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[deleted] t1_j02pmbo wrote



Avicennaete t1_j02ryw8 wrote

Canceling Minx was enough bad news for a whole week.

Well now I remembered how enjoyable Minx was, and I'm mad again.


HumanOrAlien t1_j02v14x wrote

At least Minx was made by a different studio so it has more chances of showing up somewhere else.


daintysinferno t1_j02zgzj wrote

i read yesterday its being shopped to other services since the second season was well into post. I wouldnt give up on our favorite sexy magazine for intelligent and aspiring women.


londonschmundon t1_j04qz6w wrote

No, it's shelved, for tax purposes. Really horrible for all involved.


PM_ME_THEM_UPTOPS t1_j04rwa7 wrote

It's not owned by WB so they can't do that. It's a Lionsgate property and is most definitely already being shopped.


dj_narwhal t1_j032lb5 wrote

Everyone was great in Minx but I love how Jake Johnson just played Nick Miller again with 70s hair.


MrBoliNica t1_j03is6n wrote

The role felt like it was meant for Marc maron and was retooled for JJ


xyzzyzyzzyx t1_j02t2k9 wrote

Everyone was really a delight. Hopefully it finds a new home.


Level-Infiniti t1_j03ibz8 wrote

WAIT WHAT, that show was great and had good reviews. man, was looking forward to season 2. Guess it doesn't fit with Zaslav's push for "middle america". not sure how OFMD will work out with that push either


cire1184 t1_j03xlnj wrote

Zaslav hates scripted TV. Cheap to make reality crap is his 90 day fiance.


Level-Infiniti t1_j03xymv wrote

i'm well aware, he destroyed what used to be great television channels


yodimboi t1_j03ti3t wrote

The also canceled The Nevers. I don't think they'll be airing the second part.


Willing_Definition71 t1_j031qg3 wrote

BBC just purchased the rights to air it in the UK so its probably safe


freyalorelei t1_j059vyo wrote

There was a similar concern over HBO Max not renewing the series, and the creator, David Jenkins, said that he would shop it around until it found a home. He's not gonna let it die.


Lwe12345 t1_j05o55m wrote

Wait …. What happened? I thought hbo renewed it?


keving87 t1_j044foh wrote

Safe for the UK, maybe, but could still be kicked to the curb in the US.


Neracca t1_j04osfq wrote

If only there was a way to still watch it that would be in the spirit of the show...


Cognitive_Spoon t1_j055yk7 wrote

Indeed. Some deeply gay method of watching this show. A fuckery, perhaps.


dantemanjones t1_j04gza1 wrote

I'm generally against piracy, but in this case at least it would be out in the public for people to get. Batgirl may never see the light of day but this will live on forever.


kjacobs03 t1_j037rr3 wrote

I’m trying to speed watch WestWorld. Watched first 2 episodes of season 4 this morning


RespectThyHypnotoad t1_j03h3mp wrote

I'm doing the same. It's off to a good start. The show lost it's way a bit but I still enjoyed it. It always sucks when they don't get to tell their full vision (with a season 5). Sucks more to have their work removed from the platform altogether, what the actual fuck on that one.


cire1184 t1_j03xrij wrote

Season 4 was a good rebound from season 3. Was looking forward to season 5. I'm pretty disappointed that it'll probably never be seen.


peanutdakidnappa t1_j045fxn wrote

S4 is good but the ending isn’t that great because they clearly tried to give it some sort of conclusion knowing they may not get a s5. S5 was supposed to be the final season and the ending but sadly we will never get that now. I still enjoyed s4 a lot and I commend them for trying to give it something that could work somewhat as an ending but it sucks we will never get the true ending


gsnumis t1_j05n27n wrote

I loved the first couple seasons of WestWorld but they lost me in season 3 and I thought season 4 was fucking terrible. I have a tendency to finish anything I start watching but I gave up on the show during season 4 and my only regret is that I ever watched more than the first season.


hiddenflames5462 t1_j03aqja wrote

If we're lucky it'll get the season 2 aired for one day before it gets taken off.


hangryhyax t1_j042m54 wrote

Buttons and Olivia will have their vengeance if he does.


Mcswigginsbar t1_j05134c wrote

I will burn this mother fucker to the ground if season 1 was the only season I get of this masterpiece. So excited for season 2.


stormatombd t1_j04n1tt wrote

So this show not get cancelled like other , why.

This show is awful


versesss t1_j02x5qp wrote

They advertised this show as a workplace comedy, but as the season unfolds you realize it’s actually a beautiful and heartbreaking romantic comedy.


ackinsocraycray t1_j03amfw wrote

I'm interested to see how HBO markets this show now that the secret's out. Because the early trailers for this show had a totally different vibe IMO

Either they play it straight (lol) and advertise it the same way. Or they emphasize the romance and drama to get the OFMD fandom buzzing on Twitter.


JAWinks t1_j03jhv7 wrote

I’m curious too. I actually started watching for the pirates in the workplace comedy but now that I know the premise of the show I’m not really that interested anymore. They did a good job convincing people like me, not into rom coms at all, to start it, but not enough to keep me into the second season


Chapstickie t1_j0632sq wrote

Did you finish the first season? Because the comedy doesn’t exactly go away. The romance just gets added in.


hashtagsugary t1_j06cl7e wrote

It was a raucous comedy, I truly enjoyed the other layers they added in.

They’re so clever and so wickedly funny, I would be devastated but also unsurprised if they cancelled it.


capitolsara t1_j05v65a wrote

I imagine with all the couples broken up they may go for the route 1 workplace comedy advertising again


TheScienceMothra t1_j030zuc wrote

Went in for the laughs, stayed for the heart 🥹


haldad t1_j05pex6 wrote

Went in for the laughs, left because I found very few and it turned into a weird romantic story which I've always found dull.


TheScienceMothra t1_j07bsy9 wrote

And the beauty of tv right now is you can find the thing that suits YOUR fancy and you can let people enjoy what suits them. I'm sure there are shows you find funny that I find dull. So on that note, what was the point of your comment?


haldad t1_j09fze9 wrote

I was just stating my opinion.

The beauty of opinions is that I can have mine and you can have yours and we can both state them.

I never said you can't enjoy the show. I said I didn't.

No need to get in a tizzy about discussion on a discussion website.


evil-rick t1_j03pbso wrote

I did NOT expect this show to be as cozy as it was. I love EVERY character, even the bad ones. And having the actors just use their normal accents adds to that. It just feels like actors acting out a story, like the old days of traveling stage plays. It’s sweet, and it’s funny and the set design and costumes, rather than being accurate, are exaggerated to mimic our modern view of who these people are. Like the king being very flamboyant and over the top and gaudy and colorful.

Though I appreciated the little details like the face patches on the French aristocrats. We almost NEVER see those in period films/shows centered around the baroque(?) period.


VocationFumes t1_j02th33 wrote

so you're telling me it's getting cancelled tomorrow?


acewavelink t1_j030grt wrote

This Warners-Discovery deal is starting to look like the corporate version of Elon buying twitter. Everyone wants to know why the fuck did they purchase them…


MollyRocket t1_j03urd3 wrote

When Discovery purchased WB it was with the clause they wouldn't know the amount of debt they owed. Turns out it was a lot, so they’ve been cancelling all these shows and deleting properties as a way to make this quarter look like they cut a ton of debt off.


acewavelink t1_j03w953 wrote

While I understand that aspect of it, and weirdly cancelling Batgirl thinking they will recoup more money now by not releasing it and having a write-off. Its shit like Minx wrapped filmed its second season, just to have it cancelled right after. Its the out of nowhere cancelations months after the buyout, after spending all that money on it, that is a bit puzzling and turning this into a joke.


MollyRocket t1_j04v441 wrote

As an animator I am simply horrified by the amount of man hours that were removed from the culture. millions, if not billions of hours of work from thousands of people just... gone... shows that were already FINISHED were removed from the app for no reason except it somehow affects their bottom line.


SlowMope t1_j05jexp wrote

We cancelled over the animation loss. Yar har fiddle dee dee.


TheQueitWolf t1_j078gez wrote

>with the clause they wouldn't know the amount of debt they owed.

>Turns out it was a lot

I'm no highly educated businessman, but this seems kinda obvious though.


VocationFumes t1_j0335ro wrote

They purchased them to ruin them clearly lol


Someone could start a streaming service on just the stuff they're tossing out alone, imagine the kind of audience you could steal if you just bought up the stuff they're tossing out


sgthombre t1_j038hus wrote

> Someone could start a streaming service on just the stuff they're tossing out alone, imagine the kind of audience you could steal if you just bought up the stuff they're tossing out

yeah I don't think people are going to rush to join the service headlined by one good season of Westworld and Genera+ion


MollyRocket t1_j03uu0p wrote

Not to mention the literally dozens of animated shows they ended.


Budgiesaurus t1_j03gsj4 wrote

Wasn't Elon buying Twitter already the corporate version of that?


acewavelink t1_j03vji9 wrote

My intention was “Elon is a sole person who bought twitter” while a Discovery is a corporation that bought HBO Max


MinnesotaNoire t1_j02r0f1 wrote

I'm so excited for season 2. The 1st season was a pleasant delight.


obliterayte t1_j02u4kj wrote

I'm not gonna sit here and say it's the best show of all time, but it certainly surpassed my expectations more than probably any other show.

I just wasn't expecting much, but it was brilliant and hilarious.


FlopsMcDoogle t1_j031vgs wrote

It started off a little slow and I kinda forgot about it for a few months, but I'm glad I went back. Loved the relationship with Stede and Edward.


fundip12 t1_j03vxa6 wrote

As someone who bowed out after 4-5 episodes I'll return and finish the 1st season


kingpeeny t1_j05827g wrote

Please do! Once Blackbeard becomes a more prominent part, it really takes off


mudman13 t1_j03ubk2 wrote

Was easy watching light entertainment with the odd WTF thrown in that keeped your attention.


MarvelsGrantMan136 OP t1_j02qe0b wrote

Nothing is safe from WBD, but it's done filming and should release sometime in 2023.


Neo2199 t1_j02t6n2 wrote

> but it's done filming

Like Batgirl & Minx?


lightsongtheold t1_j02tuma wrote

And Scoob and The Nevers and Chad and…well we could go on and on with this for a while.

Hopefully Our Flag Means Death eventually pops up on another network when WBD inevitably cancel it.


Neo2199 t1_j02vmkw wrote

Yeah, it’s crazy that they are cancelling/removing new seasons that already in the can.


Rarietty t1_j02ys7u wrote

The one issue with that hope is Minx is technically distributed by Lionsgate, so it's easier to shop around to other companies. WBD just had the exclusive streaming rights before they decided they didn't want them anymore.

Meanwhile, OFMD is actually distributed by WBD. It's an internal project made specifically for HBO Max that would have been pitched to Warner before the new Discovery exec team came in, so it'd probably be all tangled up with legal red tape if its creative team wanted to take it somewhere else. I'm not sure if that makes it safer while it's still in production, but it certainly would be bad news if it got prematurely canned.

My main hope is that Taika Waititi is rich enough (or at least carries enough clout) as a producer that the WBD execs don't want to piss him off, but, then again, they don't seem very scared of potentially alienating anyone in the industry so


lightsongtheold t1_j034ep3 wrote

Finding a new home for Our Flag Means Death is not as much of an issue as one might think with the new leadership being very open to external sales. We just seen a similar example of this over at NBCU. They cancelled a Universal TV show on Peacock but we’re open to it continuing on at Netflix and happy to give Netflix the previous seasons of the show on a non-exclusive basis. Seems that selling a show rather than funding it fully yourself is something that would very much appeal to cash strapped WBD right now. Biggest issue is finding a new home! I definitely think WBD would be open to selling Warner TV shows under this current regime.


sgthombre t1_j038n5f wrote

> Nothing is safe from WBD

Have been meaning to finish Babylon 5 but have been taking my time since I figured it would never leave HBO Max since they spent the time and money to remaster it but I'm not so sure anymore.


cabose7 t1_j03tvjg wrote

The editors better cut as fast they can


Willing_Definition71 t1_j03h18q wrote

Plenty is safe, Discovery and its CEO took on a company bleeding capital and have cut the unprofitable parts of the buisness

HBO is safe, any show that is marketable is safe, they have signed contracts with James Gun to lead the DC division which seems to be a popular decision

It should be a positive that Warner Brothers is being run by a media company that knows what it is doing rather than AT&T


macnbc t1_j04rdcp wrote

> HBO is safe

Tell that to Westworld and Minx.


HumanOrAlien t1_j02qoc4 wrote

Pending cancellation a day before its premiere to save daddy Zaslav some money.


Vidogo t1_j03lnxb wrote

it now enters the Schrödinger's Box stage of production, where we wait to see if it's still alive, or if it goes unreleased to collect the insurance money.


707Guy t1_j03ld63 wrote

Still upset they didn’t name this show “What We Do In the Shallows”


applepirates t1_j02r2xp wrote

Now please just let us actually watch it and release a DVD/Blu Ray set of the first season while you’re at it.


Neo2199 t1_j02vddx wrote

> release a DVD/Blu Ray set

Given the removal of some shows from streaming services, physical media like Blu-ray might be popular again.


applepirates t1_j033r5b wrote

It is my greatest wish lol I am a huge fan of physical media especially when it includes extras. I’d love some behind the scenes clips or bloopers from OFMD.

Not to mention physical releases make it easier for folks to access things from their local libraries!


Hohlraum t1_j04cm4a wrote

Never imagined watching two grown men fall in love would makeme cry.


ravensteel539 t1_j06rnqm wrote

It’s easily the best romance-comedy I’ve ever seen on comedy, personally


AldousKing t1_j02uagu wrote

Was anyone else a bit underwhelmed by season 1? I like a lot of the people involved and found it amusing at times, but it wasn't anything special. A solid background show.


Rarietty t1_j02x55x wrote

I was worried I'd ultimately feel underwhelmed when I was on the first episode, but then the rest of the show (especially the last few episodes) hit me like a truck. If anything I'd think I'd describe my emotional reaction as overwhelmed. I mostly tried it because I was craving something light and goofy, and now I'm way too invested.


Bournegirl t1_j02zrid wrote

the last couple of episodes.... cried so much! loved this show.


eojen t1_j03g787 wrote

It went from background show to one that made me cry within a couple episodes. The chemistry of the leads became hard to look away for me.


mataoo t1_j02ymsx wrote

I couldn't make it past the first few episodes.


double_shadow t1_j03t7q3 wrote

I didn't really enjoy it, though it had a few good moments. Great cast, but the writing and look of the show just didn't grab me.


extra_pickles t1_j041rzh wrote

Tbh I thought it was truly terrible and a waste of a lot of talent I normally love to see in front of and behind the camera.

Felt like Space Force: 1620 - the horizontal years.

But I suppose to each their own, both this and Space Force have a decent following - just didn’t land with me at all.


NewbombJerk t1_j031bdn wrote

I liked it right away and then it got boring. The gay pirate plot did not play out as I expected... absolutely fabulous, darling. It was like listening to emo music in 2005... just awful.



imaginarytowers t1_j02zydh wrote

I thought it was great until the last few episodes. Them being goofy friends had a great dynamic but the romantic aspects that developed toward the end just weren’t as interesting IMO.


freyalorelei t1_j05b376 wrote

The romance was there from the very beginning. They literally played a love song in the scene where Ed and Stede first meet.


imaginarytowers t1_j069z1v wrote

Definitely interpreted that as more of a bromance. The explicit romance just didn’t seem believable for the characters they developed.


NewClayburn t1_j02vs52 wrote

Oh please sell this to someone that will keep it streaming. It's such a great show. From now on people need to have a clause that allows them to take their show elsewhere if the company decides to not make it available online.


readwrite_blue t1_j02u4ri wrote

Second best queer pirate show!


Perry_cox29 t1_j02vups wrote

Black sails?


Olveyn t1_j03ului wrote

Love Black Sails, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves!


readwrite_blue t1_j030o29 wrote

“This is how they survive. You must know this. You're too smart not to know this. They paint the world full of shadows... and then tell their children to stay close to the light. Their light. Their reasons, their judgments. Because in the darkness, there be dragons. But it isn't true. We can prove that it isn't true. In the dark, there is discovery, there is possibility, there is freedom in the dark once someone has illuminated it. And who has been so close to doing it as we are right now?”


Oryihn t1_j02tz6v wrote

I couldn't make it through the first episode...

Did it get entertaining at some point or was the entire show just "Look how ridiculous and self deprecating our humor can be!"


ass_kisses t1_j02v6xf wrote

Yeah it gets better, a couple slow episodes here and there but overall genuinely good


FlopsMcDoogle t1_j03268c wrote

Took like 3 episodes before I started actually getting into it. It's quite lovely once all the players finally meet up.


Viiibrations t1_j034sba wrote

I like it but it may not fit your taste in humor and if that’s the case it might never get better for you. The humor stays about the same throughout but the story gets better and more engaging.


ackinsocraycray t1_j03blbm wrote

The first 3 episodes are understandably a bit difficult to get through as a first-time viewer. Even I'll admit that I stopped watching after the 2nd episode because it just didn't seem interesting.

However, 4th episode is where itstarts picking up. You get to see more of Stede's backstory, Blackbeard's introduction, and see how both of their crew members interact with each other.


Mentoman72 t1_j03zkuv wrote

I'll go against the grain with an unpopular opinion. I watched the first 7 episodes and never liked it. Didn't find it funny or compelling and a lot of the side characters get absolutely nothing to do. Dropped it before the finale.


__JonnyG t1_j02zjf2 wrote

Same, just wasn’t funny enough either to earn the laughs.


Gozii55 t1_j03al4w wrote

I couldn't make it past the first 15 minutes.


eojen t1_j03g1w7 wrote

It’s a completely different show later. Basically started as Michael Scott running a pirate ship but as the show develops I ended up really loving it.


Stroiken t1_j05b1wg wrote

HBO gonna cancel it now


kingcolbe t1_j02x5l9 wrote

Hope we’ll get the see it with Zaslav you never know


uncheckablefilms t1_j02zg8g wrote

And Zaslav's already pulled it from the schedule and replaced it with "Tucker Carlson Presents:"


pygmymetal t1_j04yjqc wrote

Yes! Now HBO MAX do NOT drop this one


Tim-in-CA t1_j055i8t wrote

Countdown to when HBO max cancels ………


hambamthankyoumam17 t1_j057tp4 wrote

why did Taika Waititi take on an acting role? He seems too busy for this.


uhaveshitinyourbutt t1_j05v2l2 wrote

You should actually look into his acting career and stop assuming you know his schedule.


DarthHaggis t1_j05ljkl wrote

Awful to me but each their own


Whattadisastta t1_j05oydv wrote

At first glance, I thought the headline was talking about republicans.


outofvogue t1_j06442e wrote

That was quick, I bet they were extremely concerned about being dropped by the new WB CEO in his quest to cancel anything good.


ArchDucky t1_j07pav3 wrote

Fun Fact : They shot this show on a soundstage. The ship set is in front of a giant TV screen that displays the ocean backdrop. Kinda like The Volume but less fancy.


Housendercrest t1_j0aen14 wrote

I love this show, I can’t wait for the next season!


kungfughazi t1_j233lzs wrote

Please stop making it so, "everything and everyone is gay" and in your face.

The show completely went to shit when suddenly it was a bad 90s late night HBO gays show...


Thedanielval t1_j04qz72 wrote

This was a fun show but I hope next season have less black beard. I wasn't a fan when he showed up and stayed a bit too long.


biggiecheese29 t1_j043mgx wrote

Internet historian made a more entertaining version of this show on YouTube for free