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sweetplantveal t1_j0v11jl wrote

Any reflection on it being grippingly produced torture porn to soothe America's battered conscience?


Sporkedup t1_j0v28eu wrote

I was talking about that the other day with someone. I rewatched the first season and a half or so, and I was really enjoying it. Not a lot of torture going on, though certainly it appears. And to my memory, the latter couple of seasons were actively addressing in the show the dangerous issues with Jack's recklessness. I recall a terrific speech from Kurtwood Smith, who was initially portrayed as some anti-Bauer bureaucrat but actually was handed some powerful things to say against torture.

So was it just seasons 3-6 where Jack is a vicious torture bot? Weird how memory is. I have too many other shows on my plate to dig into this solely to see the amount of torturing he does. Though I do recall he kills something like 200+ people over the 8 days of the show, which is quite a rate...


MustrumRidcully0 t1_j0v3g73 wrote

Well, was it hollywood propaganda for torture, or was it a response to US agencies deliberately employing torture (pardon, enhanced interrogation techniques) against alleged "unlawful combatants"?

The move from: "Maybe in this particular case and situation we might be able to convince this particular guy to tell us what we need to do know with physical coercion" to "torture always works" over the seasons was certainly ... interesting.


Sufficient_Creme6961 t1_j0vnub4 wrote

I can’t believe 24 got to canceled by the snowflakes now


sweetplantveal t1_j0vpppn wrote

Lol I'm actually a big fan of the first few seasons but come on. It turned into self parody where about 16 of the 24 hours was just Jack in a poorly lit room yelling at a guy with pliers in one hand and a waterboarding kit in the other.

Edit AND torture mostly works in the show and anyone who studies it has found out people pretty much say whatever they think you want to hear regardless of truth/reality.


Sufficient_Creme6961 t1_j0vu74q wrote

It’s a tv show who cares


sweetplantveal t1_j0w0tg1 wrote

You apparently. But I see your point, why be anything other than a passive consumer of what ever the executives and algorithms put on our screens.


Sufficient_Creme6961 t1_j0w7aag wrote

No bc I can watch something and know it’s fiction and entertainment and not cry because they torture someone