverSuferNorr t1_j24yp0a wrote

Yup it drag. The best performances was of course Paddy. The rest was predictable. And I hate using that word but it was.

Predictable doesn't mean bad btw it was just things were literally falling into place with characters doing the most weirdest things seemingly to get themselves killed.

For instance, the one guy berating the King daughter in open court and not expecting to be killed? Wtf lol

So many instances of that nonsense. Nah first half was better and could had more development had they stuck with it more.


skaomatic t1_j24gi9e wrote

Wednesday was so fucking dull !!


SilverSuferNorr t1_j24kx5t wrote

So true. What's funny is how people are down voting my comment about Wednesday, instead of saying why it's not boring.

I'm not trolling but it's like Riverdale and Sabrina. If anyone seen those shows they know it's true.

No way Wednesday should be one of the best shows on tv. That quite embarrassing. It's beyond overhype


skaomatic t1_j24mnz3 wrote

Totally agree , I really wanted to like Sabrina but also terrible . I found both shows really geared towards teens . Ultra cringy jokes .


SilverSuferNorr t1_j24vhc6 wrote

I don't mind cringe jokes but Wednesday just went overboard with it.

I can see that getting full after the 2nd season.

Sabrina was pretty interesting the 1st season but midway in 2nd season it just became unrecognizable. I st


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j2170ar wrote

"ridiculously good"? nah... 2019 was ridiculously good. this year was just ok imo.

either way, this is surprisingly a pretty good list that covers a lot.


Smiling_Maelstrom t1_j21bt3p wrote

why was 2019 ridiculously good

only got into tv during lockdown


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j21cqua wrote

because the good shows were reeeeeeaaally fucking good and left an impact.

that year we had Demon Slayer, Euphoria, Crash Landing on You etc. also personal hidden gems like Too Old to Die Young etc. And a whole lot more I'm forgetting. TV just went into creative overdrive.

As someone who've been watchin' shows religiously for like a decade now, trust me 2014 and 2019 are the best years in television over the past decade.

edit: why the downvotes? 😐


static_func t1_j21mm7x wrote

Bro you can't say all that and then start with Demon Slayer. It's pretty but just generic shonen anime

Meanwhile Vince Gilligan managed to stick the landing on over 10 years of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul this year. For the 3rd time.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j21qjht wrote

> Bro you can't say all that and then start with Demon Slayer. It's pretty but just generic shonen anime

you wildin' 😅 but whatever you think about demon slayer... you can't deny its impact.

Better Call Saul is just one show though... when i implied 2019 being a much better year than 2022, it's about how many good shows there were and how good those good shows were.

2019 was fuckin' great dawg. I'm just remembering everything, but to add more: The 2nd seasons of both The OA and Succession dropped that year (arguably their best seasons). Looking For Alaska was fucking great too. The Promised Neverland was incredible (before it fell off in season 2). etc. etc.


static_func t1_j21t6cc wrote

I can't deny any "impact" I'm unaware of. And I only listed 1 show because this article already lists plenty of examples.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j21va9c wrote

> I can't deny any "impact" I'm unaware of.

don't you watch the show, or are you just not linked to the anime fandom like that? i'm not either as im just a casual, but even i know there hasn't been a bigger anime than demon slayer since demon slayer. it's one that really broke out mainstream. even the Japanese prime minister cosigned it.

> And I only listed 1 show because this article already lists plenty of examples.

i mean yea there'll always be plenty of examples in any given year, but my point is i could list even more and better examples for 2019. 😅

bruh i've been watching close to 100, sometimes 100+ shows a year since 2016 - 2017. and believe me... 2019 is a strong fucking year! I forgot to mention Watchmen came out that year. Fuck... The Boys came out that year too! It was a solid year whether you like anime, k-drama, prestige drama or even avant-garde television. solid year.


static_func t1_j21w14q wrote

You sure are starting to list a bunch of shows that are significantly better TV than Demon Slayer and would have made much better examples


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j21wks2 wrote

what's your beef with Demon Slayer?? 😂 it's a widely beloved show.

But yea Demon Slayer and the 3 others I said in that first reply were just the first ones I thought of in the moment. I knew there were plenty other options I could've chose (thus why i put "etc").


static_func t1_j21xv1j wrote

I like Demon Slayer just fine but it's hardly quality tv. I like the Fast and Furious franchise too but I'm not expecting them to take home any Oscars


lordmorpheus2000 t1_j24oqlj wrote

Better call saul, the bear, hotd, barry, trying, black bird, severance, under the banner of heaven, andor, my brilliant friend, cp edgerunners, this is us, heartstopper, station eleven, boys, peacemaker, reacher, rehearsal, stranger things, we own this city, westworld, the white lotus, slow horses, 1899, crown, pam & tommy, tokyo vice and a few others.

Seems like a pretty fucking great year. I’ll even say 2022 was a really fucking great year for the two other forms of media too-

Games- god of war ragnarok, elden ring, witcher 3 next gen, stray, horizon forbidden west

Movies- aftersun, top gun maverick, eeaao, batman, tar, cha cha real smooth, the fablemans, banshees of insherin, all quite on the western front, bones & all and many others.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j24rmtz wrote

Hey if you think it was, who's to argue? 🤷🏾‍♂️ I haven't seen Slow Horses, We Own the City, Black Bird and Under the Banner of Heaven so maybe those are what's missing from my viewing history for me to consider this a great year? Idk.


lordmorpheus2000 t1_j24s54z wrote

Slow Horses & We Own This City were okay but Under of The Banner of Heaven & Black Bird are two of the best shows of the year imo. Black Bird easily has one of the best televsion acting performances of the past few years.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j24tlak wrote

I'll check out Black Bird. I don't like what im seeing there in the casting for Under the Banner...


lordmorpheus2000 t1_j24u0sa wrote

What do you mean? Under the banner of heaven has some impeccable acting performances. Wyatt russell absolutely kills it in his supporting role. Daisy edgar jones, billy howle & denise gough also give pretty good supporting performances. And andrew garfield & sam worthington gave absolutely terrific performances as the two leads.


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j24xh38 wrote

yea im not fond of any of those names you mention there. but especially daisy edgar jones. she's so boring. she makes my pussy dry. can't deal with having to look at her for however long this series is. lol.