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Badass_Buick t1_j1ka86r wrote

The Wire. Best show of all time.


don_tmind_me t1_j1kb9yo wrote

Then when you finish it, you can watch We Own This City for some light, refreshing entertainment. You can see how much Baltimore improved in 20 years.


tigersanddawgs t1_j1kbqwm wrote

GOAT tv show and frankly not close to me. Almost done with my 5th rewatch


MrArmageddon12 t1_j1kaen5 wrote

The Leftovers (one of my all time favorites)

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Wire


The Night Of



Band of Brothers

The Pacific


pratherj23 t1_j1kbddw wrote

It’s 20 years old but not enough love for Band of Brothers these days. Such a great series.


notataco007 t1_j1kctdo wrote

It is, undoubtedly, a Top 10 non-documentary show of all time. And further more, whatever the shows above and below it are on those list, Band of Brothers is the reason they exist.


AangAndTheFireLord t1_j1khqtx wrote

I always forget about it when I’m talking about all time great shows, which is weird since it’s easily in my top-10, if not top-5.


pratherj23 t1_j1kk3yy wrote

I think because it feels like it’s in a category of it’s own almost. Like, mini series are super popular these days.. but in 2000, feel like they were few and far between?


Corr521 t1_j1kbrg4 wrote

I'd add True Detective, Succession and The Sopranos to this list


dancefreak76 t1_j1kclyg wrote

True Detective has an asterisk to pretend season two never existed.


CoCambria t1_j1kc776 wrote

Oh I forgot that The Leftovers was HBO but it’s definitely worth the watch. Three perfect seasons of television.


ejpierle t1_j1kdvlx wrote

Best short series of all time. Shows what can be accomplished if the show runner has the balls to tell the story and stop when it's done. Notice no one is mentioning Westworld, but the first season was perfect and if they had stopped there would've been my pick for the best single season show ever.


Poppin_Daytons t1_j1kcgoi wrote

I only came here to write your first suggestion. All of the shows you listed are fantastic but The Leftovers has a special place in my heart. One of those shows you wish you could watch for the first time again. Carrie Coon did an amazing job.


dontry90 t1_j1kdaps wrote

Boardwalk Empire'd fit right in here


spirit_toad t1_j1kfp6u wrote

The Larry sanders show is a classic. A 90’s time capsule but still funny.


mostanon t1_j1kgsio wrote

The fact that The Sopranos is not on this list invalidates the list completely for me.


CoCambria t1_j1k9s6f wrote

Six feet under.


Royal-Geologist587 OP t1_j1kaup8 wrote

Thinking about it for a while but never given it a shot, thanks


CoCambria t1_j1kbce5 wrote

It’s a character study show so don’t go in expecting a lot of ‘plot’ but it is one of my favorite shows of all time.


rubensinclair t1_j1kci2j wrote

I say this every time this show gets mentioned, but David and Keith had one of, if not THE healthiest relationships ever portrayed on tv.


CoCambria t1_j1kd4lc wrote

This show made me fall in love with Michael C. Hall. Incredibly talented actor.


divesh_sam t1_j1ka0tc wrote

HBO has always been a pioneer in the TV industry, consistently making quality shows. There's honestly a lot of shows I could recommend, but the ones that stand out the most to me are:

  • Barry
  • The Righteous Gemstones
  • Vice Principals
  • Eastbound and Down
  • The Wire
  • The White Lotus
  • Succession
  • Perry Mason
  • Deadwood
  • Rome
  • The Deuce
  • Band of Brothers
  • The Pacific
  • Generation Kill
  • Mildred Pierce
  • Olive Kitteridge
  • Silicon Valley
  • I Know This Much Is True
  • We Own This City
  • Veep
  • Getting On
  • Westworld
  • Vinyl
  • Treme
  • Six Feet Under

Royal-Geologist587 OP t1_j1ka99m wrote

Thanks :)


RockerElvis t1_j1kb75k wrote

Sadly, Westworld was taken off. If you don’t have a lot of time, I highly recommend Band of Brothers, Chernobyl, Watchmen, and Barry (in that order). Amazing shows.


Royal-Geologist587 OP t1_j1ke7ps wrote

Already watched Westworld, Chernobyl, and Barry, gotta give Watchmen a watch though :)


pigs_in_chocolate t1_j1kaywo wrote

Why is Six Feet Under? Are you saying something, or is it just the burial thing?


SucklingGodsTeets t1_j1kah9d wrote

No one’s said Station 11.


Royal-Geologist587 OP t1_j1kb7wm wrote

It’s like a mix between lost and TWD, right?


platypuskushmonster t1_j1kbi9h wrote

No zombies. Just a flu that wipes out most of the population and then the subsequent attempt at rebuilding. Both beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.


Frequenter t1_j1kd0th wrote

The first episode of this show is in my top three episodes of TV for that year. It is fantastic. That moment where they watch the plane from the building…


daffyscott t1_j1kcctt wrote

Eh. I would not universally recommend it. I found it to be a very grinding watch and the ending left a very bitter taste in my mouth. >!Specifically how there were no repercussions for the violent cult leader, Tyler.!<


wango-mango t1_j1kac3p wrote

The Sopranos, The Wire, White Lotus and True Detective.


sjicko t1_j1kbqla wrote

Dude! I just had to scroll way too far to see True Detective!


MasonOctopus t1_j1kcea5 wrote

The OP has already seen True Detective is probably why.


hedgehogcat t1_j1kcj8k wrote

The lack of respect in here for the Sopranos…. At least you mentioned it.


HotpieTargaryen t1_j1k9pnw wrote

Deadwood, The Leftovers, The Wire


Royal-Geologist587 OP t1_j1kaqnb wrote

I loved the wire and deadwood, couldn’t get too attached to the leftovers however


LooseSeal88 t1_j1kcsf7 wrote

How far did you make it in Leftovers? First season is a bit...somber, but it gets pretty interesting in the second season. I mean, I was hooked in the first season, but there's a chance season 2 could win your over if 1 didn't.


Extension-Carry2584 t1_j1k9xt9 wrote

Succession , Barry , the Leftovers , sharp objects , the wire , band of Brothers , mare of easttown


Wakattack00 t1_j1ka6d9 wrote

Games of Thrones, House of the Dragon, Westworld, Watchmen, His Dark Materials, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, plus about 100 more.


Calebrox124 t1_j1kc564 wrote

First four seasons of GoT for sure. Anything more, it’s up to the viewer.


hiversun t1_j1kao3h wrote

Omg nobody has said OZ!!!! An absolute treasure.


TranceDude t1_j1kcfi8 wrote

I always got a kick of seeing the Law & Order folks playing criminals. I also have burned into my brain an image of Schillinger pinning down some dude under what I believe was a weightlifting bench and dropping a deuce on him.


hiversun t1_j1mkeq4 wrote

Yes! An absolutely stacked cast. And I believe Oz was actually before SVU, so this was the debut for many of them.


rubensinclair t1_j1kclap wrote

Just recently Reddit was saying it doesn’t really hold up. I tend to assume that’s probably correct.


hiversun t1_j1mkmsd wrote

I'd be curious to see that thread - it definitely still stands up for me and I wonder why others would feel different.


Gilkarash t1_j1kaoir wrote

Our Flag Means Death is awesome.


soulsurfinfool t1_j1kbih2 wrote

How has no one mentioned Euphoria?! That's an excellent show with a great soundtrack. It can be pretty "teeny" at times, but it is definitely worth the watch. (Especially if you or anyone you love has ever struggled with addiction.


OcularAMVs t1_j1kebvp wrote

Agreed. The visuals are absolutely phenomenal as well


954kevin t1_j1kazf3 wrote

Deadwood is my favorite HBO series.


laughingvelophile t1_j1kd72h wrote

“I’ll tell you what, I may have fucked my life up flatter than hammered shit, but I stand here before you today beholden to no human cocksucker.” This show was pure Shakespeare. Everyone can be terrible but they’re all complex and get their redemption in one form or another.


bluntedbry t1_j1kb31l wrote

Raised by Wolves


Tryzm_ t1_j1kd5u6 wrote

RIP to this show, can’t believe they cancelled it. If it doesn’t get picked up by someone else I’ll be super disappointed.


darkarmy28 t1_j1ka9va wrote

I really enjoyed the Harley Quinn animated series.


bansawbanchee t1_j1kboon wrote

John Oliver is required television.


Hu5k3r t1_j1kakgr wrote

Station Eleven is fantastic


HarrietsDiary t1_j1kbrqj wrote

Boardwalk Empire. (4.5 seasons) Perry Mason (just one)


SonOfSalem t1_j1kcd4c wrote

Rome. The wire. Deadwood. Sopranos. GoT. Curb. John Adams. Boardwalk empire. His dark materials. Barry. The Staircase. Peacemaker.


Turkstache t1_j1kaalt wrote

Barry and The Righteous Gemstones are my recent favorites.


XScottMorrisseyX t1_j1kabzl wrote

Chernobyl Succession Watchmen Lovecraft Country


crunchrunner t1_j1karr5 wrote

I was so mad when they didn’t renew Watchmen


OldBirth t1_j1kfmvb wrote

It was always meant to be a standalone so... stop being so mad?


crunchrunner t1_j1kfvt7 wrote

I’m aware of that and why it wasn’t renewed. Does that mean I’m not allowed to want more of a show I enjoyed?


OldBirth t1_j1kfzuc wrote

Jeez get mad about it why don't you.


zeje t1_j1kamy1 wrote

South Side is hilarious


djml9 t1_j1kat9h wrote

Harley Quinn


Kekarus t1_j1kaw60 wrote



TitanCubes t1_j1kbazt wrote

Might be controversial but if you’ve never watched it definitely give Game of Thrones a try. The middle seasons are easily some of the best TV I’ve ever seen and House of the Dragon is a pretty good return to solid Game of Thrones.


Fartshitpoop t1_j1kbggv wrote

Game of thrones and house of the dragon


eugene8800 t1_j1kblct wrote

Barry for sure other recommendations here are all good too


im_a_dick_head t1_j1kc1oe wrote

If you enjoy dark teen dramas, Euphoria is great.


SirDaddio t1_j1kc2fx wrote

THE WIRE , asap, right now. Some of the greatest televisi9n to ever hit the little screen


Harryhoodrat t1_j1kcgc0 wrote

Two best shows on HBO:

Sopranos The wire

After that you have a lot of really good stuff:

Succession, GoT, Euphoria, Curb, White lotus, Leftovers

Also some good recent mini series shows:

Chernobyl, Mare of Eastown, The Night of


dminus222 t1_j1kcgqh wrote

Veep. Absolutely hilarious


dgarner58 t1_j1kcl96 wrote

Game of Thrones


The Wire




ColoradoSpringstein t1_j1kdibx wrote

Seriously no one is saying Succession?? My favorite show of all time.


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eywl61 t1_j1kbhb0 wrote



awildhorsepenis t1_j1kbi05 wrote

Generation Kill, Band of Brothers, The Pacific. No particular order


Kanobe24 t1_j1kbmlb wrote

Arliss. Kidding. You must watch The Wire.


GutSneksINC t1_j1kbvez wrote

Dude I am seeing no love for Doom Patrol, one of the craziest most original shows in a longtime also Brendan Fraser kills it.


Rustico32482 t1_j1kbw1h wrote

Deadwood. I have rewatched at leat 10 times.


vivalavicky t1_j1kc3o2 wrote

Oz. Watch it once and then never again.


Laura71421 t1_j1kc6f2 wrote

Based on the responses.... All of them.

Might be easier to tell you which to skip.


Omegaprimus t1_j1kc860 wrote

Very few have posted generation kill, I didn’t really think of this show at all, then was talking to a guy that was in Iraq and Afghanistan as a tank commander and he pointed out that show is the most accurate depiction he has ever saw in a show. And it was the little things, the clothes get worse and worse fights over who gets to play their music on the PA.


shifty_peanut t1_j1kcenf wrote

Has to scroll way too far to see Righteous Gemstones


PearlJamPony t1_j1kchb6 wrote

The holy trifecta The Wire, The Sopranos, and Six Feet Under.


ccagan t1_j1kckhl wrote

Treme! Such a great cast and anything David Simon is worth your time.


Nairro105 t1_j1kckxa wrote

If you like The Wire. We Own This City is a great short of Baltimore police corruption.


bvzxh t1_j1kcn2i wrote

High maintenance


don_Mugurel t1_j1kcncx wrote

Band of brothers is a cinematic masterpiece and u can binge it in 1 weekend iz.


Grouchy-Buy3280 t1_j1kcqtv wrote

Undoing .big little lies .sex and the city .white lotus .the wire .sopranos. Sharp Objects. Chernobyl. Mare of eastown. Leftovers


hankjmoody t1_j1kct8q wrote

Band of Brothers is, in my opinion (and my brother's), the greatest mini-series/limited series ever made. Nothing compares. If you enjoy it as much as we do, check out The Pacific. It's a very different vibe, but you might like it as well.

As far as proper TV shows, lotta people have mentioned excellent shows here, but I really want to highlight Deadwood. It's incredible. They built the town as filming progressed, they changed the cursewords of the time to modern ones you could understand how foul it really was, and every single actor knocks it out of the park. Ian McShane, in particular, is a blazing beacon of gravitas.

Honourary mentions:

Oz: It's basically the OG of top-tier television. You'll be surprised how many modern A/B-list actors are in it (same goes for Band of Brothers).

Chernobyl: Probably the closest non-horror horror series I've ever seen. It's a masterpiece.


historycat95 t1_j1kctb5 wrote

Veep. Barry. Band of Brothers. John Adams. Chernobyl.


j3rown t1_j1kd102 wrote

Warrior is amazing, cool to see people checking it out.

Curb is A1 for something light and funny, Watchmen is pretty dense but amazing, The Night Of (with Riz Ahmed) is heartbreaking but a really good watch, The Rehearsal if you're a Nathan Fielder fan (my personal fav from 2022), Tokyo Vice (good cerebral pulpy noir), and last but not least - Succession.


formulated t1_j1kd32z wrote

I'm just here to take notes on what to download, because signing up for a subscription would be pointless. Still need to catch up on Barry and Westworld.


fukdot t1_j1kd3z6 wrote

Curb your enthusiasm.


Sheesley23 t1_j1kdcol wrote

Can’t believe I haven’t seen “How to with John Wilson” mentioned. That show is hilarious. Nathan Fielder is a producer and if you liked his show you will like this show


curreal t1_j1kecyk wrote

Watch Search Party


Where_Da_Cheese_At t1_j1kf9zb wrote

Some of the jokes don’t really play well today like they did in 2006, but Entourage was my shit back in the day. It had 8 seasons and a movie.


ssinomine t1_j1kgm97 wrote

Boardwalk empire!


originalbiggusdickus t1_j1kjpiy wrote

Boardwalk Empire is HBO, I think. If you liked Sopranos, I imagine you’ll enjoy it as well


AltDaddy t1_j1kbszq wrote

Can't believe nobody has said "Euphoria". It's a tough watch, but so well done and worth the time. Writing is excellent.


PuddinPacketzofLuv t1_j1kcdlw wrote

The Wire, Band of Brothers, The Wire, Deadwood, The Wire, Oz, The Wire, Rome and finally The Wire.

Really, watch The Wire. May need a rewatch to catch all the details. All the pieces matter.


hedgehogcat t1_j1kcxmp wrote

Nobody has The Sopranos? Tony is displeased.


jfstompers t1_j1kd9cl wrote

Chernobyl, Band of Brothers, The Wire, The Sopranos, Veep. These are my top ones but hbo has 25 more shows you could argue are the next 5 must see on the list.


Nobodycares2022 t1_j1keg37 wrote

True Blood

Six Feet Under

Taxicab Confessions

The Newsroom