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TheBoxOfficeReport t1_j28r2n1 wrote

Stranger Things vs. Dark

Kid goes missing in a smaal town, launching friends & family into a sci-fi, fantasy, conspiracy thriller.

Which one is better, though? That’s the question.


Lil_Mcgee t1_j29o7tr wrote

Stranger Things is better if you're in the mood for a lighthearted adventure with likeable characters and 80s nostalgia.

Dark is better if you're more in it for the compelling long term mystery.


u2sunnyday t1_j28s99h wrote

More like

12 Monkeys vs Dark

Hard to say which one is better.


TheIllusiveGuy t1_j2as01j wrote

I might be one of the half a dozen of people who liked 12 Monkeys more than Dark.

Not to say it's better than Dark, both were great.


u2sunnyday t1_j2dyma1 wrote

Yeah I honestly don't know which is better

Dark stronger start, but 12 Monkeys stronger finish.


jracka t1_j2arx0i wrote

Stranger Things is really good, Dark is amazing.


Mattyzooks t1_j2b3c48 wrote

I feel like the similarities only hold up for a few episodes though. Though Dark does keep the elements you say.


poopquiche t1_j2bqqy5 wrote

Stranger things is great, but Dark blew me away. The way that Dark tied that insanely confusing and convoluted plot line up into a nice beat little bow with the series finale was just beautiful. It might be the most satisfying ending of any series I've watched.