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The main character is completely incompetent and downright useless. I have absolutely no idea why Charlie Cox took this role. Oona Chaplin's character is incredibly dumb and obnoxious. Olga Kurylenko is good but her character is one-note.

Asinine twists and turns and eye-rolling direction and dialogue full of plotholes. Wasted 5 hours on this garbage and should have bailed after episode 1. Needed to rant.

Edit: I will go ahead and make the age-old comparison. Slow Horses is an incredibly well-written and competent show about incompetent agents, while Treason is the exact opposite.



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maxerk t1_j1xhogd wrote

I genuinely like these kinds of posts about less than adequate shows, it keeps things interesting. Sorry you didn't enjoy it, thanks for the heads-up.


LeGoldie t1_j206ein wrote

i'm currently watching episode 2, and am only watching this show now out of a morbid curiosity to see exactly how terrible this is going to get. What an absolute steaming pile of dog shit this story is.

Thinking about it, this may be some of the best acting i have ever seen by every actor on screen. The way they keep the shame and embarassment of their faces throughout is truly award worthy.


caljenks t1_j1ydbxe wrote

Lasted 2 episodes and bailed. Absolute garbage. Charlie Cox and Ciaran Hinds must owe someone a favour. Slow Horses is a far better watch


warren_stupidity t1_j1zd1if wrote

I gave up as Oona Chaplin gets all suspicious because THE HEAD OF MI6 HAZ A PRIVATE PHONE CALL!!!!!!!
I do give the actors credit for managing to sort of look like they are acting through this crap.
Oh plus the trope of the willfully disobedient daughter in peril - this kills every show.


LeGoldie t1_j20751k wrote

Right. 'Hmm, i wonder what my husband is up to? Shall i talk to him, or destroy our family, lives and careers by serving him up to the CIA?'

I don't even know where to begin with Charlie Cox's character and his decisions/actions.

I wish Netflix had a review function.

just, wow.


warren_stupidity t1_j20ss91 wrote

She at one point confronts him and demands he ignore the Official Secrets Act, which he actually can’t do, but of course he gets interrupted by the Russian calling him, and they just canceled that arc.


I_Am_Stolentag t1_j2ezu35 wrote

okay so do the showrunners not even watch other bad tv shows? Even other police dramas?. When a person is kidnapped are there not an army of police monitoring phones and other electronics (email etc) and looking for evidence? This is the daughter of the Head of MI6 and I see no surveillance whatsoever.

Also why is the Head of MI6 walking around with barely any security, after his boss was poisoned. who let him just walk into a building alone saying he, "will be a few hours" without question.


itsmebobbylol t1_j2dcalp wrote

its actually a prequel to daredevil.

this show is what made daredevil blind.

what a load of fucking horseshit, man decided he didnt want eyesight anymore.


Kianna9 t1_j1xie74 wrote

They are the worst spies I've ever seen.


unitwithasoul t1_j1yft7q wrote

I gave it a try for Charlie Cox and it was absolutely terrible. He's obviously great as Daredevil but there wasn't much to work with in this show so even he couldn't salvage it.

Complete and utter waste of time, I watched the whole thing cause only 5 episodes and in the hopes that it might just get better but nope.


jedi21knight t1_j1z7h9i wrote

They have one more episode to release. I believe it is coming out in January, not sure if the date.


lax01 t1_j1xpk2s wrote

Think we are about to exit after 2 - any spy show that has a jealous wife and dumb kids

Guess it doesn’t get any better - did they just take a cab to a kidnap exchange? Oh wow, this is bad


martusfine t1_j2bd4lv wrote

Worked once with 24, but that was also 15 years ago.


lax01 t1_j2bxpl4 wrote

That’s because Elisha Cuthbert was hot


rgj7 t1_j2bw521 wrote

I also only lasted two episodes. The wife and the daughter were too much for me.


VitaLonga t1_j1x1g5v wrote

I’m shocked that they made the main character incompetent, shocked I tell you!


SpecificAstronaut69 t1_j1xw79w wrote

"Hmmm. How do we come up with series of compelling challenges for our main character to overcome that will keep viewers engaged?"

"How about we just make them really stupid?"


LeGoldie t1_j207l8d wrote

So much on netflix and tv in general in recent years main plot devices are people doing unexplainably dumb shit.


yazzy1233 t1_j23vend wrote

Watch The Recruit. The main character is actually smart he's just young and a bit reckless. It's about a lawyer in the CIA who gets in way over his head with a case


alquemista_ t1_j265yl0 wrote

I disagree. He was stupid and pathetic. He had no basic survival instinct and did silly things like showing up to a black-site unannounced to ask questions.


Practical-System-379 t1_j1yfsg9 wrote

Haven’t watched this series yet, but it surely can’t compare to the things the main character does in JUST THE FIRST EPISODE of The Recruit. The guy apparently got hired for a top job in the CIA without knowing literally anything about how the CIA operates. He makes errors that even I wouldn’t make, and my only knowledge of intelligence agency protocol is from having watched cable news.


yohwolf t1_j1znwxz wrote

Lol it's a bit implausible, but it was also literally his first week on the job and more importantly his first job out of college. The character is like early to mid 20's and doesn't know better. He's also in an incredibly toxic environment where his coworkers screwed him over. What is different about the main character in "The Recruit" is he's actually smart and starts to think for himself.


Cirtejs t1_j22lkdg wrote

CIA do 2 years of training before being let anywhere near field work.

That show lost me at a character having access to encrypted coms not being listened to when he has something to report minute 2.


mashp0tAt0 t1_j282ag6 wrote

He’s not a field agent though ? I thought he was a lawyer for the cia


drdr3ad t1_j21svns wrote

I'm 10 min in and the newly appointed C is just starting to find out how MI6 operates. Incompetent would be a step up lol


monetlacroix t1_j1x9ckh wrote

Thought it was an ok watch but I hate how passive they made Charlie's character. They wasted him the most out of all the actors, which is a shame when you know he EATS with good material like in Daredevil.


Mosthamless t1_j1yshqi wrote

This show had potential but was ruined with many idiotic tropes. I walked away after seeing how easily Adam and Maddy were able to come and go from their home without security knowing. They were able to just disappear for hours without security noticing.....with a half dozen officers outside.


2_Fingers_of_Whiskey t1_j223tpj wrote

Ikr? Like, Charlie’s boss has just been poisoned, he’s the new head of MI6, and his daughter has just been kidnapped…yet he can just go wherever with no security detail, no one even knowing where he is…


Artistic-Toe-8803 t1_j1yji4y wrote

>I have absolutely no idea why Charlie Cox took this role

Seriously? It's his job lmao. Actors take the roles they're offered. Not alll of them can afford to be super selective and/or require to see every script for anything they touch with a 10 foot pole.

Have you seen De Niro's movies the past 20 years? He went from consistently being a big part of masterpiece after masterpiece, to consistently having a largely insignificant role in shitty comedy after shitty comedy. In recent years, he happened to get the Irishman and Joker, which released the same year, but has only had mediocre roles in mediocre films/shows again after that.

It's the nature of the job. What else has Cox even been in since Daredevil's cancellation? He, like all of us, needed work, so he took it.


Perfect-Ad-7534 t1_j206xh2 wrote

Exactly good shows that touch us are a rarity .For every one premiere TV masterpiece theres 100's of garbage ass shows.Just look at How to Keep up with Kardashians and wonder why the fuck it still gets renewed.For every Bosch theres a tons of crappy procedurals that go nowhere. Hence why HBO was before Zaslav one of the best spots for talented creators because they approved very few shows.

So actors often have to take shit roles to stay relevant in hopes that someone talented eventually scoops them so they can truly EAT the script and earn bank,hopefully a good show with multiple seasons

Charlie Cox is probably happy that he was likely able to negotiate a good payout from this shitshow and is salivating at the prospects of starring in the Daredevil reboot alongside Vincent D'nofrio


spike021 t1_j1ygq6z wrote

People bring up how difficult it's been for Cox to get a job because he's so used to acting blind. There were multiple times in this show where he'd like gaze into the distance off-screen as though he were thinking while talking to someone and I could tell that was one of those moments. He also would randomly speak a few words with an American accent sometimes. It was jarring because I know he's British and it was interesting hearing him speak that way.

I didn't think the show was the worst thing in the world but it wasn't great. I thought the wife was the worst honestly. She knows he's a high ranking member of MI6 and then she incredibly easily loses trust in him because he can't talk about work, and immediately goes to a friend she knows works at the CIA who says she's just on vacation; riiight.


phantasmagorical t1_j20isfk wrote

Apparently, he had been filming three things at the same time with three different accents… I don’t blame him


spike021 t1_j22lc5w wrote

I don't either but you'd think people on set / editing would notice and try to find a way to fix it. Whether that's doing another take or using another one. They weren't exactly one-off types of scenes.


monetlacroix t1_j23i48e wrote

Maybe they didn't notice it either...I certainly didn't notice an American accent but I'm gonna try and look out for it now as I finish the show. Maybe that's just how his British accent is now? (He has been living in the US for quite a few years now, and maybe his real accent is getting Americanized or something)


2_Fingers_of_Whiskey t1_j224l4l wrote

I didn’t notice him doing an American accent. He’s British and used his real accent on this show. I only made it through 2 episodes though.


spike021 t1_j226kiq wrote

I'm almost positive he did it once or twice in those episodes too. Granted it's about five episodes and he did it a handful of times. I found myself thinking "wait he sounds like Matt Murdock, not a Brit" a few times.


LeGoldie t1_j20x5gn wrote

lol. I literally thought his eyes had as much life to them as when he's acting Daredevil. In my opinion he is a terrible actor.


Occams_Damocles t1_j1yq5xy wrote

If you’re looking for an antidote, check out A Spy Among Friends starring Guy Pierce and Damian Lewis (it just came out in the U.K. on a new streaming platform). Based on a true story and far more cerebrally engaging


BecoDasCavernas t1_j1yfc4o wrote

At least it's not completely boring so I could watch the 5 episodes, but what was that ending. lol The character who'd been manipulated the whole show is suddenly able to fight a spy and save the day. It's like that person became the main character all of a sudden. And the Dorian revelation? It just felt so out of place because we barely knew anything about this double agent and the actual person he ended up being. Basically why do I care about him? Pretty bad yeah.


chicoo312 t1_j1ydxq0 wrote

Hmm.. sounds exactly like my experience watching Inside Man - The David Tenet, Stanley Tucci one.


mark5hs t1_j1yye3f wrote

That theme song got incredibly old. They played the same song 3-4 times an episode for the entire run.


nomanhasaplan t1_j1yozos wrote

Not even just that, the acting was dogshit. I thought even Charlie Cox was wooden in places.


monetlacroix t1_j23hac7 wrote

Well that kind of silly writing and dialogue isn't easy to make convincing so I don't blame the actors at all


Reasonable_racoon t1_j203gop wrote

I gave up on Jack Ryan cos it was so boring to watch this.

Poor Charlie Cox. He must have been blackmailed into doing this. It's preposterous. It bears no relation to reality at all. It's like one of those Harlen Coben adaptations, but much worse. Two episodes in and I'm done.

Jack Ryan looks like Chekov next to this.


MrConor212 t1_j25i6e5 wrote

They must have offered stupid money. If this was more like like Bodyguard or Line of Duty I’d be more interested


Reasonable_racoon t1_j25ofpr wrote

Yeah, I would love to see a spy drama with Charlie Cox that wasn't written by a toddler. What a wasted opportunity.


monetlacroix t1_j26tl5w wrote

They did Charlie so dirty. Besides the completely plot hole-ridden story, his character was written like a side character instead of the main one. He was basically given nothing to do. Why even cast him if that's the case? Mind-boggling. Watching Daredevil you can see him doing great action, doing great drama, etc...then this show gives him no opportunity to do either.

And the writer is apparently "Oscar-nominated" or whatever...where did his Oscar-nominated talent go when writing this show then 🤣


Reasonable_racoon t1_j28a9eg wrote

> plot hole-ridden story

Even in the two episodes I watched! How would the head of MI6 stay in post if his daughter was kidnapped? And he keeps disappearing and evading his security detail. Is nobody asking questions if he's being controlled or manipulated by the kidnappers?


monetlacroix t1_j28i1lm wrote

Ikr? So foolish, high schoolers can write a better plot than this one. All I gathered from watching this show (I took the time to finish it, unfortunately) is how much Charlie Cox deserves better. People are going to zero in on him for this show being bad but he was literally given nothing to work with and saddled to play one of the most clueless protagonists on TV yet. What a waste of a great actor.


Reasonable_racoon t1_j28pif1 wrote

I hope it doesn't effect him. Actors are rarely to blame for a show being bad.. I guess actors have to balance out the need to work against the best offers on the table at any one time, vs their availability and may not even see a full script for a series before they have to sign on. Even if they give a bad performance, it's kinda the director's fault, or in this case the writer's. Unless it's a vanity project, then I usually go easy on them.


monetlacroix t1_j28tem6 wrote

To be fair I haven't seen anyone blame his performance (since he did the best with what he got) but are basically just wondering why he chose to do the show in the first place, but at the end of the day he's acting for a living and doesn't have the luxury to be picky.


Syriom t1_j1y1yj0 wrote

The whole writing is nonsensical, that should have tipped you off. I've 3 episodes left, maybe I'll finish it to have a laugh. I dont know why but lately a lot of british shows have a ton of drama but a plot that's ludicrous and unbelievable.


Mingle_Events t1_j1z3aal wrote

I could tell by the generic action scene music that this was going to be insulting to my intelligence and it was.


2_Fingers_of_Whiskey t1_j2258fz wrote

After only maybe 1 day of thinking her husband is acting suspicious, the wife decides to spy on him and serve him up to her friends at the CIA.

The “annoying rebellious teenage girl slips her security detail and promptly gets kidnapped” trope, again.

I loved Charlie Cox as Daredevil but here he’s a passive and pretty incompetent head of MI6. Lots of plot holes and I’m only on episode 2.


udabb t1_j26utrl wrote

It doesn’t get better. Sorry smh


im_a_dick_head t1_j1xur76 wrote

I'm almost done with the 3rd episode and I might just stop now. Charlie Cox is great of course but the writing is so ass and the characters themselves are terribly written and the whole plot in general is just boring.


GSXR-1100 t1_j1yh1uo wrote

I made it half way into Episode 2. Absolutely dreadful,


OAOIa t1_j2bfdg2 wrote

I gave up right after episode one, mainly thanks to the "she's a teenager asserting herself." I hate that trope so much that I didn't want to bother with the rest of the show.


yodimboi t1_j1yxp2z wrote

Shame that Charlie Cox was wasted in this and Kin. I mean Kin isn't bad it's just not that interesting and frankly Charlie Cox doesn't do a lot of demanding acting in that show. He deserves something better.


monetlacroix t1_j23jiav wrote

I thought Kin was good. Even that show at least also has Ciaran Hinds in a better role than this one lol. But yeah, Charlie's potential is being wasted. He would eat in an HBO show (aka shows with actual good writing that gives actors a lot more to chew)


helmut6 t1_j272srv wrote

It’s absolutely absurd - in what universe could this guy have worked at MI6 for multiple years but he’s seemingly never taken an after-hours call? And his wife just doesn’t understand the concept of spy work?? An unbelievably dumb show


texasmaver t1_j27rn08 wrote

Or that he wouldn’t get more phone calls after he took over as head of MI6?? I found his wife absurdly annoying.


udabb t1_j27lm2u wrote

That’s what I was trying to wrap my head around.


chaoticmessiah t1_j1xmaub wrote

Saw a trailer for it earlier with the "coming soon to Netflix" bit and it just looked awful.


LV_orbust t1_j1yaeqj wrote

One definitely has to throw logic out the window to watch.


climaxingwalrus t1_j1yi6dr wrote

Dang i thought it was a fun and easy watch while playing videogames. Didnt like how the wife was spying on her husband tho.


RIPN1995 t1_j1yr47n wrote

Sounds like typical Netflix quality writing and production.


NaRaGaMo t1_j1zl91t wrote

Nice to see such posts, we need more of these


youwantmybiscuits t1_j259big wrote

maybe charlie just wanted to chill in london for a few months and this was a good excuse? chill and get paid at the same time. i mean he was working but i guess it maybe scratched his itch to spend a few months in london?

best part of the show was olga kurylenko hands down.


FirePlaceWall t1_j2aurtj wrote

I’m half way through episode 1 and had to look up if anyone else hated it ha.

The new fucking head of MI6 telling his wife he’ll be home to put the kids to bed during a terrorist attack.

The cliche moody teenager.

The terrorist “hacker” woman with all the fancy spying tech in her BARGE!

Who writes this bolox.


ConsciousRhubarb t1_j1z3wdb wrote

i turned it off after the first big plot twist in episode one. now i feel relieved of the burden of wondering if i should revisit it.


Trolodrol t1_j1zjzoq wrote

Better you than me. Bailed after episode 1


jjrd02 t1_j212ihj wrote

I’m so glad I saw this before I invested time into it.


simulacrum-tears t1_j22tedg wrote

There is EVERYTHING wrong with this show. I can watch anything, but I just found my rock bottom.


AHMilling t1_j258nq2 wrote

I'm on ep 2, i really want to watch it. But it's just so dumt. He's the head of MI6, ofc. he has secrets he shouldn't tell you.

And that CIA agent, god fucking damnit I hate her.

Sucks that Charlie is finally the lead in something, and it's just boring.


supasolda6 t1_j1ylx7o wrote

i was waiting for some twist in the end but nothing really happened.


HelloGoodbye57 t1_j2fef1t wrote

Well he, the main character, died. I thought that was a twist.


roox911 t1_j1zh4jl wrote

Perfect juxtaposition between it and slow horses.


LeGoldie t1_j20xqwu wrote

Maybe Netflix are just getting open source AI to write their shows now. That's the only logical reason i can see for why this was so badly written. Or they let a kid doing work experience write and direct their own show.

I can't believe someone got paid real money for creating this drivel.


getriggityrecked t1_j1zwod6 wrote

My family had this show on last night while the rest of us played board games, and I thought the tone was completely one-note and it seemed quite boring.

Since I didn’t actually watch it, this comment section is very entertaining.


dgdfthr t1_j20co8b wrote

I just finished Treason last night…watched it in one sitting post-Christmas couch crash with my wife to unwind….we both unequivocally thoroughly enjoyed it. Would recommend to my friends and family. Which I did to my parents….and they both enjoyed the series. To each his own.


youwantmybiscuits t1_j259ol8 wrote

same. i enjoyed it. the actions of some of the characters felt stupid at times but it was a decent and quick 5 episode outing. not sure if i saw any buzz for it considering there was some decently well known names attached to this project.


cryptomoon_484 t1_j22tmx5 wrote

It was so stupid, and I literally wasted my fkin time. Don't even bother to watch.


kseenfootage_o934 t1_j23kitm wrote

Ah another show where things happen in the story because characters can’t be arsed to explain anything to each other for a minute because we need some tension in the narrative.

Example - Adam hiding his relationship with Kara from his daughter and his wife.

When the daughter sees them in the basement, he’s like “there’s no time to explain, just trust me”.

Mate you were playing forehead detective with them yesterday, wouldn’t this have been a decent time to explain what has actually been going on? Especially to your wife?


Jmen4Ever t1_j244vrg wrote

I watched episode 1.

I really liked Charlie Cox in Daredevil, but this just did not start well for the reasons you mentioned.

Was going to watch more in case it got better, but there are really good alternatives out there. So thanks for the time save.

I regret all I can give you is an upvote.


udabb t1_j26t6rk wrote

I don’t write on Reddit often. But I’m home with Covid and I don’t have much to do. Imagine my surprise when a new spy thriller mini-series debuts on Netflix. I saw The Recruit and Treason trailers and joyfully decided to spend my time with Daredevil, the bond chick, Rob Stark’s wife and Mance Raydar!

I’m a fan of Homeland and have been trying to scratch that itch since it went off air (Tehran helped btw). I’m easy to please; and can forgive a plot hole or two. I pushed through Homeland’s weird seasons and even enjoyed this years All the Old Knives.

However, I felt compelled to comment on Treason and see if others felt the same way or was my judgment too harsh and possibly a result of my pounding headache?

The word that comes to mind after watching Treason is “insufferable”. Now, that might seem odd since I actually suffered through the series. So I guess it was barely above insufferable. I can’t say I tolerated the show, but more like angrily watched the rest of the 5 episodes hoping that at some point it would redeem itself. Or maybe I just can’t keep my eyes off of a train wreck.

What is the person called that is consulted when writing a show to make sure they stay close to the reality of how things are done? I believe it’s called a subject matter expert. Was that the only thing this show was lacking? Did they not have anyone in the writing room that said, “no, that’s not how things are done” ? Or, “that’s not a logical reaction someone would typically have in that scenario”?

I’m sure you redditors will post the laundry list of lapse of logic in this show; maybe starting with the wife willfully spying on her husband, brand new head of Mi6, and giving the info to the C.I. fukking A. Treason!

I could ignore the blatant foreshadowing (Ding! Elevator C going down). I stuck with the show to see how the story ended. The series could’ve been great. I liked the actors and the concept. I think the salt in the wound was when they draw “Dorian” out , and the wife just casually walks into the intelligence meeting with her only leverage out in the open. Oh don’t worry; she was in the army 7 years ago and will easily take down any possible mi6/Russian double agents with her badass throat punch.

Gosh what was the point of this rant? I guess I wanted to vent lmao. I also am really curious if anyone can pinpoint specifically to who was missing in the writing room or editing room that allowed this shit show to conspicuously to have many fuckups?

I haven’t read any reviews yet, but I’m sure they will be harsh. To the writers; I don’t want you to give up. I’m sure someone pointed out a problem. Listen to them next time. I wish for more spy thrillers.

Fingers crossed for The Recruit.


Ok-Isopod2022 t1_j28lp49 wrote

Watching Episode2 now...

  1. Stupid wife, thinks her friend is more capable to find her daughter than MI6 head.

  2. Stupid daughter

  3. MI6 head can just go anywhere 🤯

  4. Stupid pen that can also record the voice on the other line 🤯


pm_me_reason_to_livx t1_j1wzl15 wrote

😂😂😂 bruh i literally just came across this show awhile ago. decided not to add it my to-watch list. guess i made the right decision.


Any-Analysis-9189 t1_j1y5wg1 wrote

Thanks for telling op

i was trying to watch it

But you saved me

I'm good with my succession tv show.


90_degrees t1_j21jju4 wrote

The Recruit was a far far better, more enjoyable show


raziel_r t1_j21u2kv wrote

Decided it was even worse than Jack Ryan after 1 episode, only started it to scratch Slow Horses itch before the entire season 2 is available.


youwantmybiscuits t1_j259guu wrote

my man jack ryan season 3 was amazing lol surely i hope you are not dunking on season 3 of jack ryan?


martfra t1_j268ibw wrote

I lasted 1,5 episode.


I'm here wondering why the fuck this mother is doing the laundry and going grocery shopping when her child is missing. You should be hysterical. What the fffff????


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j26fjud wrote

Do they have the traditional role of hot young CIA babe who somehow got a very important job after a few years?


gedassan t1_j292nth wrote

If I forcefully suspend my disbelief and just watch through it, it was kinda entertaining.

They did 2 things well:

  • people died
  • the Russian speakers were competent, so it did not look out of place, unlike 99% of content out there

martusfine t1_j2bcssx wrote

In deep now at episode 3….. all he had to do was come clean at the start.

All was fine & legal up until that point.

This is hokey 1960s “cloak ‘n dagger” bs- audiences are a bit smarter now.

Oh, a pen that clearly picks up 2 way chats on a cell but static in ep 3? DUMB


General_Merchandise t1_j2czb00 wrote

Wish I'd found this thread 3 episodes ago. My wife is enjoying it and I'm just sitting here thinking of things I'd rather be doing. Things like dunking my balls in boiling water. Fuck this is garbage.


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rapscallionspare t1_j22wbzq wrote

It really is the most monumental pile of unbelievably poorly constructed badly written poop. Add that to the tedious characters and we have the worst series ever on Netflix


Puzzled-Journalist-4 t1_j23gqc4 wrote

Thanks for saving my precious time and sorry for your loss of your precious time.


yazzy1233 t1_j23v75w wrote

Watch The Recruit instead


Wh00ster t1_j273wg9 wrote

Sounds like Bodyguard


MattaClatta t1_j287v4v wrote

I watched it and got the sense of the same energy as bodyguard but by ep 4 I started to see the flaws and then the ending boy what a let down Maybe a few more eps to get off the plot would have helped but the twist ending just left me sour


Owsow t1_j29sv0s wrote

At least this series made me realize that Olga is still beautiful.


anasui1 t1_j1xddi0 wrote

a dumbified, sanitised, castrated lead who has the misfortune of being male and disgustingly white? Omg this must be a first, absolutely appalling


VitaLonga t1_j21yygx wrote

Ordinarily I would agree, as a woman, that Netflix has a propensity for dumbing down male characters but in this one, everyone was stupid and insufferable. The wife was just the worst.