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Lost remains my all time favorite show and every time I saw someone pop up a couple of times a season I got so happy. Richard Alpert was probably the best one because he’d show up in other people flashbacks. John Locke’s dad was a piece of shit but it was nice seeing him. Jacks dad also showed up from time to time.



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Koellanor t1_j1qsnmc wrote

McPoyles will take over the world!


TheVillianousFondler t1_j1ra3se wrote

I was going to say both the lawyer they harass as well as Charlie's lawyer uncle with the small hands are both perfect every time they're on screen. Love those characters so much


MattTheSmithers t1_j1rombp wrote

Small!? What you remember is false! Jack Kelly has big, masculine hands that tell a story of greatness.


Liversteeg t1_j1v1wcm wrote

I can hear Uncle Jack screaming “NOBODY LOOK! NOBODY LOOOOOOK!” from the courtroom scene so clearly in my head.

The Trial of the Century has everyone mentioned so far! And has Maureen transitioning into a cat, which is the best Maureen.


Jimboj1 t1_j1qzswr wrote

pretty much any sunny side characters are good answers for this


Stinduh t1_j1qtoea wrote

I made my money the old fashioned way.

Got run over by a Lexus


Bartholomewtwo t1_j1qrtf8 wrote

Jason Mantzoukas as Rafi on The League, Adrian Pimento on Brooklyn 99 and Derek on The Good Place.


tetoffens t1_j1r3aen wrote

Rafi was a great side character. Less great later on when they basically had him in every episode and he was part of the group. Worked much better in occasional doses.


RacerGal t1_j1t7etd wrote

Don’t forget Dennis Feinstein on Parks and Rec.

And of course as Robert Castellanos on the Gilmore Girls reboot (a passion project for him!)


meowpuppyOG t1_j1ttynq wrote

His character on I’m Sorry, Kyle, was brilliant! He stole every scene he appeared in.


DodgersBatman t1_j1qzh6i wrote

Gene Parmesan


StocktonBSmalls t1_j1uetqz wrote

Blew my gf’s mind when I told her he is the reason they eat mustard and parm sandwiches. (Martin Mull played Col. Mustard in “Clue”)


eiramikkin t1_j1qt1db wrote

Doug Judy in Brooklyn 99. I didn't love that show but he was a highlight


RandyBRandleman t1_j1tzkf0 wrote

First person I thought of reading this post. The Pontiac Bandit is goated


Wizimas t1_j1s0iuz wrote

I like the guy in other shows but in B99 I always skip his episodes on rewatches. It's like everyone forgets how to act when he is around.


DamYankee77 t1_j1ut8nx wrote

I LOVE Doug Judy!!! I recently re-watched the series and seeing his and Jake's relationship grow throughout was fantastically done. I loved their closing arc. I am a sucker for any Doug Judy episode.


Rare_Crayons t1_j1r8vgy wrote



JediMontgomery t1_j1ruwkx wrote

Pop Pop!!


my_balls_your_mouth1 t1_j1scynv wrote

The episode where the gang has to impress that trust fund kid, and he wants to steal Magnitudes tag makes me irrationally angry everytime I think of it. How fare you steal his Pop Pop!


Cyclone_1 t1_j1qq65p wrote

Newman & David Puddy in Seinfeld.


Ok-Budget112 t1_j1qyf08 wrote

"I Too Once Fell Under The Spell Of Opium. It Was 1979. I Was Traveling The Yangtze In Search Of A Mongolian Horsehair Vest!"

J Peterman


Hungrypancake t1_j1qtz2n wrote

Richmond from “The IT Crowd”

“Oh look, Richmond’s still alive” is one of my favorite lines in any show ever


“What happened to Richmond?”

“He got scurvy…”


Liversteeg t1_j1v4896 wrote

I love this show so much, but so often when I try to show it to a friend they can’t get into it. I think maybe it’s the laugh track. But my god it’s so good. Matt Berry is so funny in everything he does.

“Oh look, a gun!” Gets me every time.


Liversteeg t1_j1v3s4n wrote

When I finally watched The Great British Bake Off after years of it being recommended, I got so excited when I saw him. And ugh he’s so sweet on it.


ermenart t1_j1r5ypj wrote

Character actress Margo Martindale in every thing.


cherrygoats t1_j1tbde6 wrote

When you say it like this I only hear it in Aaron Paul’s voice tho


DamYankee77 t1_j1utmu3 wrote

I loved that show she had with Will Arnett.....The Millers! I had forgotten about that. But, yes, Margo Martindale is a gem that doesn't get enough mention.


pootinontheritz t1_j1v7ti8 wrote

Thats Esteemed Character Actress and Fugitive from the Law Margo Martindale to you


divesh_sam t1_j1qxamv wrote

Doug Judy and Adrian Pimento on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa on Parks and Recreation, and Derek on The Good Place.

Honorable mention for Dennis Duffy on 30 Rock.


ReeveGoesh t1_j1rjakh wrote

All of the other denizens of Greendale Community College: Garrett, Vicki, Magnitude, Leonard, Starburns


thewesmantooth t1_j1qr5a8 wrote

Colonel Flagg on MASH. Dude stole every scene!


[deleted] t1_j1r1my8 wrote

While Flagg was fun, I loved the episodes that Sydney Freeman were in. Memorable considering he was only in 12 episodes I think.


BranWafr t1_j1qvn1v wrote

"I'm Larry, this is my brother, Darryl, and this is my other brother, Darryl."


Rob_Lockster t1_j1r0zvh wrote

Linda’s sister Gayle in Bob’s Burgers. Any episode with her is gold.


casinoscott t1_j1r8mgh wrote

Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation. John de Lancie is phenomenal.


RPDRNick t1_j1qya1l wrote

Brent Spiner as Bob Wheeler on Night Court was always fun.

Lori Shannon as Beverly LaSalle on All in the Family and Jack DeLeon as Marty Morrison on Barney Miller are among my personal favorites.


MoogProg t1_j1v1c3l wrote

Harry Anderson as the con-artist on Cheers was fun, too.


Covaliant t1_j1s9u6k wrote

Calvin Fischoeder from Bob's Burgers. Also, though it feels weird to treat them as a single character, the One-Eyed Snakes.


cbmcleod70 t1_j1rl983 wrote

The moms of The Big Bang Theory. Christine Baranski and Laurie Metcalf are just brilliant in the roles. Bonus points for when they are both in the episode.


LilacSlumber t1_j1qzosq wrote



Liversteeg t1_j1v5wf5 wrote

I’m excited for them to come back/recast the voice actor soon. I think it was the right choice, but I sad they weren’t in the movie.


DariusIV t1_j1ss3bm wrote

Garak is so good you forget he isn't part of the main cast, because he's in all the best episodes of DS9.

For real, I occasionally rewatch the best episodes, then when I did a full series rewatch I was like thinking "where is Garak" me and the guy watching it with me practically cheered whenever we saw he was in an episode.


kabutogawa t1_j1qtevc wrote

Shran - Enterprise


Orcus424 t1_j1r8up0 wrote

I've heard from some people at a geek con that the plan was to kick off Reed then put Shran as the armory officer. I think that would have been great.


Gloomy_Travel7992 t1_j1qv99s wrote

The Spirit, played by Dallas Goldtooth on Reservation Dogs. He commands every scene he’s in. An incredibly great comedic performance.


PapaSmurph95 t1_j1t0f0w wrote

"Then the damn horse hit a gopher hole…rolled over and squashed me…I died there. This horse, actually… little shit" 😂


trycuriouscat t1_j1s1fyt wrote

Dr. Spaceman on 30 Rock.


onishchukd5 t1_j1v0jlj wrote

He is the best!

When he said “Full disclosure, most of my experience is putting babies in women” to a pregnant woman.


flamegrill t1_j1rrnnx wrote

Terry on Reno911! Always makes me laugh!


youngyaret t1_j1r22mp wrote

Doug Judy is the perfect example of this in Brooklyn-99.


Zenitram_J t1_j1rzgtg wrote

Tammy 2 from Parks and Rec, Dr. Spaceman & Colleen Donaghy (Jack's mom) on 30 Rock, Barry Zuckercorn on Arrested Development, and pretty much any secondary character on It's Always Sunny on Philadelphia (favorites are Artemis and the McPoyles).

Edit: Also, anytime Jeffrey Combs showed up on DS9 it was a goddamn delight.


imliterallysatan t1_j1r9kvh wrote

Aunt Sarah and Bettina from Six Feet Under (honorary shout out to Angela despite only two eps, and Margaret for being miss or home run)

Kitty from Arrested Development

Judy from HR in Enlightened (terrifyingly realistic)

Jeremy from Broad City (if only for being so goshdarn hot)

Trudy Campbell and Bethany Van Nuys from Mad Men (Bethany is iconic, that whole “supernumerary” monologue slays me)


RealHunterB t1_j1rc7ic wrote

As a personal favorite and this may be cheating but Castiel from the show Supernatural, when I watched the show I knew it was going to be a good episode if Misha Colin’s was in it. Mostly because his character helped move the story along.


xequez t1_j1t5lm5 wrote

Sideshow Bob


MCPO-117 t1_j1r30gm wrote

David Puddy! (Seinfeld)

Guy really wasn't in many episodes, but he almost feels like a regular.


[deleted] t1_j1resil wrote

Wilson Wilson Jr. from Home Improvement.


blermanstud t1_j1rzawm wrote

The crazy director from Entourage


spinereader81 t1_j1shacq wrote

Jerry and George's parents on Seinfeld.

Troy McClure on The Simpsons.


Bedlemkrd t1_j1qv13k wrote

Vic Fontain - Star Trek DS9


Wil_O_Wisp t1_j1rtmay wrote

Peter MacNicol as Uncle Jeff Kane in Veep stole every scene he was in.

"Hey! This is an elementary school! Watch your spewing mouth, you animal!"


IBlazeMyOwnPath t1_j1sy2m2 wrote

Every time Ainsley Hayes (Emily Proctor) showed up on the West Wing it was an absolute delight. Her verbal sparring with Sam is definitely the reason I ship them

I agree with Sorkin that his biggest mistake was not locking her in to the show


Mentendo64 t1_j1rnks5 wrote

Nat Kinkle in Bobs Burgers


FallenFromNeptune t1_j1rxe6o wrote

The Wire - Slim Charles

“The thing about the old days, they the old days.”


nithdotcom t1_j1snnub wrote

Faith the Vampire Slayer


Orchir t1_j1srnnu wrote

Mickey Doyle from boardwalk empire


Plorpious_the_Fourth t1_j1ta8ay wrote

"New York City's finest just got a whole lot finer" - Doug Judy


cherrygoats t1_j1tb88m wrote

Outside Dave is pretty great


LexLuthorJr t1_j1tll21 wrote

The Scotsman on Samurai Jack.

Wish he’d been in a few more episodes.


theonlyjuanwho t1_j1tmg7g wrote

The crows from Shafow and Bone, love a good heist.


icbint t1_j1tn2eo wrote

Frank Costanza


thefalseidol t1_j1tz445 wrote

Obviously not exactly "from time to time" characters but there was intentionality from the beginning of silicon valley not to overuse Dinesh and Gilfoyle because they're "dessert" and don't work as front and center main characters.


Rivale t1_j1u31f3 wrote

Omar from The Wire.


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The_Schnitz t1_j1s6w0u wrote

That little sleazeball on White Collar who would show up every now and then just to cause mayhem for Peter and Neal.


jforeman1976 t1_j1sqgqt wrote

I'll say Gooshie on the original Quantum Leap. Even though he was only on a few episodes. RIP Dennis Wolfberg.


ThePopojijo t1_j1tjj2a wrote

Pierre Desperaeux and Mary Lightly - Come on son! I know you know the show.


highd t1_j1tlqdx wrote

Bobby Singer from Supernatural.


BigE6300 t1_j1u2tje wrote

When Linda McMahon would show up in the late 90’s and well into the 2000’s on a RAW or Smackdown! show.


hisokafan88 t1_j1up78a wrote

Vamp Harmony (Buffy and Angel)

Nancy Kroger or Judge Patrice Lessner (The Good Wife)


PyroPaperPlanes t1_j1usg29 wrote

Morn! (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)

Early on in the series, he's a fantastic "Where's Waldo?" background character. I've almost finished watching the entire show, and I await in anticipation as to whether Morn finally gets his chance to speak on camera or not (no spoilers please!).


spurriousgod t1_j1uvwjh wrote

Bob Wheeler and family on Night Court. Brent Spiner's finest work.


Azraelmorphyne t1_j1uwjej wrote

So like, for me this question screams Dr.who,

And we're getting Donna Noble back.

I just wish we could also get River Song.


bobnifty76 t1_j1v2nxl wrote

Venus VanDam on Sons of Anarchy... Love Walt Goggins


AtlJayhawk t1_j1v6dez wrote

Ethan Raine on Buffy. We needed more of him.


MoogTheMag t1_j1wa8m9 wrote

Lilith on Cheers, and later, on Frasier. The undisputed queen of deadpan. Watching her and Frasier fight is comedy gold.


Sayena08 t1_j1z2v6y wrote

Lenny Bruce - The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Steve_78_OH t1_j1sexsv wrote

Kashaw and Zahra, from campaign 1 of Critical Role. Part of it was because of their characters, but a larger part was their interactions with the regular cast. It was a match made in geek heaven.

Lionel was pretty fucking great and hilarious though too.