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BadCowboysFan t1_j1e904z wrote

  • The Simpsons - Marge Be Not Proud (S7E11)
  • The Sopranos - To Save Us All From Satan’s Power (S3E10)

motherofpearl89 OP t1_j1e9gu0 wrote

Oh man, I forgot about this one.

I remember my mum having the same level of detached disappointment in me as Marge when I'd really upset her

This episode is painfully accurate


Deadfriend t1_j1eamq9 wrote

Community - S2 "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" and S3 "Regional Holiday Music"


TH3T4LLTYR10N t1_j1ecvu7 wrote

which one has the bully and the fight


Deadfriend t1_j1f3n0u wrote

Season 1, also great but 2 and 3 are just on a whole other level imo


DoIHaveaSpaceship t1_j1e8c70 wrote

American Dad s6e8, “For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls.” Find me any other episode of television with more kills by candy cane. You can’t!


wildadragon t1_j1ebgb9 wrote

I just saw Violent Night and there's a similar candy cane scene that made me think of this episode


aldavisisntdead t1_j1e9k83 wrote

The michael scott show - benihana Christmas. He had to mark the waitress.


SomeDudeinCO3 t1_j1ec5i3 wrote

Came here to mention that one. The whole episode is great but marking the waitress was comedy at its best.


MulciberTenebras t1_j1ecxaq wrote

Hey Arnold! - Arnold's Christmas (S2 Ep11)

Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean

Rugrats - Chanukah (S4 Ep1) Not Christmas, but it's one of the very best Holiday episodes

Batman: TAS - Christmas with the Joker / Holiday Knights

The X-Files – How The Ghosts Stole Christmas (S6 Ep6)

Justice League - Comfort and Joy

King of the Hill - Livin' on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane (S8 Ep7)

LOST - The Constant

Barney Miller - A Christmas Story

All the Doctor Who Christmas Specials (except the Peter Capaldi one with the Superhero)

Most of the Frasier Christmas episodes too

Bottom - Holy

Home Improvement – ‘Twas The Flight Before Christmas

Cheers - Christmas Cheers


ThaR34LD34L t1_j1ehnfi wrote

Love this list. Started watching and found out The Hey Arnold! Episode is actually from season 1, not season 2.


vanillathebest t1_j1eb11y wrote

Friends had some feel-good Christmas episodes. Armadillo one stands out.


tsunami141 t1_j1ed14u wrote

My favorite part was when superman flew all the Jews out of Egypt


wildadragon t1_j1eaicl wrote

Married With Children: It's a Bundyful Life part 1 and 2.


Aggravating-Top-1838 t1_j1ebzw2 wrote

I may have some recency bias but “The Plight Before Christmas” from Bob’s Burgers hit all the right notes for me.

Going back a few decades, The “Hey, Arnold” Christmas Special is pretty great. I teach elementary school and play it for my students every year on the day before Winter Break.


unitedfan6191 t1_j1ecavf wrote

Friends - “The One Where Rachel Quits” (Season 3, Episode 10)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Amends" (Season 3, Episode 10)

The Office - "Christmas Party" (Season 2, Episode 10)

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - “Christmas Show” (Season 2, Episode 12)

Frasier - "Merry Christmas, Mrs. Moskowitz" (Season 6, Episode 10)


IanZarbiVicki t1_j1efkn6 wrote

Bobs Burgers: “Plight before Christmas” The most recent Christmas episode is frankly the show’s best, showcasing the loving and funny dynamic between the family as the parents try to attend 3 different Christmas performances.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Amends” One of the best of the show as Angel grapples with ghosts of his Christmas past as they torment him for his past deeds.

Doctor Who “A Christmas Carol” Doctor Who does a timey wimey take on the classic story.

Doctor Who “The Snowman” The Doctor is retired, but will he stay retired as he is drawn into the plight of a Victorian governess and a conspiracy involving living snowmen?

Doctor Who “Last Christmas” Every Christmas is last Christmas. This one is basically the Alien meets Inception at the North Pole.

Doctor Who “Husbands of River Song” A comedy romp where the Doctor reunites with his wife and meets her other husband.

30 Rock “Christmas Attack Zone” Jack’s family all meet each other. It’s as a sharp witted as they come.

Twilight Zone “Changing of the Guard” This 1960s episode focuses on a teacher being forced to retire and his despair as contemplates his worth.


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PagodasPinkPants t1_j1eb0ff wrote

Nathan For You - Santa; Petting Zoo (S1E2)

Nathan tries to get a mall Santa extra gigs by doing gigs in the summer time. We find out Santa has a sordid past and there’s a confrontation with mall security.


Cyclone_1 t1_j1ebclh wrote

To add a different one in the mix from what I've seen so far on the thread, I think "Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose" from Schitt's Creek, while not "the best" Christmas episode, should make a shortlist.


Bigfreezer t1_j1edhuy wrote

Ted Lasso -Carol of the Bells Episode quickly became a fave for us.


west11791 t1_j1editi wrote

Bob’s Burgers is always great for Christmas episodes, but the most recent one (Season 13, episode 10, The Plight Before Christmas) was incredible. The show is always wholesome in its own way, but this episode is on another level.


downonthesecond t1_j1ee0ak wrote

Hey Arnold - Arnold's Christmas is probably the best episode.

I recently watched Regular Show's "Merry Christmas Mordecai" and "The White Elephant Gift Exchange" and they're pretty great.


Akominatos t1_j1ee3yz wrote

The Black Mirror White Christmas episode.


LordDusty t1_j1ee4l0 wrote

So many British sitcoms have great ones.

Bottom (Holy), Blackadder's Christmas Carol, Father Ted (A Christmassy Ted), My Family (Sixty Feet Under), The Good Life (Silly, But It's Fun), Porridge, Only Fools and Horses, dinnerladies, Vicar of Dibley, Last of the Summer Wine, etc, etc


Thirdwhirly t1_j1ebwsg wrote

  • Family Guy, 9:7 “Road to the North Pole”

  • Rick & Morty, 1:3 “Anatomy Park”

I know they’re both cartoons; I don’t care.