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MrArmageddon12 t1_j1kaen5 wrote

The Leftovers (one of my all time favorites)

Curb Your Enthusiasm

The Wire


The Night Of



Band of Brothers

The Pacific


pratherj23 t1_j1kbddw wrote

It’s 20 years old but not enough love for Band of Brothers these days. Such a great series.


notataco007 t1_j1kctdo wrote

It is, undoubtedly, a Top 10 non-documentary show of all time. And further more, whatever the shows above and below it are on those list, Band of Brothers is the reason they exist.


AangAndTheFireLord t1_j1khqtx wrote

I always forget about it when I’m talking about all time great shows, which is weird since it’s easily in my top-10, if not top-5.


pratherj23 t1_j1kk3yy wrote

I think because it feels like it’s in a category of it’s own almost. Like, mini series are super popular these days.. but in 2000, feel like they were few and far between?


Corr521 t1_j1kbrg4 wrote

I'd add True Detective, Succession and The Sopranos to this list


dancefreak76 t1_j1kclyg wrote

True Detective has an asterisk to pretend season two never existed.


CoCambria t1_j1kc776 wrote

Oh I forgot that The Leftovers was HBO but it’s definitely worth the watch. Three perfect seasons of television.


ejpierle t1_j1kdvlx wrote

Best short series of all time. Shows what can be accomplished if the show runner has the balls to tell the story and stop when it's done. Notice no one is mentioning Westworld, but the first season was perfect and if they had stopped there would've been my pick for the best single season show ever.


Poppin_Daytons t1_j1kcgoi wrote

I only came here to write your first suggestion. All of the shows you listed are fantastic but The Leftovers has a special place in my heart. One of those shows you wish you could watch for the first time again. Carrie Coon did an amazing job.


dontry90 t1_j1kdaps wrote

Boardwalk Empire'd fit right in here


spirit_toad t1_j1kfp6u wrote

The Larry sanders show is a classic. A 90’s time capsule but still funny.


mostanon t1_j1kgsio wrote

The fact that The Sopranos is not on this list invalidates the list completely for me.